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501S00085 scitex gj classic 3.5m 110v printer

HP scitex gj classic 3.5m 110v printer (501S00085)

MFG Part Number: 501S00085

HP parts list for 501S00085 HP scitex gj classic 3.5m 110v printer

283A8L897 Arm - Substrate Pressure Left Arm J0400 05
283A8L909 Arm - Substrate Pressure Rightarm J0400 06
283A8L918 Arm - Arm Axel J0400 09
298AX1296 Arm - Pressure Arm Bracket Lx0400 01
507AX1297 Arm - Support Arm Roll Tube Subassy Lx0410 00
507C2D558 Arm - Support Arm Assy
502M3D789 Assembly - Pdu Gjvlx Assy
503000161 Assembly - Pdu Gj Type3 Assy
506G3E142 Assembly - Ac Outlet Gjvlx 3m Assy
506G3E143 Assembly - Ac Outlet Gjvlx 2m Assy
506H3E141 Assembly - Ac Outlet Gjvlx 5m Assy
507000607 Assembly - Pedal Operated Assy - Z Axis -
507001547 Assembly - Pedal Operated Assy - Z Axis -
507G3D750 Assembly - Lower Profile 3.5m Subassy Mlx0140 00
507H2D222 Assembly - Second. Collect. Sys 3.5assy
507H4L294 Assembly - Slicer Subassy
507M2D067 Assembly - Pneumatic Piston Assy
507M2D214 Assembly - Igus 3m Assy
507M4L394 Assembly - Igus 5m Assy
507M4L443 Assembly - Air Manifold Assy
CC903-10006 Assembly - Full Hp S.S.C.M.K Package Assy
344C06000 Bar - HOSE BARB 1/16 x10 32 ELBOW (CPC ME2)
347I97197 Bar - Pres Gage 1/8 06 Barpnl Pne Bart B220617
347N22210 Bar - Press Gaug 1/8 D=401atm P.150.1 1/8 Bart
290B2N025 Base - Base Level
510K1M859 Beam - Rollers Kit Gj Rose Kriger Beam
281A8L912 Bearing - Bearing Shaft J0400 08
287A8L840 Bearing - Bearing Shaft J0070 03
289B8L850 Bearing - Bearing Holder J0100_13
289B8L851 Bearing - Bearing Holder J0100_14
289B8L852 Bearing - Bearing Holder J0100_18
289B8L853 Bearing - Bearing Holder J0100_19
358A15010 Bearing - Bearing Nsk 6307dducm Au2s510
358A15100 Bearing - Bearing Nsk 6307zzcm
5851-0122 Bearing - Linear Bearing Bm W 25 A G3 V1
610S01006 Belt - Belt Tension Set Gj Rk 9.1828
610S01010 Belt - Timing Belt Pitch=8mm W=28 9.2208 L=7150
610S01011 Belt - Timing Belt Pitch=8mm W=28 9.2208 L=9.2m
291B2P235 Block - Tencity Block J0510 05
610S04157 Bottle - Bottle 5l Ver B Pe 12500008
620SX0715 Bottle - Spray Bottle Assy
B620SX0715 Bottle - Spray Bottle Assy
CW980-00116 Bottle - Cmb Fuel Pump And 500c Bottle Sp (Qty=5)
295A2S448 Box - Heads Box Front Sheet J0270 04
502E3D245 Box - Safety Box Assy (Grandjet)
507AX0782 Box - Heads Box Frame(W=2250 Subassy-Lx0270_00
507E3D412 Box - Heads Box Frame S. Assy J0270 00
510K1N487 Box - Swivel Sc Set Heads Box For Svc Only
610S01009 Box - Pully Box Gj Rk 9.4208 Pulley Box GJ RK 9.4208 - 610S01009
344G70100 Brace - BANJO BRACER 8mm 1/4 C66100814 FEMALE
344G70120 Brace - BANJO BRACER 6mm-1/4in (C66100614)
293B2P237 Bracket - Bracket J0500 12
298AX0628 Bracket - Hous For Bracket Pin Lx1433 01
CW980-00277 Bracket - Piston Base Bracket Sp Of Gripper Assy
170000032 Brake - Circuit Braker 3phase 63a
395000083 Bridge - Panton Color Bridge Coated Euro Gge201
290G2R008 Bumper - Bumper - J0500-06 Linear R.K & Star
281G8L784 Bushing - Rubber Bushing J0001 04
170000102 Button - Push Button Actuator Red
170000103 Button - Push Button Actuator Green
3101-4210 Button - Switch-Pushbutton Emgcy-Stop 1no+1nc
199D10055 Cable - Cable Svga Ext L=2.0m
199D20048 Cable - Cable Jet21 (5mt)scsi L=8.5mt Plgx2 D Ty
199D20219 Cable - Cable Keyboard Ext 6mini Din 1.8mt
203B10036 Cable - Clamp Adjustable Cable 0.984 *1.38
203C10020 Cable - Clamp Cable Adhesive 0.5 X0.75 X0.306
203C10040 Cable - Clamp Cable Adhesive 1 X0.88 X 0.45
410000210 Cable - Cable Rs232 30cm
503000087 Cable - Cable Jet327 Assy
504000032 Cable - Cable Jet3 3m Type2 Assy
504000070 Cable - Cable Jet210 Assy
504000253 Cable - Cable Jet319 Assy
504000254 Cable - Cable Jet320 Assy
504000256 Cable - Cable Jet321 Assy
504000257 Cable - Cable Jet322 Assy
504000258 Cable - Cable Enc. 75ezb Control Tech Mot. 0.9m
504000279 Cable - Cable Jet 323 Assy
504000281 Cable - Cable Jet 326 Assy
504000295 Cable - Cable Jet309 3m Assy
504000516 Cable - Cable Jet90 Assy
504000517 Cable - Cable Jet91 Assy
504000518 Cable - Cable Jet92 Assy
504000520 Cable - Cable Jet94 Assy
504C37805 Cable - Cable 5/12v Split(Y) Disc Power Assy
504L2D361 Cable - Cable Jet30 Pc Addaptor To Rip2ccb Assy
504L2D362 Cable - Cable Jet31 Rip2ccb To Acs Cont. Assy
504L2D363 Cable - Cable Jet32 Assy
504L2D367 Cable - Cable Jet36 68p Scsi Assy 1mt
504L2D381 Cable - Cable Jet3 Pc Cont. Comm Assy 3.5
504L2D384 Cable - Cable Jet24 Lls Cont. Assy 3.5
504L2D396 Cable - Cable Jet37 Assy
504L2D460 Cable - Cable Jet31(Gj 3.5mt) Assy
504L2D461 Cable - Cable Jet32(Gj 3.5mt) Assy
504L2D491 Cable - Cable Jet14(New) Assy
504L2D709 Cable - Cable Jet31(2.2) Assy
504L2D710 Cable - Cable Jet32(2.2) Assy
504L2D712 Cable - Cable Jet24(2.2) Assy
504L2D713 Cable - Cable Jet3(2.2) Assy
504L2D716 Cable - Cable Jet42(2.2mt)scsi 40p*2 H.D L=5.7mt
504L3D238 Cable - Cable Jet48 (5mt) Assy
504L3D240 Cable - Cable Jet50 Assy
504L3D241 Cable - Cable Jet51 Assy
504L3D347 Cable - Cable Jet52 (5mt) Assy
504L3D350 Cable - Cable Jet55 Assy
504L3D351 Cable - Cable Jet56 (5mt) Assy
504L3D354 Cable - Cable Jet59 Assy
