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7462-436 Multifunction Laser X658DTFE HV Printer

Lexmark Multifunction Laser X658DTFE HV (7462-436)

MFG Part Number: 7462-436

Lexmark parts list for 7462-436 Lexmark Multifunction Laser X658DTFE HV Printer

40X3854 Actuator - Media size actuator
40X4136 Actuator - Media bin full actuator
40X4310 Actuator - Media out actuator 550-Sheet
40X4645 Actuator - Media stack flap actuator
40X4540 ADF - ADF feed pick roll assembly
40X6395 ADF - ADF unit X658
40X6406 ADF - ADF separator roll
40X1892 Arm - Left charge roll arm assembly
40X4135 Bail - 1st - 3rd media bin bail
40X4470 Bail - Output bail
40X2749 Bearing - Feed one-way bearing and gear kit
40X4350 Belt - Lower duplex drive belt
40X4354 Belt - Upper duplex drive belt
40X4522 Belt - Carriage belt tensioner assembly
40X4523 Belt - Carriage belt
40X4623 Belt - Tamper drive belt
40X1888 Bracket - Right transfer roll bracket assembly
40X3454 Bracket - 550 Sheet pick arm bracket assembly
40X4524 Bracket - Sensor (scanner HP) with bracket
40X4647 Bracket - Output bin LED bracket
40X1869 Brush - Transfer deflector with static brush
40X2750 Bushing - Bushing 6 mm
40X1367 Cable - Parallel cable packaged (3 m)
40X1368 Cable - USB cable packaged (2 m)
40X1865 Cable - Printhead cable
40X1887 Cable - Left transfer roll bracket with cable assembly
40X1893 Cable - Right charge roll arm assembly with cable
40X2019 Cable - Envelope input tray cable assembly X651 X652 X654 X656)
40X2641 Cable - Scanner interface card cable assembly
40X2643 Cable - Standard output bin LED cable assembly
40X4313 Cable - Pick arm sensor cable
40X4357 Cable - Duplex cooling fan cable assembly
40X4360 Cable - Print cartridge cooling fan cable assembly
40X4361 Cable - HVPS Sensor cable assembly
40X4376 Cable - Output option interface cable assembly
40X4379 Cable - Toner density sensor cable assembly
40X4419 Cable - Fuser interface cable assembly
40X4464 Cable - Printhead with cable assembly
40X4492 Cable - Operator panel cable assembly X658
40X4493 Cable - Scanner controller card interface cable assembly
40X4495 Cable - CCD to inverter cable assembly
40X4496 Cable - Scanner controller card power cable assembly
40X4498 Cable - LVPS cooling fan cable assembly
40X4499 Cable - Standard output bin LED cable assembly X658
40X4500 Cable - USB cable assembly X658
40X4521 Cable - Carriage drive motor assembly with cable
40X4529 Cable - Scanner HP sensor cable assembly
40X4530 Cable - Scanner FB length sensor cable assembly
40X4531 Cable - Scanner CCD ribbon cable X658
40X4533 Cable - Scanner interface card cable assembly X658
40X4544 Cable - Transport motor bracket assembly with cable
40X4555 Cable - Duplex CCD interface cable with toroid X654 6 8
40X4556 Cable - ADF interface cable
40X4557 Cable - ADF closed interlock switch cable
40X4558 Cable - ADF sensor cable 1
40X4559 Cable - ADF tray length cable
40X4560 Cable - ADF sensor cable 2
40X4571 Cable - Upper interface cable assembly
40X4572 Cable - Lower interface cable assembly
40X4575 Cable - Sensor (pass through) with cable
40X4600 Cable - Card reader cable assembly X658
40X5316 Cable - 14-pin JST cable assembly for ISP interface cable
40X7213 Cable - Feed motor assembly with belt and cable
40X1864 Cartridge - Print cartridge ID connector assembly
40X4382 Cartridge - Print cartridge HV contact
40X1868 Clamp - Print cartridge clamp assembly
