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5055-200 Laser C912 Printer

Lexmark Laser C912 (5055-200)

MFG Part Number: 5055-200

Lexmark parts list for 5055-200 Lexmark Laser C912 Printer

56P9507 Actuator - Actuator, paper feed sensor
56P9641 Actuator - Actuator, front cover open switch
56P9784 Actuator - Actuator, paper detection
56P9413 Assembly - Assembly, motor bracket
56P9627 Bearing - Bearing, roller
56P9814 Bearing - Bearing, release
56P9437 Belt - Belt, timing
56P9578 Belt - Belt, face down roller
56P9694 Belt - Transfer belt unit
56P9732 Belt - Belt, power supply
56P9822 Belt - Belt, timing
56P9823 Belt - Belt, timing
56P9745 Box - Box, RIP
56P9389 Bracket - Bracket
56P9455 Bracket - Bracket
56P9469 Bracket - Bracket
56P9508 Bracket - Bracket, ground
56P9612 Bracket - Bracket, front upper
56P9619 Bracket - Bracket, rear upper
56P9621 Bracket - Bracket, fan holder
56P9372 Brush - Brush, static discharge
56P9376 Bushing - Bushing
56P9402 Bushing - Bushing
56P9509 Bushing - Bushing, metal
56P9513 Bushing - Bushing, carrying
56P9575 Bushing - Bushing, face down pinch roller
56P9697 Bushing - Bushing
56P9752 C910 - C910, C912 Fuser 230V
56P9969 C910 - C910, C912 Users Guide
40X3483 Cable - HCF Interface Cable
56P0162 Cable - Cable, parallel 1284 C-B adapter
56P9409 Cable - Cable
56P9428 Cable - Cable
56P9435 Cable - Cable, set switch
56P9436 Cable - Cable
56P9523 Cable - Cable assembly, size sensor
56P9600 Cable - Cable assembly, K13
56P9601 Cable - Cable assembly, K24
56P9602 Cable - Cable assembly, CL13
56P9603 Cable - Cable assembly, CL24
56P9605 Cable - Cable assembly, HDFG
56P9606 Cable - Cable assembly, RSPFG
56P9607 Cable - Cable assembly, LFG
56P9644 Cable - Cable assembly, drive unit sensor
56P9692 Cable - Cable assembly, reg MPF sensor
56P9695 Cable - Cable, turn guide door sensor
56P9696 Cable - Cable assembly, belt thermistor
56P9702 Cable - Cable, belt up/down sensor
56P9703 Cable - Cable assembly, sensor board
56P9704 Cable - Cable assembly, paper remaining sensor
56P9705 Cable - Cable assembly, feeder
56P9706 Cable - Cable, power switch
56P9708 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex connector
56P9711 Cable - Cable, THB drawer
56P9712 Cable - Cable, THB drawer (EMEA)
56P9715 Cable - Cable high voltage power supply board
56P9721 Cable - Cable assembly, drum eraser
56P9730 Cable - Cable assembly, HCF
56P9731 Cable - Cable assembly, finisher
56P9733 Cable - Cable assembly, HCPF interface
56P9736 Cable - Cable, operator panel
56P9738 Cable - Cable assembly, conditioning joint (230 V only)
56P9740 Cable - Cable, conditioning resistor
56P9747 Cable - Cable assembly, power MAC
56P9748 Cable - Cable assembly, MIF
56P9749 Cable - Cable assembly, power RIP
56P9775 Cable - Cable assembly, size sensor
56P9777 Cable - Cable assembly, upper optional drawer
56P9778 Cable - Cable assembly, lower optional drawer
56P9787 Cable - Cable, paper present sensor
56P9795 Cable - Cable, paper present sensor
56P9806 Cable - Cable assembly, paper detection
56P9807 Cable - Cable assembly, duplex interface
56P9479 Cap - Cap
12N0768 Cartridge - Lexmark 12N0768 Cyan Toner Cartridge
12N0769 Cartridge - Lexmark 12N0769 Magenta Toner Cartridge