504L3D364 Cable - Cable Jet52 (3.5mt) Assy
504L3D365 Cable - Cable Jet52 (2.2mt) Assy
504L3D366 Cable - Cable Jet56 (3.5mt) Assy
504L3D368 Cable - Cable Jet56 (2.2mt) Assy
504L3D384 Cable - Cable Jet48 (3.5mt) Assy
504L3D385 Cable - Cable Jet48 (2.2mt) Assy
504L3D386 Cable - Cable Jet51 (3.5mt) Assy
504L3D387 Cable - Cable Jet51 (2.2mt) Assy
504L3D525 Cable - Cable Jet63 Assy
504L3D526 Cable - Cable Jet62 Assy
504L3D527 Cable - Cable Jet64 Assy
504L3D528 Cable - Cable Jet65 Assy
504L3D529 Cable - Cable Jet66 Assy
504L3D530 Cable - Cable Jet67 Assy
504L3D531 Cable - Cable Jet68 Assy
504L3D532 Cable - Cable Jet69 Emmiter (Cc7a) 1.4mt
504L3D533 Cable - Cable Jet70 Assy Reciever (Cc7a) 7mt
504L3D707 Cable - Cable Jet125 5m Assy
504L3D708 Cable - Cable Jet126 Assy
504L3D711 Cable - Cable Jet123 Assy
504L3D716 Cable - Cable Jet146 Assy
504L3D717 Cable - Cable Jet124 5m Assy
504L3D718 Cable - Cable Jet161 Assy
504L3D720 Cable - Cable Jet130 Assy
504L3D721 Cable - Cable Jet114 Assy
504L3D722 Cable - Cable Jet121 5m Assy
504L3D723 Cable - Cable Jet160 5m Assy
504L3D724 Cable - Cable Jet132 5m Assy
504L3D725 Cable - Cable Jet131 5m Assy
504L3D726 Cable - Cable Jet103 5m Assy
504L3D729 Cable - Cable Main Power Gjvlx
504L3D754 Cable - Cable Jet118 X Assy
504L3D755 Cable - Cable Jet119
504L3D756 Cable - Cable Jet127
504L3D835 Cable - CABLE JET81 ASSY 200mm
504L3D848 Cable - Cable Jet182 Assy Pdu To Heating
504L3D901 Cable - Cable Jet107 Assy 24v Spliter
504L3E025 Cable - Cable Jet117 X Y
504L3E026 Cable - Cable Jet117 Z
504L3E027 Cable - Cable Jet117 T
504L4L455 Cable - Cable Jet3 Pc Cont. Comm Assy
504L4L456 Cable - Cable Jet23 Rls Cont. Assy
504L4L457 Cable - Cable Jet24 Lls Cont. Assy
504L4L459 Cable - Cable Jet4 Ps 5 12v Ccb(Cyan) Assy
504LX0211 Cable - Cable Jet110 Servo To Controller
504LX0212 Cable - Cable Jet103 3m Assy
504LX0213 Cable - Cable Jet103 2m Assy
504LX0214 Cable - Cable Jet160 3m Assy
504LX0215 Cable - Cable Jet160 2m Assy
504LX0216 Cable - Cable Jet131 3m Assy
504LX0217 Cable - Cable Jet131 2m Assy
504LX0220 Cable - Cable Jet125 3m Assy
504LX0221 Cable - Cable Jet125 2m Assy
504LX0222 Cable - Cable Jet132 3m Assy
504LX0224 Cable - Cable Jet121 3m Assy
504LX0224D Cable - Cable Jet121 D 3m Assy
504LX0225 Cable - Cable Jet121 2m Assy
504LX0226 Cable - Cable Jet104 Assy
504LX0230 Cable - Cable Jet105 Assy
504LX0244 Cable - Cable Jet83 5m Assy
504LX0245 Cable - Cable Jet83 3m Assy
504LX0246 Cable - Cable Jet83 2m Assy
504LX0518 Cable - Cable Jet111 Assy
504LX0519 Cable - Cable Jet112 Assy
504LX0885 Cable - Cable Jet140 Assy
504LX0886 Cable - Cable Jet141 Assy
504LX0887 Cable - Cable Jet142 Assy
504LX0904 Cable - Cable Jet143 Assy
504LX0944 Cable - Cable Jet144 Power To Secondary Drive
504LX0946 Cable - Cable Jet145 Driver To Sec.Motor
504LX0947 Cable - Cable Jet147 Power To Fan(Sec.Motor)
504LX1103 Cable - Cable Jet118 Y Assy
504LX1104 Cable - Cable Jet118 Z Assy
504LX1105 Cable - Cable Jet118 T Assy
504LX1107 Cable - Cable Jet150 Assy
504LX1108 Cable - Cable Jet151 5m Assy
504LX1109 Cable - Cable Jet151 3m Assy
504LX1110 Cable - Cable Jet151 2m Assy
504LX1168 Cable - Cable Jet106 5m Assy
504LX1169 Cable - Cable Jet106 3m Assy
504LX1170 Cable - Cable Jet106 2m Assy
504LX1171 Cable - Cable Jet108 Assy
504LX1283 Cable - Cable Jet102 5m Assy Safety Buzz Light
504LX1284 Cable - Cable Jet102 3m Assy Safety Buzzer Light
504LX2112 Cable - Cable Jet183 3.5m Assy
504N2D364 Cable - Cable Jet33 Assy
504N4L461 Cable - Cable Jet11 5 12v Jmp(C M M Y Y K)
504T2D366 Cable - Cable Jet35 Assy 26p Flat
504T4L444 Cable - Cable Jet9 Flat Heads 22cm Assy
504T4L445 Cable - Cable Jet8 Flat Heads 18cm Assy
504T4L446 Cable - Cable Jet7 Flat Heads 14cm Assy
504T4L447 Cable - Cable Jet6 Flat Heads 10cm Assy
510KX0074 Cable - Scasi Cable U/G Kit 5m
510KX0075 Cable - Scasi Cable U/G Kit 3.5m
510KX0076 Cable - Scasi Cable U/G Kit 2.2m
620B00020 Cable - Converter Rs232 To Rs422 + Rs232 Cable
B504L3D364 Cable - Cable Jet52 (3.5mt) Assy
B504L3D723 Cable - Cable Jet160 5m Assy
B504L3D725 Cable - Cable Jet131 5m Assy
B504LX0214 Cable - Cable Jet160 3m Assy
B504LX0245 Cable - Cable Jet83 3m Assy
B504N2D364 Cable - Cable Jet33 Assy
B504N4L461 Cable - Cable Jet11 5 12v Jmp(C M M Y Y K) Assy
B504T2D366 Cable - Cable Jet35 Assy 26p Flat
B504T4L444 Cable - Cable Jet9 Flat Heads 22cm Assy
B504T4L445 Cable - Cable Jet8 Flat Heads 18cm Assy
B504T4L446 Cable - Cable Jet7 Flat Heads 14cm Assy
B504T4L447 Cable - Cable Jet6 Flat Heads 10cm Assy
344B72400 Cam - Fitting Reducer Camozzi 3/8 1/4
344BX0200 Cam - Fitt. Camozi 6510 8 1/8
347M20040 Cam - Flow Control Camozzi Scu 606 1/4
290F9L285 Cap - Cap Ink Main Container
298AX0649 Cap - Vacuum Cap
B298AX0649 Cap - Vacuum Cap
298AX0541 Cartridge - Drop Ink Carpet
298AX0786 Cartridge - Ink Bleeding Collector W=225 Lx0280 07
299AX0747 Cartridge - Ink Pipe Conductor (Lower)
344B06042 Cartridge - INK ADPTR M8/6*6/4mm 180 DELARIN GRS 6 4
347N50000 Cartridge - Fitng Pisco Hv8 8 Air M Ink Tank Tap Blu
502M4L392 Cartridge - Ink Main Container Assy
503AX0077 Cartridge - Drop Ink Shild Assy Mlx 0103 00
