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4ZB85A Laser MFP 136a

HP Laser MFP 136a (4ZB85A)

MFG Part Number: 4ZB85A

HP parts list for 4ZB85A HP Laser MFP 136a

JC92-02496H Accessory - Control panel PCA (135a, 131a) (CN only)
JC92-03052A Accessory - Formatter (Main PCA) (136a)
JC97-05046A Accessory - Lid-ADF 135a/w/136a/w/nw/131a WW
JC97-05064C Control Panel - Control panel assembly (136a,131a) (CN only)
JC91-01268A Fuse - Fuser (220v)
JC93-01592A Motor - Assembly-Drive Motor
JC44-00256B Power Supply - Smps/Hvps V2
JC44-00256C Power Supply - Smps-V2
JC44-00256D Power Supply - Smps-V2
JC31-00143A Reference - Motor Step;Ml-6510,1.18a,Dc 24
JC33-00025B Reference - Solenoid-Manual;Scx-5135nd,Dc
JC39-02047A Reference - Flat Cable-Cis;M2070fw,12p,0.0
JC61-00929A Reference - Hinge-M Pivot;Scx-4100,Pom,3.0
JC66-02598B Reference - Roller Idle-Feed;Ml-2160,Epdm
JC73-00309A Reference - Roller Idle-Rubber-Pick Up;Clp
JC92-02288A Reference - Pba-Feed Sensor;Ml-1660,Sec,Fe
JC93-00522A Reference - Frame-Holder Pad;Ml-2160,Sec,W
JC93-00529C Reference - Frame-Scanner Hinge;Sl-M2070f,Sec
JC93-00549A Reference - Drive-Pick Up;Sec,150x91xt1,Wh
JC93-00553A Reference - Frame Base-Pick Up;Clp-365w,Se
JC93-00555A Reference - Frame Base-Holder Pad Clp-365w
JC93-00712A Reference - DRIVE-PLATEN;0,NBR+ECO Foam,218 (mm)
JC97-03775B Reference - Lsu;Ml-1860,Sec,Single,A4(Ltr)
JG66-40003A Reference - Gear-Pinion,Sf4000,Pom,1.0,Z16
0604-001393 Sensor - Photo-Interrupter;Tr,75mw,Bga
JC39-02676A Service Parts - Ffc-Cis Ww
JC63-06102A Service Parts - Cover-Control Panel WW
JC63-06102B Service Parts - Cover-Control Panel WW
JC63-06103A Service Parts - Cover-Control Panel WW
JC63-06103B Service Parts - Cover-Control Panel WW
JC66-05286A Service Parts - Roller Tr-Transfer1
JC91-01274A Service Parts - Fuser-220V
JC92-02496E Service Parts - Control Panel-PCA WW w/o China
JC92-02496F Service Parts - Control Panel-PCA
JC92-02496G Service Parts - Control Panel-PCA
JC92-02497E Service Parts - Control Panel-PCA WW w/o China
JC92-02497H Service Parts - Control Panel-PCA
JC92-02826D Service Parts - Cover-Control Panel PCA 150w WW
JC92-03026B Service Parts - Formatter-PCA 150nw
JC92-03027A Service Parts - Formatter-PCA 178nw
JC92-03027B Service Parts - Formatter-PCA 179fnw
JC92-03037A Service Parts - Assy-Frame PCA Wireless 150nw WW
JC92-03038A Service Parts - Assy-Frame 135w/136w/nw/137fnw/138pnw WW
JC92-03045A Service Parts - Cx95110-22z,3.3v,90mmx50mmx1.6t,Basic
JC92-03046A Service Parts - PCA-Controller Base
JC92-03049A Service Parts - PCA-Controller Wireless
JC92-03051A Service Parts - PCA-Controller 3in1 Base
JC92-03054A Service Parts - PCA-Controller 3in1 Base Wireless
JC92-03057A Service Parts - Formatter-PCA Motherboard Motherboard Motherboard Board for MFP 130 MFP 170
JC92-03064A Service Parts - Cover-CP PCA 107a/107r/108a/103a WW
JC92-03065A Service Parts - Cover-CP PCA 107w/108w WW
JC93-00525B Service Parts - Pick Up
JC93-01564A Service Parts - Assembly-Paper Path 150a
JC93-01564B Service Parts - Assembly-Paper Path 150nw
JC93-01564C Service Parts - Assembly-Paper Path 178nw/179fnw
JC93-01584A Service Parts - Assembly-Right Frame
JC93-01586A Service Parts - Framemain-Bottom
JC93-01586B Service Parts - Framemain-Bottom
JC93-01588A Service Parts - Assembly-Left Frame
JC93-01589A Service Parts - Assembly-Paper Path
JC93-01589B Service Parts - Assembly-Paper Path
JC95-01590H Service Parts - Cover-Middle 178nw
JC95-01590J Service Parts - Cover-Middle 179fnw
JC95-01869C Service Parts - Cover-Middle
JC95-02222A Service Parts - Assembly-Top Cover
JC95-02222B Service Parts - Assembly-Top Cover 107w/108w
JC95-02228B Service Parts - Assembly-Top Cover
JC97-04067C Service Parts - Assembly-Automatic Document Feeder
JC97-05045A Service Parts - Assembly-Flatbed Scanner 178nw
JC97-05047A Service Parts - Platen
JC97-05051A Service Parts - Assembly-Flatbed Scanner
JC97-05052A Service Parts - Assembly-Flatbed Scanner
JC97-05053A Service Parts - Assembly-Scanner Lower
JC97-05054A Service Parts - Assembly-Scanner Lower
JC97-05056A Service Parts - Hinge-ADF WW
JC97-05057A Service Parts - Assembly-Scanner Lower
JC97-05058A Service Parts - Assembly-Scanner Lower
JC97-05062A Service Parts - Assembly-Control Panel WW w/o China
JC97-05064A Service Parts - Assembly-Control Panel
JC97-05064B Service Parts - Assembly-Control Panel
JC97-05078A Service Parts - Assembly-Control Panel
JC97-05100A Service Parts - Assembly-Control Panel WW w/o China
JC98-05711A Service Parts - Assembly-PCA Wireless 178nw/179fnw

Laser MFP 136a parts list
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