12N0770 Cartridge - Lexmark 12N0770 Yellow Toner Cartridge
12N0771 Cartridge - Lexmark 12N0771 Black Toner Cartridge
56P9500 Cassette - Cassette, paper feed
11G0291 Clutch - Paper Feed Clutch
56P9643 Clutch - Clutch, drive unit
56P9663 Clutch - Clutch, belt up/down
56P9681 Clutch - Clutch, registration
56P9639 Connector - Connector, upper
56P9620 Controller - Board, printhead controller-S/N XX-0XXXX
56P9637 Controller - Frame, printhead controller
56P9716 Controller - Cable assembly, 8-pin PH controller
56P9717 Controller - Cable assembly, 18-pin PH controller- S/N XX-0XXXX
56P9718 Controller - Cable assembly, 30-pin PH controller- S/N XX-0XXXX
56P9719 Controller - Cable assembly, 80 pin RIP printer controller
56P9720 Controller - Cable assembly, PH controller power
56P9726 Controller - Cable assembly, printer controller power 1
56P9727 Controller - Cable assembly, printer controller power 2
56P9729 Controller - EPROM, printer controller
56P9739 Controller - Cable assembly, conditioning printer controller
56P9973 Controller - Board, RIP controller (C912)
56P9974 Controller - Board, RIP controller, network (C912)
56P9987 Controller - Board, printhead controller-S/N XX-1XXXX
56P9991 Controller - Cable assembly 48-pin PH controller- S/N XX-1XXXX
56P9992 Controller - Board, printer controller (C912)- S/N XX-1XXXX
56P9554 Core - Core, ferrite
56P9604 Core - Core, ferrite
56P9989 Core - Core, Ferrite-S/N XX-1XXXX
56P4557 Cover - Black photodeveloper Cover
56P9533 Cover - Cover assembly, right side
56P9536 Cover - Cover, left side
56P9537 Cover - Cover, paper feed
56P9538 Cover - Cover, rear
56P9539 Cover - Cover, top
56P9540 Cover - Cover, waste toner bottle
56P9542 Cover - Cover, left front
56P9551 Cover - Cover, adjustment
56P9594 Cover - Cover, eraser
56P9626 Cover - Cover, hook
56P9673 Cover - Cover, electronic
56P9687 Cover - Cover, gear
56P9746 Cover - Cover, RIP box
56P9765 Cover - Cover, front feeder
56P9766 Cover - Cover, left side
56P9767 Cover - Cover, right side A
56P9768 Cover - Cover, rear
56P9769 Cover - Cover, right side B
56P9770 Cover - Cover, right side C
56P9785 Cover - Cover, paper present sensor
56P9797 Cover - Cover, gear
56P9970 Cover - Cover assembly, front (C912)
56P9383 Cushion - Cushion
12N0772 Developer - Lexmark 12N0772 Color Photodeveloper Kit, 3/Pack
12N0773 Developer - Lexmark 12N0773 Black Photodeveloper
56P9622 Fan - Fan, upper right
56P9623 Fan - Fan, upper left
56P9713 Fan - Fan, power supply
56P9750 Fan - Fan, RIP
56P9972 Feeder - Feeder assembly, multipurpose
56P9417 Flange - Flange
56P9914 Flash Card - 16MB Flash DIMM
56P9928 Flash Card - Optra Forms 4MB Flash DIMM
56P9929 Flash Card - Optra Forms 8MB Flash DIMM
56P9503 Foot - Foot, rubber
56P9370 Frame - Frame, guide
56P9374 Frame - Frame, C guide
56P9381 Frame - Frame, B guide
56P9506 Frame - Frame, paper feed
56P9591 Frame - Frame, upper
56P9629 Frame - Frame, link
56P9646 Frame - Frame, sub
56P9664 Frame - Frame, paper feed
56P9680 Frame - Frame assembly, registration
56P9682 Frame - Frame assembly, carrying
56P9684 Frame - Frame assembly, F1 sub
56P9685 Frame - Frame assembly, F2 sub
56P9971 Frame - Frame assembly, MPF
40X1517 Fuse - Fuse, thermal (230V only)
56P9943 Fuse - Fuse, thermal (230 V only)