503AX0234 Cartridge - Ink Bath Ver B Subassy J0220 00
504L4L462 Cartridge - Cable Jet16 Ink Valves
504L4L463 Cartridge - Cable Jet17 Ink Level Assy
507AX0545 Cartridge - Ink Bath Assy Lx0221 00
507C2D120 Cartridge - Ink Valve Assy
507D3D307 Cartridge - Main Ink Container Subassy Ver B
507M4L352 Cartridge - Ink Middle Tank Assy
B503AX0234 Cartridge - Ink Bath Ver B Subassy J0220 00
B504L4L462 Cartridge - Cable Jet16 Ink Valves
B504L4L463 Cartridge - Cable Jet17 Ink Level Assy
CC903-67604 Cartridge - SHRINK, 1/4in-FP301-1/4in L=1M
CC903-67605 Cartridge - SHRINK, 3/8in-FP301-3/8in L=1M
CC903-67606 Cartridge - SHRINK, 1/2in-FP301-1/2in L=1M
EP1640089 Cartridge - Shrink Heating System
MP1640026 Cartridge - Ink Adaptor M5 Mufa
209AX1077 Case - Ps 88 264vac Out 24vdc 20a 480w Case 910
174A00603 Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker 1 Pole 6a 230v
174A01004 Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker 1pole 10a 230v
174A01603 Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker 1 Pole 16a 230v
174A02503 Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker 3x63a 230v
CW980-00112 Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker 1 Pole 6a 230v
194G10100 Clamp - Relay Socket 2 Pole 250v 12a Clamp Term
289B8L904 Clamp - Clamp J0200 09
299AX0856 Clamp - Magnet Clamp Lx0240 02
344BX0008 Clamp - Fitting Clamp Bf4n Susm5 Kogani
366D20090 Clamp - CLAMPEX KTR100 24x50
372E01310 Clamp - Slide Clamp 14/28
510KX0650 Cleaner - New Vacuum Cleaner Ver. B
510KX0655 Cleaner - Kit U/G Vacuum Cleaner
363G09100 Clip - Circlips External Shaft 8 Din 471
363G15220 Clip - Circlips External Shaft16 Din 471
363G19270 Clip - Circlips External Shaft 30 Din 471
363G20000 Clip - Circlips External Shaft 35 Din 471
170000034 Coil - Coil 400v For Moeller C.B 63a
139000030 Contact - Contactor 230vac 45a 15kw+amp 2a 24vdc
173B10460 Contact - Contactor 12vdc 4p 9a 4kw
173BX1379 Contact - Contactor 24vdc 4p 9a 4kw
173BX1893 Contact - Contactor 220v X 4
CC903-60550 Contact - Contactor 230vac 45a 15kw+amp 2a 24vdc
173000047 Controller - Temp Controller Ltr15
173IX1033 Controller - Temp Controller Ltr15
502AX1147 Controller - Controller Sec. Collector Assy
605000020 Controller - Controller Motion Acs1003 + 3drivers
620B10027 Controller - Controller Sb214nd 2 M (220vac)
620BX1100 Controller - Controller For Motion 24v Version C6
503AX0345 Counter - Counter Base Sub Assy
290B2M734 Coupler - Coupling Rotex Mod (J0010 05)
290B2M735 Coupler - Coupling Rotex Mod (J0010 06)
290B2T712 Coupler - Couplng For Zt Axis Dia22 Lx080002386269
290B2T775 Coupler - Coupling For Zt Axis 24lx0800 03
299006208 Coupler - Coupling Ek2+ek6 With Keyway Rework
354C70100 Coupler - Spider F/Coupling Gs19/24 98sha
354C70200 Coupler - Spider F/Coupling Gs24/28 98 Sh A Gs
194D10170 Cover - Fuseholder+cover (For Pcb) 250v
293I2S437 Cover - Plastic Cover Heads Cover Ver.A
299AX0050 Cover - Cover Ccb Lower Gjv
299AX0051 Cover - Cover Ccb Upper Gjv
372E01025 Cover - PROFILE COVER
395AX2849 Cover - MECH 0.1mm INDICATOR M10a W/GLASS COVER
504L3E111 Cover - Cable Jet43 (New) Night Cover Assy
507AX0854 Cover - Heads Night Cover Subassy Lx0240 00
507AX2779 Cover - Heads Cover Safety Assy Csm
507D3D027 Cover - 3.Sponge Pack Night Cover
507E2D886 Cover - Night Cover 24 Heads Assy J240 00
507E3D290 Cover - Night Cover Gj Ver. B
507E3D414 Cover - Heads Cover Safety Assy
507E3E094 Cover - Night Cover Ver C
510KX0176 Cover - Ccb Cover Set U/G No 4
B507D3D027 Cover - 3.Sponge Pack Night Cover
395A20000 Cutter - Tube Cutter Blue
506A2D071 Diode - Diode Set (B C) For Ccb Board Assy
506A2D072 Diode - Diode Set (M) For Ccb Board Assy
506AX0251 Diode - Diode Zener 5.1v
B506AX0251 Diode - Diode Zener 5.1v
316000018 Display - Motor Driver 0.75kw Display
294B2S440 Door - Door Left Heads Cover Ver.A
503AX3101 Door - Spray Door Sub Assy
313000006 Encoder - Encoder Card For Uni Driver
313000020 Encoder - Encoder 10000ppr
410000211 Encoder - Cable Encoder 10000ppr To Ctrl. Danaher
347J83197 Extension - Fitting Extension S18427
502000189 Feeder - Feeder Fixative Left Assy Gojet
142A10260 Filter - Filter Rfi 1ph 250vac 15a Quick Term
142AX0288 Filter - Filter Line 3 Phase 36a
342D00040 Filter - Ink Main Filter Fia 1443 11 02 0010b
342DX1372 Filter - Filter Ink System 1464 221 0010b 23
347D95503 Filter - Air Filter Element Gj Pisco Vfe2
347N22400 Filter - Filter+regulator Eaw2000 F02d Smc
CX990-00180 Filter - Cmb Filter Ink System (Qty=12)
507C3D628 Foot - Base Foot Subassy -Lx0104_00-
296B2S434 Frame - Al. Frame Heads Cover Ver. A
175C21011 Fuse - Fuse 1a 250v S.B 5*20
175C32001 Fuse - Fuse Cermic 250v 20a S.B 6.3*32
175D15000S Fuse - Fuse Ptc 0.5a 60v Resetable Smt
175DX1433 Fuse - Fuse Smt 3a /63v + Fuseholder
175DX1434 Fuse - Fuse Smt 3a/63v
344FX0243 Gasket - Gasket 89 14
347C00001 Gasket - Level Switch Ncs 1074 Gasket Epdm
285A9L771 Gear - Gear Shaft Module Y J0020 08
299001058 Gear - Gear Adptr Y Couplg C Alpha Tp O25 100/1
366000034 Gear - Gear Y 1:100 Nt90 100 0 Rm090 40
366000035 Gear - Gear Z 1:50 Nt90 050 0 Rm090 40