40X4383 Cleaner - Cleaning blade contact
40X1883 Clip - MPF pick roll assembly with flanges and clip
40X1970 Cover - Laser cover assembly 550-sheet X658
40X1974 Cover - Stapler access cover X658
40X1975 Cover - Left tray cover 550-sheet X658
40X1976 Cover - Right tray cover 550-sheet X658
40X1977 Cover - Print cartridge cover assembly X658
40X2016 Cover - MPF tray cover assembly X658
40X2642 Cover - Scanner platen glass cover assembly
40X4130 Cover - Front tray cover 550-sheet X658
40X4335 Cover - Rear lower cover assembly
40X4385 Cover - Envelope feeder interface cover T65x X658
40X4417 Cover - Fuser wiper cover
40X4476 Cover - Left side cover X658
40X4477 Cover - Left rear corner cover X658
40X4478 Cover - Right side cover X658
40X4479 Cover - Right rear corner cover X658
40X4480 Cover - Output cover assembly X658
40X4483 Cover - MPF tray cover support strap X658
40X4484 Cover - Left inner cover X658
40X4485 Cover - Right inner cover X658
40X4506 Cover - Rear scanner cover
40X4510 Cover - Rear scanner cover X658
40X4511 Cover - Right scanner cover X658
40X4512 Cover - Left scanner cover X658
40X4513 Cover - Front scanner cover X658
40X4514 Cover - Left front scanner support cover X658
40X4515 Cover - Left scanner support cover X658
40X4516 Cover - Left rear scanner support cover X658
40X4517 Cover - Right scanner support cover X658
40X4518 Cover - Right rear scanner support cover X658
40X4519 Cover - Left scanner support inner cover X658
40X4520 Cover - Right scanner support inner cover X658
40X4538 Cover - ADF front cover
40X4539 Cover - ADF rear cover
40X4562 Cover - Pick pad cover assembly
40X4608 Cover - ADF filter and cover X654 6 8
40X4609 Cover - Left cover
40X4610 Cover - Right cover
40X4611 Cover - Top cover
40X4612 Cover - Handle cover
40X4637 Cover - Right rear inner cover
40X4638 Cover - Left rear inner cover
40X4640 Cover - Left cover
40X4730 Cover - Stapler cover
40X4764 Cover - Hollow cover
40X5720 Cover - LED sensor cover
40X4388 Deflector - Inner deflector
40X1915 Door - Model door bezel X658
40X3438 Door - ADF lower door assembly X654 6 8
40X4331 Door - Rear door assembly T654 T656 X65xe
40X4475 Door - Access door X658
40X4537 Door - ADF top door assembly
40X4613 Door - Rear door assembly
40X4632 Door - Rear door assembly
40X3967 Drawer - 550-Sheet Drawer complete assembly X658
40X5843 Drawer - 550-Sheet drawer assembly
40X4467 Drive Assembly - Redrive assembly T654 T656 X65xe
40X4384 Duct - EP cooling fan duct
40X4389 Duct - LVPS cooling duct
40X4486 Duct - Main cooling fan duct X658de
40X7028 Duplexer - Duplex Gounding Parts Pack
40X2072 Fan - LVPS card assembly with fan X658
40X4356 Fan - Duplex cooling fan
40X4359 Fan - Print cartridge cooling fan
40X4364 Fan - Main cooling fan
40X4535 Fan - Scanner cooling fan
40X4536 Fan - Scanner cooling fan filter
40X4607 Fan - Sensor (ADF media exit) bracket assembly with fan X654 6 8
40X7035 Fan - Hard drive cooling fan
40X5704 Flash Card - 256MB flash card
40X1870 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 100V type 1
40X1871 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 220-240V type 1
40X2665 Fuser Assembly - Oil fuser wiper black housing
40X2666 Fuser Assembly - Wax fuser wiper gray housing
40X4318 Fuser Assembly - Fuser access door assembly
40X4386 Fuser Assembly - Fuser drive release linkage
40X4418 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 110-120V type 1