56P9751 Fuser Assembly - C910, C912 Fuser 120V
11G0297 Gear - Carrying Gear
11G0422 Gear - Gear, Idler
11G0423 Gear - Gear, S37xs24
56P9397 Gear - Gear, Z20
56P9456 Gear - Gear, Z46/Z33
56P9457 Gear - Gear, Z90/Z14
56P9458 Gear - Gear, Z25/Z20
56P9527 Gear - Gear, idler
56P9771 Gear - Gear, feeder C
56P9772 Gear - Gear, feeder D
56P9773 Gear - Gear, feeder E
56P9817 Gear - Gear, carrying roller
56P9980 Guard - Guard, rack
11G0199 Guide - Wire Guide
40X2777 Guide - Lock guide
40X3484 Guide - Guide, HCF
56P9418 Guide - Guide, stack
56P9515 Guide - Guide, upper cassette
56P9518 Guide - Guide, lower left cassette
56P9519 Guide - Guide, lower right cassette
56P9566 Guide - Guide assembly, face-down
56P9584 Guide - Guide assembly, turn
56P9671 Guide - Guide, cable
56P9672 Guide - Guide, cable
56P9674 Guide - Guide assembly, fuser entrance
56P9788 Guide - Guide, HCF
56P9789 Guide - Guide, turn
56P9826 Guide - Guide, front side
56P9827 Guide - Guide, rear side
56P9979 Guide - Guide, stop
56P9387 Handle - Handle, jam
56P9394 Handle - Handle
56P9520 Handle - Handle, waste bottle cam
56P9616 Handle - Handle, upper opening
56P9669 Handle - Handle, lock
40X2610 Hard Drive - Hard disk with adapter - 40+ GB
56P9932 Hard Drive - Optra Forms hard disk, 5+GB w/adapter
56P9942 Hard Drive - Hard drive mounting kit
56P9982 Hard Drive - Hard Disk, 20GB with/Adapter (formatted)
56P9593 Holder - Holder, rear printhead
56P9608 Holder - Holder, front HSP
56P9611 Holder - Holder, front printhead
56P9638 Holder - Holder, cable
56P9792 Holder - Holder, roller
56P9615 Hook - Hook, middle
56P9617 Hook - Hook, left
56P9618 Hook - Hook, right
56P9625 Hook - Hook, right link
56P9630 Hook - Hook, left link
56P9477 Housing - Housing, caster
56P9555 Housing - Housing, upper operator panel
56P9556 Housing - Housing, lower operator panel
56P9737 Insulator - Insulator, sheet
12G9816 Kit - Service Information and Training Kit
12N0772 Kit - Lexmark 12N0772 Color Photodeveloper Kit, 3/Pack
12N0773 Kit - Lexmark 12N0773 Black Photodeveloper
56P9751 Kit - C910, C912 Fuser 120V
7370516 Kit - Relocation packaging kit
56P9475 Knob - Knob, caster
56P9821 Knob - Knob, paper re-feed
56P9544 Label - Label, MPT
56P9545 Label - Label, operator guide
56P9595 Lamp - Lamp, M erase
56P9596 Lamp - Lamp, C erase
56P9597 Lamp - Lamp, Y erase
56P9598 Lamp - Lamp, K erase
56P9366 Lever - Lever, B
56P9521 Lever - Lever, size sensor
56P9781 Lever - Lever, clutch
56P9624 Link - Link, frame
56P9668 Lock - Handle assembly, lock
56P9534 Magnet - Magnet, right side latch
56P9543 Magnet - Magnet, front cover latch
56P9900 Maintenance Kit - C910, C912 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
56P9901 Maintenance Kit - C910, C912 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
56P9903 Maintenance Kit - C910, C912 Transfer Belt Maintenance Kit
12G6509 Memory - 64MB SDRAM DIMM, 8MX64
56P9910 Memory - 128MB SDRAM DIMM
56P9911 Memory - 256MB SDRAM DIMM
56P9935 Memory - Traditional Chinese Font DIMM
56P9936 Memory - Simplified Chinese Font DIMM
56P9975 Memory - Japanese Font DIMM
56P9698 Motor - Motor assembly, 120 V
56P9699 Motor - Motor assembly, 230 V
56P9774 Motor - Motor, feeder drive
56P9803 Motor - Motor, duplex stepping