366000036 Gear - Gear X 1:5 Nt90 005 0 Rm090 40
366A20310 Gear - Gear X Axis Alpha
366A20330 Gear - Gear Y Axis Tp025mf2
366AX0395 Gear - Gear Lp090m02501 Alpa
366AX0828 Gear - Gear 1:10 Seco.Collect
507001197 Gear - Gear X Service Kit (Xljet) Assy
507001198 Gear - Gear Y Service Kit (Xljet) Assy
507001199 Gear - Gear Z/T Service Kit (Xljet) Assy
MP1640266 Gear - Gear Lp090m01 5 111
366000005 Gearbox - Planetary Gearbox Ple80 I=5 (X)
395D10205 Glass - Glass Syringe 50cc
395D10630 Grease - Zee Matic Grease Gun Model 610
480A40130 Grease - Grease #229 Ultra Red Supreme #2 400 Gr
340EX0823 Guard - Fan Finger Guard 120x120mm Metal
610S01008 Guide - Guide Table 8m Gj Rk 4.145670 Assy Set
289F2M747 Hardware - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet - L=4000 W=300
289F2M792 Hardware - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet - L=5600 W=250
289F2N728 Hardware - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet - L=2800 C0007 03
298AX0003 Hardware - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) pressure roll - DIA.210 5M
298AX0568 Hardware - Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) press roll - 3.5M (OPT) MLX1410 02
340EX1281 Heater - Quartz Infrared Heater Fqe 400 W
CW980-00631 Heater - Tj Quartz Ir & Thermostat Sp
282B8L889 Holder - Head Holder J0210 01
298AX0498 Holder - SUBSTRATE HOLDER PIPE 3.5m. MLX0010 01
298AX0499 Holder - Substrate Holder Long Pipe Lx0020 01
298AX0500 Holder - Substrate Holder Short Pipe Lx0010 01
299AX0750 Holder - Ink Bleeding Collector Holder Lx0280 05
503AX0228 Holder - Head Holder Subassy Ver. B J0211 00
503AX0492 Holder - Long Substrate Holder Lx0020 00
503AX0493 Holder - Short Substrate Holder Lx0010 00
503AX2040 Holder - Long Substrate Holder S.Assy 5m
507A3D413 Holder - Heads Holder Subassy J0211 00
507H4L279 Holder - Substrate Holder Subassy
510KX0174 Holder - Head Holder Ver. B U/G No.4
B507AX0539 Holder - Heads Holder Subassy Lx0211 00
507AX0630 Indicator - Free Fall Indicator S.Assy Lx1431 00
290G2S101 Ink System - Gasket Ink System J02021 02
344B70060 Ink System - Fitting Lc 0640 M5 Pisco Ink System
344C70060 Ink System - Fitting Lc 0320 M5 Pisco Ink System
347N95503 Ink System - Air Filter Gj Ink System Pisco Vfu2 44
503CX1380 Ink System - Board Ink System Assy Rev 1.0
B503CX1380 Ink System - Board Ink System Assy Rev 1.0
504L3D730 Jumper - Cable Safty Jumper In Motion Controller
504N4L460 Jumper - Cable Jet10 35v Jumper Assy
B504N4L460 Jumper - Cable Jet10 35v Jumper (C M M Y Y K)assy
366D30010 Key - Key Parallel 5x5x25 Din 6885 A
387GX0426 Key - Key Operated Style E3-55-75
387GX0427 Key - Key E3 26 819 15
395A10085 Key - Allen Key Set Ext. Long 5 10mm
501V00065 Key - Sw Onyx Postershop Stk Key Mc Psstck Sve
507G3E095 Kit - Linear R.K Star Assy U/G Kit 3.5m
510000075 Kit - Gojet Exhibition Kit
510000130 Kit - Outlet Pipe Sub Assy U/G Kit
510000399 Kit - Gracol Calibration Kit Limited
510K1N188 Kit - U/G Kit Printing Table
510KX3265 Kit - Gj 5m S+ U/G Kit
510KX3266 Kit - Gj 3.5m S+ U/G Kit
CC903-60930 Kit - Hp Smartstream Color Manager Kit
CC903-67004 Kit - Kit For Service
CC903-67039 Kit - Fco Kit For Gj S/W Upgrade
299AX2249 Knob - Knob M8 D=25 0370 800 599 05
377K58170 Knob - Hand Knob Gn6336.4 Sk 40 M8 30
374A00003 Label - Label Danger H.Voltage
374A00005 Label - Label Emergency Stop
374A00008 Label - Label Safety Function Ground Elect Sym.
374A00011 Label - Label Pinch Point 2.25 *2.25
374A00016 Label - Label No Smoking (Ce) D=50mm
449F02080 Label - Label BR LAT 18 361
139HX1343 Lamp - Complet Backlit Lamp Set (395mm)
139IX1606 Lamp - Lamp 220v Red For Din Rail
CW980-00453 Lamp - Lamp 24v 7w L-52mm(Qty=5)
387AX0653 Latch - Key For Latch 1004 03 Emka
387AX3104 Latch - Latch
139A10320 LED - Led Green 5mm Th
503AX1868 Leg - Leveling Leg For External Loading
507EX1949 Leg - External Loading Leg Assy
507D3D093 Magnet - Safety Magnetic Sw J0250 00
139000112 Module - Elec Aplication Module For Uni Driver
173Z00015 Module - Module Protect Diode+led 6 24vdc
507D3D863 Module - Module Y Subassy Lx0700_00
507M4L284 Module - Module X Assy
507M4L285 Module - Module Y Assy
507M4L287 Module - Module Z Assy
510K52685 Module - KIT MODULE X +JET27 ASSY FOR svc
389038-001 Monitor - HP L1706 17-inch LCD display (Two-tone) - TCO-03, RoHS (AOC, serial number format xxCxxxxxxx)
CW980-00297 Monitor - FLAT MONITOR 19in 100-240VAC 44W LA1951
CW980-00866 Monitor - Monitorhp20inled16:9110-240v34w
CW980-00999 Monitor - MONITOR,ELITEDISPLAY E221 21.5 inch ,+WEBCAM
GS917AA-AB4 Monitor - Hp Flat Monitor L1710
316000012 Motor - Motor Dc Brushless 2.1nm (X/Y)
316000016 Motor - Motor+gear (Z) 230v Ac 0.37kw 1/60
316000017 Motor - Motor Driver(X/Y) 0.75kw 1x230v
316000042 Motor - Motor Servo 4.6nm (Axis Z)
316000043 Motor - Motor Servo 4.6nm +en1000(Axisx)
316000044 Motor - Motor Servo 1.96nm (Axisy)
316000045 Motor - Motor Driver Servo Star Sc (Y Z)
316D40100 Motor - Motor Brushless 220vac 2.2a 3000rpm
316D40120 Motor - Motor Brushless 115vac 4.2a 3000rpm
366AX0829 Motor - Motor Motovario 71b4p
