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5ZY60A Designjet T530 large format printer Thermal inkjet Colour

HP Designjet T530 large format printer Thermal inkjet Colour (5ZY60A)

MFG Part Number: 5ZY60A

HP parts list for 5ZY60A HP Designjet T530 large format printer Thermal inkjet Colour

CQ890-67096 Belt - AmpXL 24 Encoder strip SV-Rein
CQ890-67112 Belt - Belt and pulley 24inch HP designjet plotter Tseries.
F9A30-67068 Belt - Belt and pulley 36 inch HP Designjet T520 T730 eprinter plotters.
5HB06-67028 Brush - Brush line sensor with adhesive 5 sets
CQ890-60127 Cable - AmpXL 24 Carriage assembly w/b and lube. (for 36inch units order CQ893-67011).
CQ890-60239 Cable - AmpXL 24 Carriage assembly w/b and lube. (for 36inch units order CQ893-67011).
CQ890-67021 Cable - Cables Service assembly - Includes encoder rewind FFC, ink door FFC, pick motor encoder FFC, control panel FFC, power button FFC, paper feed sensors FFC, and bundle-24 assembly FFC
CQ890-67021B Cable - AmpXL cable SV
F9A30-67069 Carriage - Carriage Assembly 36inch SV
5ZY56-67004 Control Panel - Control Panel
5ZY56-67002 Cover - Front Cover 24in
5ZY56-67005 Cover - Left Cover
5ZY56-67006 Cover - Right Cover
5ZY59-67002 Cover - Central Cover 24in
5ZY61-67001 Cover - Central Cover 36in
5ZY61-67004 Cover - Front Cover 36in
CQ890-67010 Cover - 24-inch back cover - Plastic rectangular shape cover - Protects the back side of the Designjet
CQ893-67002 Cover - 36 Back cover
CQ890-67108 Cutter - Cutter with clutch - Includes cutter body cutter extrusion lead (cover) cutter bridge and instruction flier Cutter AXLP SCR SV KIT
CQ890-67108B Cutter - Cutter AXLP SCR SV KIT
CQ890-67108BM Cutter - 48Pack - Cutter AXLP SCR SV KIT
CQ890-67033 Disk - Encoder disk
5ZY56-67007 Door - Ink Door
CQ893-67029 Encoder Strip - AmpXL 36 Encoder strip SV
CQ890-67077 Gear Assembly - Right gear train assemlby
CQ890-60244 Grease - Kit Friction KIT friction repair grease.
F9A30-67066 Grease - Candela PM Kit SV-Grease-Y
CQ890-67031 Guide - 24 Upper roll media guide
CQ894-67002 Guide - 36 Upper roll media guide
CQ890-67030 Hardware - AmpXL Prime pump assy SV
CQ893-67009 Hub - Spindle hubs set of Blue and Black hub cap.
CQ890-67093 Kit - AmpXL 24in PM Kit SV_Grease_Y_Lid CSR
CQ893-67028 Kit - AmpXL 36in PM Kit SV_Grease_Y_Lid CSR HP T520 T730 T830 Ampxl 36In PREVENTIVEMAINTENANCE Kit GENUINE
CQ890-67106 Labels - AmpXL Labels SV
5ZY56-67008 Module - USB Module With F
CQ890-67006 Motor - Carriage motor - Includes flier
CQ890-67036 Motor - AmpXL Paper motor SV
F9A30-67049 Motor - Candela Paper Motor SV kit
CQ890-60092 Motor Carriage - Candela Carriage Motor SV kit. Carriage Motor HP DesignJet T520 T730 T830
CQ890-67006B Motor Carriage - AmpXL 24 Carriage motor SV
F9A30-67063 Motor Carriage - Candela Carriage Motor SV kit
5ZY59-67001 PC Board - Main-PCA-PRO-assy
CQ890-67020 PC Board - Feed index encoder sensor PCA - Includes encoder PCA, index plus cable, output tray sensor plus cable, and top cover sensor
CQ890-67110 PC Board - Axl- Bundle Pca Svc
CQ890-67060 Pinch Assembly - Pinch wheels assembly
5ZY56-67010 Platen - Output Platen 24in. Output Platen 24" T520 T830 T525
5ZY61-67002 Platen - Output Platen 36in
CQ891-60021 Power Cord - Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG two conductor 1.8m (6.0ft) long - Has straight (F) C7 receptacle
CQ891-60022 Power Cord - Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG two conductor 1.8m (6.0ft) long - Has straight (F) C7 receptacle - For 110-120 VAC in the United States Canada Mexico Latin America and Taiwan
CQ891-60023 Power Cord - Power Cord- APJ SV KIT
CQ890-67089 Power Supply - AmpXL 5V Power Supply SV
CQ890-67112BM Pulley - 48Pack - Belt and pulley 24inch
CQ893-67012 Roller - AmpXL 36 Pinch roller and paper
CQ890-40324 Sensor - OOPS Sensor flag HP Designjet T520 T120
CQ890-67001 Sensor - Carriage line sensor assembly kit - Includes T-6 screwdriver
CQ890-67028 Sensor - Ink cartridge door cover sensor
CQ890-67102 Sensor - OOPS Sensor flag w/tape-Big Lo
CQ893-67018 Sensor - Output tray sensor - Does not include FFC cable
CQ890-67001BM Sensors - 48Pack - AmpXL Carriage Zim sensor SV
5HB06-67029 Service Parts - Spark Candela 5v Psu Sv Kit
CQ890-67045 Service Station - Service station assembly
CQ890-67043 Spindle - 24-inch spindle module assembly
CQ893-67008 Spindle - AmpXL 36 Spindle module SV AmpXL 36 Spindle module SV HP - Printer Spindle - 36" - For DesignJet Studio T520 T520 EPrinter T525 T530 T630 T650 (36") T730 T830 (36") and similar models.
CQ890-67044 Spitton - Left side spittoon assembly
5ZY56-67003 Stand - Stand 24in
5ZY56-67012 Stand - Stand 36in
CQ890-67053 Stand - 36 Stand Assy Service assy stand AXL 36in. Please order hardware kit. Does not include (denote#2 CQ890-67054 hardware kit)
CQ890-67075 Starwheel - 24 Starwheel assy and Output Shaft
CQ893-67022 Starwheel - 36 Starwheel assy and Output shaft
CQ890-67037 Support - 36-inch left roll support with rewinder and cover
CQ890-67038 Support - Right roll support with cover and dampers
CQ890-67054 Tool - Stand hardware tool kit - Includes all screws and tools to repair and mount the stand
CQ890-67047 Tray - Multi-sheet paper tray extension - Located on the the accessory tray
CQ891-67025 Tray - Extension/output paper tray assembly
CQ890-67007 Tray Assembly - Multi-sheet accessory paper tray assembly
5ZY56-67009 Window - Central Window 24in
5ZY61-67003 Window - Central Window 36in

Designjet T530 large format printer Thermal inkjet Colour parts list
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