56P9828 Motor - Motor assembly, paper guide
12G1695 Network - MarkNet N2001e Ethernet 10/100BaseTX internal print server
12G7360 Panel - Operator Panel Assembly
99A1501 Panel - Operator Panel Assembly
40X3482 PC Board - Card, size sense
56P0161 PC Board - RS-232-C Serial/Parallel 1284-C Interface Card
56P9440 PC Board - Bar Code Card (C912)
56P9442 PC Board - ImageQuick Card (C912)
56P9522 PC Board - Board, size sensor
56P9701 PC Board - Board, sensor
56P9709 PC Board - Board, 120 V motor driver
56P9710 PC Board - Board, 230 V motor driver
56P9714 PC Board - Board, high voltage power supply
56P9742 PC Board - Board, heater drive
56P9776 PC Board - Board, paper remaining sensor
56P9779 PC Board - Board, expansion feeder control
56P9804 PC Board - Board, duplex interface
56P9868 PC Board - Board, high-capacity feed
56P9916 PC Board - Card, riser
56P9422 Pin - Pin, N
56P9449 Pin - Pin
56P9452 Pin - Pin, O
56P9667 Pin - Pin, upper unit support
56P9628 Pivot - Pivot, color link
11G0399 Plate - Ground Plate
56P9390 Plate - Plate, cover
56P9393 Plate - Plate, guide holder
56P9824 Plate - Plate, paper carrying drawer
56P9825 Plate - Plate, paper re-feed drawer
56P9994 Plate - Plate, duplex guide
56P9988 Post - Post, mini-S/N XX-1XXXX
11A9095 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight US Canada Latin America (LV)
56P9722 Power Supply - Power supply, 120 V (1)
56P9723 Power Supply - Power supply, 230 V (1)
56P9724 Power Supply - Power supply, 120 V (2)
56P9725 Power Supply - Power supply, 230 V (2)
56P9599 Printhead - Printhead, LED -S/NXX-0XXXX
56P9406 Pulley - Pulley, Z24/T42 gear
56P9411 Pulley - Pulley
56P9414 Pulley - Pulley
56P9415 Pulley - Pulley, gear Z36/T24
56P9423 Pulley - Pulley, Z19/Z20
56P9450 Pulley - Pulley, wire A
56P9463 Pulley - Pulley, wire B
56P9576 Pulley - Pulley, face down feed roller
56P9818 Pulley - Pulley, carrying roller timing
56P9819 Pulley - Pulley, feed roller
56P9820 Pulley - Pulley, re-feed roller
56P9504 Rail - Rail, side
56P9505 Rail - Rail, side
56P9592 Rail - Rail, left side
56P9610 Rail - Rail, right side
56P9741 Resistor - Resistor, conditioning (230 V only)
56P9613 Rod - Rod, interlocking
56P9686 Rod - Rod, lock
18A1561 Roller - Roller assembly, paper feed
56P9377 Roller - Roller, D
56P9453 Roller - Roller, C
56P9512 Roller - Roller assembly, paper carrying
56P9514 Roller - Roller, noise reduction
56P9790 Roller - Roller, paper carrying
56P9796 Roller - Roller assembly, carrying
56P9809 Roller - Roller, drive feed
56P9810 Roller - Roller, follow-up feed
56P9811 Roller - Roller, middle feed
56P9812 Roller - Roller, re-feed
56P9813 Roller - Roll, release
56P9524 Screw - Screw, slide rail
56P9800 Screw - Screw, duplex mounting
56P9945 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P9946 Screw - Screws, Springs, E-rings Parts packet
56P9947 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9948 Screw - Screws, E-Rings, Spring Pins Parts Packet
56P9949 Screw - Screws, E-Rings, Spring Pins Parts Packet
56P9950 Screw - Screws, E-Rings, Spring Pins Parts Packet
56P9951 Screw - Screws, Springs, E-Rings Parts packet
56P9952 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P9953 Screw - Screws, E-rings, C-Rings Parts packet