502AX0868 Motor - Secondary Coll. Motor +gear
502G3D494 Motor - Seaft Powe Gj 2.2m Motor Collec
504000259 Motor - Cable Power 0.9m For Hyponic Motor
504000260 Motor - Cable 4x1.5mm Power 0.9m For Servo Motor
504L2D134 Motor - Cable Jet27 Motor Cont/Driver X Assy
504L4L451 Motor - Cable Jet19 Motor Axis Power Assy
504L4L452 Motor - Cable Jet18 Motor Cont/Drv T Y Z Assy
507D2D274 Motor - Motor Bm10/2 A Set
507M2D249 Motor - Motor M56bn/4 + Gear Nrv 030 (1:30)
510K1N706 Motor - Kit For Gj 5m Motor Collector U/G
510K1N707 Motor - Kit For Gj 3m Motor Collector U/G
620B10026 Motor - Driver For Motor 25a (For Gj)
620BX0945 Motor - Motor Driver 1ph 240v 2.5a 0.37kw
CW980-00293 Motor - Bridge Motor Left Assy- No Motor
CX961-00290 Motor - Cable-Jet18 Motor Cont/Drv T,Y,Z Assy
183B00355 Mount - Con 2p+e Male 16a Wall Mounted
203B10030 Mount - Tie Mount Base Adhesive 1.13 Sq.M3 Scrw
374000189 NamePlate - Nameplate_Round_Gem 40(1pc)
348D10050 Nut - Hose Nut Set 4308+4309 (6120 2634)
372E01015 Nut - T Slot Nut M8 0.0.420.83 Havy Duty
372E01018 Nut - T Slot Nut M6
372E01026 Nut - T Slot Nut M8
380000178 Nut - Nut Hex M10 Din 439b A2
381A53000 Nut - Nut M2.5
381A55000 Nut - Nut Hex M4 Din 934 A2
381A57000 Nut - Nut Hex M6 Din 934 A4
381A58000 Nut - Nut Hex M8 Din 934 A2
380000159 Pad - Thrust Pads Din6311 20 S
605000063 Pad - Hp Mouse Pad
395A20120 Pan - Knife Scalpel Or Japanese
180A00240 Panel - Con Pwr Plg 2x1p 4.2mm Panel
347D27104 Panel - Air Reg. Panel Pnu Gj Smc Ar2000 F02
347D83104 Panel - Dryer Filt. Panel Pnu.Smc Amh 150 02b
507000608 Panel - Pneumatic Panel Assy
507AX2286 Panel - Pneumatic Panel Assy Csm
507D3D889 Panel - Pneumatic Panel Assy Ver. D (Safety)
B507AX2286 Panel - Pneumatic Panel Assy Csm
173000033 PC Board - Relay 1pole 24vdc 5a Spdt+led Pcb
173000034 PC Board - Relay 1pole 24vdc 5a Spdt+led Pcb
503000047 PC Board - Board M.B Ccb
503000146 PC Board - Board Motion Interface Assy
503A2L622 PC Board - Board I.J. Addaptor (1430) Assy
503B2L608 PC Board - Board Ccb Assy (Gj)
503B2L687S PC Board - Board Pc Adaptor Assy
503C2L667S PC Board - Board Rip2ccb (New) Assy
503C2L670S PC Board - Board Rip Pci Assy (New) Mach. Type V
503CX0383 PC Board - Board Rip New Pci Assy Mach.Type S
503CX0663S PC Board - Board Rip Iii Pci Assy
605B00440 PC Board - Board Etherlink 10/100mbps Fast 3com
B503A2L622 PC Board - Board I.J. Addaptor (1430) Assy
B503B2L608 PC Board - Board Ccb Assy (Gj)
B503C2L667S PC Board - Board Rip2ccb (New) Assy
B503CX0663S PC Board - Board Rip Iii Pci Assy
CX990-00200 PC Board - Board-I.J. Addaptor Assy(Qty=6)
139000029 Pen - Auxiliary Open Typ. Amplifier 2a 24vdc
173D10030 Pen - Auxiliary Open Typ. Amplifier 2a 24vdc
197A10320 Pin - Con Pin Male 18 24awg Crimp 4.2mm
197B10320 Pin - Con Pin Fem 18 24awg Crimp 4.2mm
197BX1232 Pin - Con,Pin,Fem,20-24awg,3.0mm,Crimp
347J86290 Pin - PIN 16mm (CS63) MOD. S
385P60690 Pin - Pin 12x40 Din 7979 D M6 Bn1970
410000209 Pin - Cable Flat 10pin To 10 Pin 20cm
507AX0627 Pin - Free Fall Bracket Pin -Lx1433_00-
203CX1364 Plate - Side Plate Igus 2030
298AX0754 Plate - Side Plate-Secondery Collector-Lx1620_01
298AX1311 Plate - Printing Table Glass Plate Lx0120 12
298AX1324 Plate - Print Tbl Small Glass Plate Clx0120 12
299E2S986 Plate - Isolation Plate Sponge Dryer Table Gj 5m
503AX0415 Plate - Heads Boxplate Suprt Subassy Lx0502 00
7121-8528 Plate - Nameplate_Round_Gem 40(1pc)
185DX0059 Plug - Hole Plug Nylon 62pp062bm07 Black
344B57005 Plug - Plug Pp 8 (5/16) Pisco
344BX0250 Plug - Male Luer Plug Mtllp 1
347N00203 Plug - Fitting Plug Lp M5 Pisco
610S03105 Plug - Ac Inlet Plug 3p 250vac/16a Male
CW980-00388 Plug - Asp Usb Plug Privilege
501V00048 Post - S/W Onyx Postershop Cv60 Ps56topssve
CC903-10019 Post - Postershop 5.X To I Rip 1.1
203C10285 Rail - IGUS RAIL 3.4m 240.03.055
203C10286 Rail - Igus Rail Terminators 2030.12pzb
203C10289 Rail - IGUS RAIL 2.6m 240.03.055
203C10590 Rail - Igus Rail Shelves 220.38
CV100-01394 Reflector - Reflector 51x61mm
347N22320 Regulator - Regulator 1/4>2atm Ear2000 F02 1 Smc
173000032 Relay - Relay Timer 0.15sec 10min 24vdc Spdt
173B10271 Relay - Relay 1 Pole 24vdc 10a Spdt
173B10340 Relay - Relay 1no 1nc 230vac 20a 84x17.4x63.4
190000004 Relay - Relay Socket 250v 10a 8p Din Mount
B503C2L831S Ribbon - Board Ribbon Head Assy
196B08021 Ring - Terminal Ring 8.4mm 10 12awg S 8 Yellow
196B14000 Ring - Terminal Ring 6.4mm 10 12agw S 0.25 Ylw
343A06020 Ring - O Ring I.D=7.65 W=1.78 2 011e (Epdm)
343A21080 Ring - O Ring Epdm I.D=50.17 W=5.33 2 329e
343A22010 Ring - O RING LYA (d=56.87xS=1.78)
344000283 Ring - Luer Male Lock Ring To Female
344BX0210 Ring - Fitting Fsllr 1 Rotating Lock Ring
363G17560 Ring - Retaining Ring D=24 Din 471 Steel
281A8L790 Rod - Gear Rod J0005 01
281A8L791 Rod - Supporting Rod J0005 02
507B3D415 Rod - Actuating Rod Lower
299B2M648 Roller - Roller Tube 3.5 M0400 01
299B2M791 Roller - Roller Tube 5.3 V2 J0400 12
299B2N975 Roller - Roller Tube 2.2m C0070 01
610S01007 Roller - Fixed Roller Gj Rk 9.3400
000-61-10-072 Screw - Screw Shc M4x12 Din 912 A2
12-0327 Screw - Screw Shc M6x16 Din 912 St.Zinc Pl.