40X5853 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 100V type 2
40X5854 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 110-120V type 2
40X5855 Fuser Assembly - Fuser assembly 220-240V type 2
40X1876 Gear - MPF gear shield
40X4457 Gear - MPF cam gear
99A0954 Gear - Bevel Gear with grease packet washer
40X4565 Glass - ADF duplex CCD scan glass assembly X654 6 8
40X1900 Guide - Media turn guide with actuator
40X4348 Guide - Front duplex guide assembly
40X4352 Guide - Rear duplex guide
40X4566 Guide - ADF turn guide
40X4605 Guide - ADF separator roll and guide
40X7047 Guide - MPF media guide assembly X658
40X4351 Handle - Duplex guide handle
40X4822 Hard Drive - Hard disk
40X3439 Hinge - Left hinge assembly
40X4563 Hinge - Right hinge assembly
40X4549 Interlock - Sensor (ADF top door lower door interlock media exit)
40X4554 Interlock - Switch (ADF closed interlock)
40X0127 Kit - Dual Charge roll assembly
40X0271 Kit - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X1871 Kit - Fuser assembly 220-240V type 1
40X1886 Kit - Transfer roll assembly with tool
40X2666 Kit - Wax fuser wiper gray housing
40X4308 Kit - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
40X4418 Kit - Fuser assembly 110-120V type 1
40X4723 Kit - 40X4723
40X4724 Kit - T65x, X65xe Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X4765 Kit - Lexmark 40X4765
40X4769 Kit - Lexmark 40X4769
40X4819 Kit - 40X4819
40X5854 Kit - Fuser assembly 110-120V type 2
40X4527 Lamp - Scanner exposure lamp
40X4570 Latch - Anti-tip latch assembly
40X4525 LED - Standard output bin LED assembly
40X4528 LED - LED assembly
40X4532 LED - Scanner reference LED assembly
40X4636 LED - LED card assembly
40X5545 LED - LED Card
40X5727 LED - LED clear lens
40X6397 LED - ADF duplex LED assembly X654 6 8
40X4724 Maintenance Kit - T65x, X65xe Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V
40X4138 Media Bin - Media bin deflector
40X4139 Media Bin - Media output bin light pipe
40X4619 Media Bin - Media output bin extension
40X5541 Media Bin - Media output bin
40X7024 Media Bin - 4-Bin Mailbox (assembled)
40X5301 Memory - 256MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5302 Memory - 512MB DDR2-DRAM
40X5303 Memory - 1024MB DDR2-DRAM
40X4621 Motor - Left tamper motor assembly
40X4622 Motor - Right tamper motor assembly
40X5851 Motor - Duplex drive motor assembly
40X3445 Pad - Media pinch pad assembly
40X4390 Pad - Machine pad
40X4615 Pad - Paddle drive motor
40X2018 Panel - Operator panel front cover
40X4491 Panel - Operator panel bezel X658
40X4599 Panel - Operator panel cover with card reader slot X658
40X7044 Panel - Operator panel assembly X658
40X2075 PC Board - Scanner controller card assembly X654 X656 X658
40X3142 PC Board - ADF controller card assembly
40X4578 PC Board - Controller card assembly 550 Sheet
40X4602 PC Board - Card reader assembly (3121 contact)
40X4603 PC Board - Card reader assembly (5121 contact RFID)
40X4604 PC Board - Card reader assembly (5125 contact HID)
40X4625 PC Board - Finisher Stacker controller card assembly
40X4634 PC Board - 4-Bin mailbox controller card assembly
40X4823 PC Board - Parallel 1284-B interface card
40X5953 PC Board - Forms and Bar Code Card X65x
40X5958 PC Board - Card for IPDS and SCS TNe X65x
40X5969 PC Board - Korean font card
40X5972 PC Board - Japanese font card
40X6337 PC Board - Arabic font card
40X6392 PC Board - 40X6392 - Lexmark Printer Processors and Circuit Boards