56P9954 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9955 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9956 Screw - Screws, E-Rings, Spring Pins Parts Packet
56P9957 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9958 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P9959 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9960 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
56P9961 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9962 Screw - Screws, Washers, E-Rings Parts Packet
56P9963 Screw - Screws, E-Rings Parts Packet
11G0219 Sensor - Photo Interrupter, Sensor
56P9382 Sensor - Sensor, photo
56P9388 Sensor - Sensor, 1 photo
56P9502 Sensor - Sensor, turn guide door
56P9541 Sensor - Sensor, resistor
56P9645 Sensor - Sensor, drive unit gear
56P9665 Sensor - Sensor, paper feed
56P9676 Sensor - Sensor, density
11G0243 Service Parts - Photo Interrupter
11G0563 Service Parts - Photo Interrupter
40X2776 Service Parts - Right stop
40X2778 Service Parts - Left stop
56P1435 Service Parts - External Serial Adapter
56P9408 Service Parts - Knob
56P9448 Service Parts - Washer
56P9476 Service Parts - Stop, caster
56P9478 Service Parts - Caster
56P9525 Service Parts - Photo interrupter
56P9557 Service Parts - Exit assembly, face up
56P9734 Service Parts - HCF/finisher D-sub assembly
56P9808 Service Parts - Photo interrupter
56P9926 Service Parts - Optra Forms Software
56P9934 Service Parts - MarkNet N2000t 4/16 Token Ring internal print server
56P9964 Service Parts - Transformer, power (Japan only)
99A0424 Service Parts - Infrared Adapter
99A0560 Service Parts - Tri-Port Adapter (Serial, LocalTalk and Infrared)
56P9482 Shaft - Shaft, A
56P9510 Shaft - Shaft, paper feed
56P9662 Shaft - Shaft, changing
56P9993 Shield - Shield, light-used on P/N 56P9594
56P9632 Shroud - Shroud, cable
56P9670 Shroud - Shroud, cable
56P9535 Solenoid - Cover, solenoid
56P9700 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, paper feed
56P9782 Solenoid - Spring, solenoid
56P9783 Solenoid - Solenoid, feeder
56P9829 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, feed roller
56P9830 Solenoid - Solenoid assembly, paper re-feed
56P9412 Spacer - Spacer
56P9369 Spring - Assembly, spring plate C
56P9371 Spring - Spring
56P9378 Spring - Plate, E spring
56P9384 Spring - Plate, B spring
56P9403 Spring - Spring, A
56P9404 Spring - Spring, F
56P9468 Spring - Spring
56P9516 Spring - Spring, left cassette guide
56P9517 Spring - Spring, right cassette guide
56P9526 Spring - Spring, feed roller
56P9609 Spring - Spring, printhead
56P9614 Spring - Spring, return
56P9786 Spring - Spring, paper detection sensor
56P9791 Spring - Spring, paper carrying
56P9793 Spring - Spring, left turn guide
56P9794 Spring - Spring, right turn guide
56P9815 Spring - Spring, reed roller
56P9816 Spring - Spring, re-feed roller
56P9693 Stopper - Stopper, clutch
56P9666 Support - Support assembly, upper unit
56P9470 Switch - Switch, set
56P9707 Switch - Switch, power
56P9990 Tape - Tape, Core-S/N XX-1XXXX
56P9531 Tray - Tray assembly, exit
7370569 Tray - Relocation packaging kit, 500-Sheet Tray
56P9642 Unit - Unit, drive

Laser C912 Printer parts list
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