12-0328 Screw - Screw Shc M3x10 Din 912 A2
12-0368 Screw - Screw Shc M5x12 Din 7984 A2
380A53070 Screw - Screw S.H.C M2.5x8 Din 912 A2
380A54050 Screw - Screw S.H.C M3x6 Din 912 A2
380A54070 Screw - Screw S.H.C M3x8 Din 912 A2
380A54080 Screw - Screw S.H.C M3x10 Din 912 A2
380A54160 Screw - Screw S.H.C M3x25 Din 912 A2
380A55070 Screw - Screw S.H.C M4x8 Din 912 A2
380A55080 Screw - Screw S.H.C M4x10 Din 912 A2
380A55110 Screw - Screw S. H.C M4x16 Din 912 A2
380A55160 Screw - Screw S.H.C M4x25 Din 912 A2
380A56070 Screw - Screw S.H.C M5x8 Din 912 A2
380A56080 Screw - Screw S.H.C M5x10 Din 912 A2
380A56090 Screw - Screw Shc M5x12 Din 7984 A2
380A56120 Screw - Screw S. H.C M5x20 Din 912 A2
380A57080 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x10 Din 912 A2
380A57090 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x12 Din 912 A2
380A57110 Screw - Screw Shc M6x16 Din 912 St.Zinc Pl.
380A57130 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x20 Din 912 A2
380A57150 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x25 Din 912 A2
380A57190 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x40 Din 912 A2
380A58110 Screw - Screw S.H.C. M8x16 Din 912 A2
380A58130 Screw - Screw S. H.C M8x20 Din 912 A2
380A58160 Screw - Screw S.H.C M8x25 Din 912 A2
380A58190 Screw - Screw S.H.C M8x40 Din 912 A2
380A58200 Screw - Screw S.H.C M8x45 Din 912 A2
380A59160 Screw - Screw S.H.C M10x25 Din 912 A2
380A59170 Screw - Screw S.H.C M10x30 Din 912 A2
380A59220 Screw - Screw Shc M10x55 Din 912 A2
380A60170 Screw - Screw Shc M12x30 Din 912 A2
380AX2288 Screw - Screw Hex. Head M8x80 Din 933 A2
380B57171 Screw - Screw Hex Cap Head M6x35 Din 931 A2
380B58160 Screw - Screw Hex Cap M8x25 Din 933 A2
380B58230 Screw - Screw Hex Cap M8x60 Din 933 A2
380B66220 Screw - Screw Hex Cap M6x20 Din 933 A2
380GX1140 Screw - Screw Phillips Crfh M4x10 Din 965a A2
380GX1142 Screw - Screw Phillips Crfh M3x10 Din 965a A2
380H56110 Screw - Screw Sfhc M5x16 Din 7991 A2
380H57090 Screw - Screw Sfh M6x12 Din 7991 A2
380H57100 Screw - Screw Sfh M6x16 Din 7991 A2
380S54050 Screw - Screw Set Socket M3x6 Din 916 A2
380S57070 Screw - Screw Set M6x8 Din 913 A2
380X57090 Screw - Screw Shc M6x12 Din 912 A2
502AX0151 Screw - Swivel Screw Assy Heads Box
503AX0347 Screw - Adjusting Screw Base Subassy Lx0202 00
507A2D199 Screw - Screws Set
MP160035640 Screw - Screw S.H.C M6x30 Din 912 A2
199D20041 SCSI - Cbl Jet22 Scsi L=1m Plg X2 Dtype H.D 40p
504L3D221 SCSI - Cable Jet46 Scsi 40p Assy(Gj) L=1mt
504L3E184 SCSI - Cable Jet42 (3.5mt) Scsi Assy
B504L2D367 SCSI - Cable Jet36 68p Scsi Assy 1mt
B504L3E184 SCSI - Cable Jet42 (3.5mt) Scsi Assy
281G9L145 Seal - Head Seal J0200 10
170000027 Sensor - Differential Pressure Sensor Bssch
507LX3140 Sensor - Optic Sensor Assy
507C2D490 Sensors - Optic Sensor Assy
509C2D446 Sensors - Sensor Fiber Optic Assy
620B00003 Sensors - Heat Controller Sensor
203C10288 Separator - Igus Rail Separator 203
203CX2509 Separator - Vertical Separator Scotted 202
510KX1759 Service Kit - Stap Service Kit 3.5m
0960-2758 Service Parts - Thermo-Hygrmeter Rohs
116A40244 Service Parts - Ic Octal 20pdip Buffer/L.Driver/L.Receiv
173B10450 Service Parts - Order 139000030
174A00401 Service Parts - C.B. 4a (Els 4/1/C)
174A00602 Service Parts - C.B. 6a (L7/6/1/D)
174A01602 Service Parts - C.B. 16a (Els 16/1/C)
180G00402 Service Parts - Con Vhr 4n Rec 4p Female Blk 0.196
183AX1030 Service Parts - Con Rec 5p 63a
196E10150 Service Parts - Terminal Quick Male 6.3mm 16 22awg Red
203A10110 Service Parts - Tie 4 23ct04010
203CX1365 Service Parts - Shelve Igus 2200/38
209000007 Service Parts - Ps In 220ac Out 24vdc/4a 5vdc/6a
209A00080 Service Parts - Ps 110/220vac 35vdc 5a 180w
209A00081 Service Parts - Ps Dc/Dc 5/12v 55w
212000004 Service Parts - Transformator 230 24v 10.42a
212A10130 Service Parts - Transf 2.7kva 0 100 115v 115v 12a
212AX1031 Service Parts - Transf 100v 127v/230v 15a
212AX1032 Service Parts - Transf 100v 127v/230v 7.4a 1.7kva
290F2N983 Service Parts - Whell Presser J0102 03
292A2P233 Service Parts - Right Flexible Adaptor J0500 14
298AX1073 Service Parts - Front Tension Roll Lx0070 01
298I2U630 Service Parts - Warning Sign Gj
299AX1278 Service Parts - Sign Silk Print Hot Keep Away Lx000004
299B2M745 Service Parts - PROFILE 8 0.0.427.68 L=3621 R40/80 90dg
316000046 Service Parts - Order Cc903-67039
340AX0604 Service Parts - Fuel Plastic Pump Manual
344000251 Service Parts - Air Silencer Sep 1/4 Bsp
344000252 Service Parts - Fitting Double Y 6x4 Uwd8 6
344000265 Service Parts - Coupling Bodies 1/4ptf 6x4 Mcd1304 Epdm
344000266 Service Parts - Coupling Bodies Cpc
344AX1087 Service Parts - Fitting Pa 4 M5 Pisco
344AX1089 Service Parts - Manifold Push In Connection 4mm 1/4 Bspp
344AX1094 Service Parts - Fitting Elbow Male 1/4 Bspp 6mm Epdm
344AX1095 Service Parts - Fitting 1050 Aignep
344AX1096 Service Parts - Fitting Elbow Male 1/4 Bspp 4mm
344AX1097 Service Parts - Fitting Ac4-M5m Pisco
344B56001 Service Parts - Fitting BF6N SUS 6/4mm
344B81050 Service Parts - Fitting M/F Elbow A10 1/4 1/4
344BX0242 Service Parts - Fitting Kftll 1 Threaded
344BX0299 Service Parts - Fitting Mlrl007 01 Male Luer
344C56000 Service Parts - Fitt. Pisco Pl4 M5m
344C71020 Service Parts - Fitting Pl6 M5m Pisco
344D58080 Service Parts - Fitting Union Tee Pisco Pe 8
344F10141 Service Parts - Order Cw980-00056
