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6SB41D OfficeJet 8018 All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet 8018 All-in-One (6SB41D)

MFG Part Number: 6SB41D

HP parts list for 6SB41D HP OfficeJet 8018 All-in-One Printer

1KR57-50015 Accessory - FFC-Power Button
1KR57-60008 Accessory - Assy-Input-Tray
1KR57-60017 Accessory - Assy-Separator Wall M
1KR57-60027 Accessory - Assy - Output Tray
1KR57-60041 Accessory - Assy Oops - Xlp
1KR57-60052 Accessory - PCA- Power Button SLB
1KR57-60053 Accessory - Assy - Power Button
1KR57-60054 Accessory - ASSY-Trailing Flex
1KR57-60063 Accessory - Assy-Pick
1KR57-60070 Accessory - Assy-Pump
1KR57-90019 Accessory - tray cover Assembly - Output Tray HP Officejet Pro 8000 series units Output Tray Stacker/Tray Cover on top of paper input tray unit.
1KR58-50002 Accessory - Harness-Power Supply
1KR58-60005 Accessory - Assy - Midchassis_Lite
1KR58-60010 Accessory - Assy Scan Carriage_Lite
5070-7458 Accessory - Kingston PHA Kit-PHA with Setup Pen
B6P40-60059 Accessory - Assy - Gear Wall
C8974-20001 Accessory - Axle-Pulley
1KR57-50014 ADF - Ffc-Adf
1KR57-60006 ADF - Assy-Adf
1KR42-60046 Assembly - Assembly Cleanout
B6P40-60066 Assembly - Assy-Fork Turnaround
C9000-40031 Belt - Belt-timing gear c9000-40031 r
1KR57-60071 Carriage - Assy-Carriage
1KR57-60082 Carriage - Assy- Carriage Motor Lite
B4U34-60033 Carriage - DC Carriage Motor
1KR58-50001 Control Panel - FFC-Control Panel-Lite
1KR58-60001 Control Panel - PCA-CP-Lite
1KR58-60006 Control Panel - Assy - Control Panel
1KR57-60028 Drawer - Assy - Input Drawer
1KR57-50010 Encoder - FFC- Paper Encoder
1KR57-60074 Encoder - Assy Paper Encoder Pca
B6P40-80004 Encoder - Strip-Encoder
B6P40-80037 Encoder - Disk-Encoder
J7K33-60034 Encoder - Assy - Motor Encoder
1KR57-60014 Feeder - Assy-Feedroller M
1KR57-50017 Laser Scanner - FFC- Scanner
1KR57-60018 Laser Scanner - Assy-Scanner
D1S27-60021 Laser Scanner - Tempo-GTCR Scanner Module Assembly
1KR42-60077 Motor - Assy SCANNER MOTOR Printer DC Scanner Motor Assembly
1KR57-60009 Pad - Assy-Adf-Cover
1KR57-60078 Pad - Assy-Cover-Left
1KR58-60009 PC Board - Assy-Main Mpca
B6P40-60010 PC Board - Acumen-Pca
F0V63-60013 Power Supply - Orthoclase HV Power Supply Assy Power Adapter For HP 4538 4650 4535 4678 Power Supply
1KR57-60003 Sensor - OOPS Sensor PCA
C8974-40016 Turnaround Assembly - Pulley-Turnaround

OfficeJet 8018 All-in-One Printer parts list
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