344F10181 Service Parts - Order Cw980-00058
344F10200 Service Parts - Order Cw980-00059
344F51000 Service Parts - Order Cw980-00061
347AX0702 Service Parts - Cylinder C 41 63x125
347AX0703 Service Parts - Cylinder Fork Mod. G 50-63
347C53072 Service Parts - Solnoid Valv 12v Gj Mindman Mvsc 180 4e2
347EX0683 Service Parts - Gas Sprng G20 40 50 1 330 Wg45 Wg45 2550
347F40300 Service Parts - Cylinder Pneumatic 63x150 W/ Ch 41 63
347N02007 Service Parts - Fitting Jack 1/4 Bsp Male/Female (915)
347N20090 Service Parts - Valve 3 Way Vhk3 08f 08fl Smc
347NX0196 Service Parts - Control Valve Mjv 2
347NX1083 Service Parts - Valve H800 L6mm Ss Ham Let
348AX0647 Service Parts - TYGON 2075 OD7/8 x ID5/8 x L=1.1m
348D10040 Service Parts - Valve Pressure Release
354K00100 Service Parts - Coupling Kt 170/54s Dia.50
360C10300 Service Parts - Star Bear Carr+lobr N1651 294 10+1919 Scitex XLJet Star Bear Carr+Lobr - 360C10300
366AX0825 Service Parts - Skl Chuck Kl 0500 Fn 000 00 0s 0x Mw
366AX0826 Service Parts - Skl Chuck Kl 0500 Fn 000 00 0s 0x0w
366AX2968 Service Parts - SELF CENTR MAV 6903 24x50+WHT ZINC 50 80
371G00012 Service Parts - Leveling Feet 132/61293 M16x135
374000195 Service Parts - LOGO LABLE BLACK 240 [MM ] X 180[MM]
380A55090 Service Parts - Order 000-61-10-072
380G53090 Service Parts - SCRW PHIL FLT HD M2.5x6 DIN 965A A2
395000084 Service Parts - Q13 Kodak
395000085 Service Parts - Hp Designjet 130 Nr
395D10045 Service Parts - Level Precision Small 100h 0.1/M
395D10160 Service Parts - Swabs Dust Free 4928 Opt Texwioe Tx740
399000146 Service Parts - Hp Scitex Grand Full Pack
399000337 Service Parts - Hp Scitex Gr+ \ Xl1200 Sw Cd Rev 4.016
399AX0011 Service Parts - Software CD GJ S+
399AX0689 Service Parts - Documentation Package Bo
405A03001 Service Parts - Order Cc903-67604
405A03004 Service Parts - Order Cc903-67605
405A04001 Service Parts - Order Cc903-67606
409J02000 Service Parts - Order Cc903-67608
409L03000 Service Parts - Wire18awg300v80degred
501V00066 Service Parts - Ripcenter For Hp Scitex Grand
503AX0354 Service Parts - Order 507001807
507002984 Service Parts - Computer For Gj
507AX1020 Service Parts - Order 507ax2779
507D2D938 Service Parts - Pneumatic System Ver B
507D3D864 Service Parts - Order 507001199
507G2D984 Service Parts - Linear Profil Rk+star 5m Subasy J0510 00
507M2D248 Service Parts - SUBSTRATE PRESSURE 3.5m
510000190 Service Parts - U/G Addition 5 Heatars For Gj
510000400 Service Parts - Colorwin Pack
510000402 Service Parts - Profilemaker 5 Publish I1 Bundel (Hpi1)
510F00138 Service Parts - Hp Scitex Grand+xl1200 S\w Ver 4.016 U/G
510K1N819 Service Parts - U/G No. 3 U/G2.1 Gj 5m
510KX0179 Service Parts - U/G S (No. 4) Gjv 5 3.5 2.2 M
510KX0254 Service Parts - Fittings Set U/G No. 4
605000038 Service Parts - Computer Ibm Server X206 3.0ghz+0.5g Ram
605000054 Service Parts - Hasp Hl Time Usb
605000070 Service Parts - Hasp Hl Time Usb For Cmp
605000074 Service Parts - Comm Cbl Usb2 L 5m Male To Female Conn
605A00440 Service Parts - COMP INTEL HC (PREFIX) 650Mhz *2
610S01001 Service Parts - Timng Blt Pitch 8mm W28mm 9.2208 L12.5m
610S04035 Service Parts - SHOCKWATCH 50G 50msec L47 SHR0000 0
610S04036 Service Parts - SHOCKWATCh 25G 50msec L65 SHY0000 0
610SX3227 Service Parts - Temp Humidity Tm 968 Hi
620BX1229 Service Parts - Buzzer,24v,80ma,8tones,100db
620SX2223 Service Parts - Ssr 3 Phase 50a 3 32v Zero Cross
630P70595 Service Parts - Sw Photoprnt Swf Edition Rip Ver=2.5
CC903-10008 Service Parts - Softwere For Grand Jet Ver. 4.30
CC903-10009 Service Parts - Danaher Softwere Ver. 4.8
CC903-62956 Service Parts - Computer,Server Mb, Intel 3400 Chipset
CC903-80373 Service Parts - Hp Black Logo
CC903-90031 Service Parts - Tech. Note For Fco - F00131
CW980-00364 Service Parts - Hasp Hl Time Usb
GS917AA#AB4 Service Parts - HP L1710 17-inch LCD Monitor SING
288A8L839 Shaft - Shaft J0070 02
289B2M351 Shaft - Shaft Milled Subassy 3.5
289B8L813 Shaft - Shaft Mod Subassy J0051 00
298AX0620 Shaft - Adaptor -Shaft Holder Modul Z
299001056 Shaft - Y Shaft Coupling Verc For Alpha Tp 100/1
299G2T093 Shaft - Rubber Shaft Dia.230 5m Lx1000 01
299G2T094 Shaft - Rubber Shaft Dia 230 3.5m Mlx1000 01
380000168 Shaft - Retaining Ring For Shaft D20 Din 471
502AX0638 Shaft - Z Shaft Assy Mlx 3 5m
503AX0760 Shaft - Shaft Secondery Coll. 5m L1610 00
503AX0765 Shaft - Shaft Secondery Coll. 3.5m Mlx1610 00
507C2D707 Shaft - Support Shaft 159 Dia Sub Assy J0102 00
507H2D046 Shaft - Shaft Module T Assy
507H2D243 Shaft - Shaft Mod Subassy J0061 00
507H3D647 Shaft - Rubber Shaft Subassy Lx1000 00 Gjvlx
507H3D684 Shaft - Rubber Shaft Subas. 3.5mmlx1000 00
507M2D239 Shaft - Rubber Shaft Subassy 3.5
610S01000 Shaft - Pulley Box W/Driver Shaft Rk 9.4218 XLJet pulley 9.4218-610S01000
282ET2127 Sheet - TEFLOF SHEET BLACK LX0150 03
199A30040 Shield - Cbl Pwr Unshield 18awg 3 Cond 250v Black
299B2N797 Shield - Drop Ink Shield C0006 01
504L1L459 Shield - Cable Shield 25p D Type Plg Rec P. Box
347AX1098 Solenoid - Solenoid Valve 030e1 1l Psl 12v
347CX0090 Solenoid - Solenoid Valve Mvsc180 4e1 Pan. Pneu. D
504L4L514 Solenoid - Cable Jet15 Solenoid Air Valve Assy
280A8L788 Spacer - Spacer Table Profile J0003 02
290A2M497 Spacer - SPACER LINEAR PROFILE 1mm thick J0500 04
290A2M498 Spacer - SPACER LINEAR PROFIL 0.5mm j0500 05
290AX2021 Spacer - Spacer Table Base Shim 0.5mm
290AX2022 Spacer - Spacer Table Base Shim 0.3mm
290AX2023 Spacer - Spacer Table Base Shim 0.1 Mm
383DX0034 Spacer - Spacer Hex F/F M3x8 Di650/8 Brass Ni Pl
383LX0057 Spacer - Spacer Hex F/M M3x40 Di653/40 Brass
347EX0684 Spring - Gas Spring G20 40 5 1 330 Wg45 Wg45 2000
382D06000 Spring - Washer Spring M3 Din 127b A2
382D07000 Spring - Washer Spring M6 Din 127 B A2
382D07100 Spring - Washer Spring #5 Din 127 B A2
382D16000 Spring - Washer Spring #6 Din 127 B A2
382D16010 Spring - Washer Spring #8 Din 127 B A2
382D53000 Spring - Washer Spring M2.5 Din 127b A2
382D54000 Spring - Washer Spring M3 Din 127 B A2
382D55000 Spring - Washer Spring M4 Din 127b A2
382D56000 Spring - Washer Spring #5 Din 127 B A2
382D59000 Spring - Washer Spring M10 Din 127b A2
382D60000 Spring - Washer Spring M12 Din 127b A2
383AX2028 Stand - Stand Off Hex F/M M3x10 Plastic
3101-4091 Stop - Emergency Stop Conn+switch Nc(Qty=2)
284A8L843 Support - Roller Support (Short) J0080 01
298AX0614 Support - Support Gas Piston Lx1400_01
298AX0616 Support - Support -Free Fall Air Piston
170000010 Switch - Switch Aux For Dil 1m Contactor
170000033 Switch - Switch Aux N.C+n.O For Moeller C.B
170A10130 Switch - Limit Switch 1no 1nc Saftey
170B00110 Switch - Switch P.B. Momentary 1no+1nc Blue
170B10700 Switch - E.S. Conn+switch Nc 22mm Turn To Realse
170O00050 Switch - Switch Proximity Magnetic 1co 0.25a
170Q00055 Switch - Switch Proximity Actuator Magnet
170T10010 Switch - Switch Rotary 6p On/Off 32a
170T10011 Switch - Switch Rotary 3p Dt 32a
170T10012 Switch - Rotary Switch 2p Dt 20a
170U00090 Switch - Emergency Sw. Socket 1nc
170U00130 Switch - Switch Limit Spdt 10a 250v(3751 040)
170UX0284 Switch - Rotary Switch 6 X 63a 22kw 690vac
170UX0285 Switch - Grips For Rotary Switch
194B00100 Switch - Emergency Stop Conn+switch Nc(Qty=2)
507C2D888 Switch - Safety Switch Night Cover J0250 00
CV310-14091 Switch - Emergency Stop Conn+switch Nc(Qty=2)
CW980-00292 Switch - Switch Limit Spdt 10a 250v(3751-040)
CW980-00774 Switch - Rotary Switch 2p Dt 20a
CW980-01061 Switch - Csr-Switch, Aux N.C+n.O For Moeller C.B
290B2R325 Tab - Jig Printing Table Gj
290D2R327 Tab - Shim 0.5mm Printing Table
298AX0448 Tab - Printing Table Carpet
298AX0542 Tab - Printing Table Carpet
502M3D791 Tab - Heating Gjvlx 5m Printing Table Assy
502M3D800 Tab - Heating Gjvlx 3.5m Printting Table Assy
CX941-00570 Tab - Printing Table Carpet
510K1M394 Tool - Tools Set
289B8L838 Tube - Roller Tube J0070 01
344B58010 Tube - Fitting Elbow Swivel 1/4 Tube 8mm
344F10132 Tube - Tube Nylon Do=8 Mm Di=6 Mm Clear L=10m
344F10134 Tube - Tube, Nylon 6x4 Transparent L=25
344F10160 Tube - Tube Rilsan Pa11,S40, 6x4 Natural L=10
344F10201 Tube - Tube Polyuretane 8/5mm L=10m Black
507001807 Tube - Ink Tube Subassy Premium Head Print
507AX1217 Tube - Roller Tube Back Side Upper
507D2D634 Tube - Heads Tube Assy Set
CW980-00021 Tube - Tube, Nylon 6x4 Transparent L=25
CW980-00024 Tube - Tube Nylon Do=8 Mm Di=6 Mm Clear L=10m
CW980-00056 Tube - Tube Rilsan Pa11 4/2.7 L=10m
CW980-00057 Tube - Tube Rilsan Pa11,S40, 6x4 Natural L=10
CW980-00058 Tube - Tube 1.8x3 Milk Nylon 11 L=5m Blu
CW980-00059 Tube - Tube Polyuretane 6/4mm L= 20m Black
CW980-00060 Tube - Tube Polyuretane 8/5mm L=10m Black
CW980-00061 Tube - Tube-3/32x7/32 #1013 L=15m Silicon
503AX0204 Vacuum - Control Valve Assy Vacuum Unit
510KX0173 Vacuum - Pnu. Vacuum Claner U/G No. 4
132DX0289 Varistor - Varistor 275vrms 8000a 151j 10mm
132DX0290 Varistor - Varistor 460vrms 8000a 195j 10mm
506A3E088 Varistor - varistor 275v assy
395C00060 Vent - Safety Glasses Polycarbonate Vent.
12-3065 Washer - Washer flat 8 din 125a st.zinc pl.
281A8L842 Washer - Washer J0070 06
289B8L875 Washer - Washer J0100 43
290A2M728 Washer - WASHER FLAT S2 D32 d16.7
382A16002 Washer - Washer Flat 6 Din 125a A2
382A19000 Washer - Washer Flat 8 Din 125a St.Zinc Pl.
382A53000 Washer - Washer Flat M2.5 Din 125a A2
382A54000 Washer - Washer Flat #3 Din 125 A A2
382A55000 Washer - Washer Flat M4 Din 125a A2
382A56000 Washer - Washer Flat M5 Din 125 A A4
382A56010 Washer - Washer Flat Large M5 Din 9021 A2
382J05003 Washer - Washer Serrated Lock #8 Din 6797 A Zn Pl
382J16010 Washer - Washer Serrated Lock #6 Din 6798 A A2
382SX0607 Washer - Washer Flat, M5 Din 125a A2
425844 Washer - Washer Flat 8 Din 125a St.Zinc Pl.
MP160035780 Washer - Washer Flat #6 Din 125a A2
290A2M643 Wheel - Wheel Pressure Axel
290A2M646 Wheel - Wheels Holder M0410 02
290F2M645 Wheel - Wheel Pressure
298AX0495 Wheel - Substrate Wheel Dia.400 Lx0021 01
503AX0494 Wheel - Substrate Wheel Dia 400sub Assy Lx002
503AX2041 Wheel - Substrate Wheel 350mm Sub Assy
507C3D629 Wheel - Base Wheel Subassy Lx0105 00
B503AX0494 Wheel - Substrate Wheel Dia 400sub Assy Lx002
CX941-00560 Wheel - Wheel Pressure
457F40810 Wiper - Cleanroom Wiper Gj Durx 770
610S01002 Wiper - Wiper Left Rk 9.3900
610S01003 Wiper - Wiper Right Rk 9.3910
180000005 Wiring - Con Pwr Rec 6pin 3mm Micro Fit Wire
180000006 Wiring - Con Pwr Rec 4pin 3mm Micro Fit Wire
180000007 Wiring - Con Pin Fem 20 24awg Crimp 3.0mm Wire
180G00240 Wiring - Con Pwr Rec 2x1p 4.2mm Wire
183A00355 Wiring - Con Pwr Fem 230v 16a 2p+g Wire
502M3D867 Wiring - Emergency Buttons Wiring Gjvlx
CC903-67608 Wiring - Wire,22awg,300v,80deg,Black L=1m

scitex gj classic 3.5m 110v printer parts list
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