40X7055 PC Board - MarkNet N8110 V.34 fax card
40X3444 Platen - ADF platen cushion
40X0271 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight UK Ireland Hong Kong
40X0273 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Italy Chile Uruguay
40X0303 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight PR China
40X1766 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Bolivia Peru
40X1772 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Liechtenstein Switzerland
40X1773 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight South Africa Hong Kong Singapore Thailand Malaysia
40X1774 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Denmark Finland Norway Sweden
40X1792 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Korea
40X3141 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Europe Middle East Indonesia Africa (HV)
40X4596 Power Cord - Power cord 2.5 m 8 ft. Straight Brazil
40X4362 Power Supply - HV Power Supply Card
40X5952 Printer - Lexmark PrintCryption card assembly
40X2759 Pulley - Rear transport drive gear and pulley kit
40X2760 Pulley - Front transport drive gear pulley and belt kit
40X4346 Pulley - Duplex assembly with 2 belts 2 pulleys
40X0127 Roller - Dual Charge roll assembly
40X1886 Roller - Transfer roll assembly with tool
40X2761 Roller - Pick roll position cam assembly
40X4308 Roller - Pick roll assembly (2 per package)
40X4395 Roller - Media tray roller catch assembly
40X4406 Roller - Print cartridge support roller
40X4542 Roller - Pinch roll assembly
40X5751 Roller - Attach roller
40X5852 Roller - Charge roll assembly with tool
40X2171 Scanner - Scanner interface card assembly
40X1431 Screw - Screws Parts Packet
40X1556 Screw - Parts packet ISP thumbscrew and standoff
40X4303 Screw - Aligner assembly with ground strap and adj. screw
40X5315 Screw - ISP thumbscrew (2)
40X5317 Screw - ISP standoff with thumbscrew
40X2762 Sensor - Sensor (ADF 2nd scan)
40X4345 Sensor - Duplex input sensor assembly
40X4368 Sensor - Lexmark Sensor (input)
40X4369 Sensor - Sensor
40X4370 Sensor - Sensor (toner empty)
40X4372 Sensor - Sensor (standard bin exit) actuator assembly
40X4378 Sensor - Sensor (toner density)
40X4534 Sensor - Sensor (platen glass length) assembly
40X4550 Sensor - Sensor (ADF sheet through ADF 1st scan)
40X4551 Sensor - Sensor (ADF document set)
40X4618 Sensor - Sensor (bin media empty present)
40X4633 Sensor - Sensor (media bin full)
40X5909 Sensor - Sensor (media in stapler)
40X0275 Service Parts - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Isreal
40X0288 Service Parts - 40X0288
40X0301 Service Parts - Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, Australia
40X0392 Service Parts - Klear touch-screen wipe
40X4381 Service Parts - Drum grounding contact
40X4626 Service Parts - Sensor Bin Full Send Media Detect
40X4629 Service Parts - 40X4629
40X4639 Service Parts - 40X4639
40X4641 Service Parts - Stapler assembly
40X4642 Service Parts - 40X4642
40X4643 Service Parts - 40X4643
40X4644 Service Parts - 40X4644
40X4646 Service Parts - Media stack flap
40X4723 Service Parts - 40X4723
40X4765 Service Parts - Lexmark 40X4765
40X4769 Service Parts - Lexmark 40X4769
40X4819 Service Parts - 40X4819
40X5057 Service Parts - TAA hard disk assembly with connector
40X5543 Service Parts - Offset stacker assembly
40X5544 Service Parts - 40X5544
40X5728 Service Parts - 40X5728
40X5739 Service Parts - 40X5739
40X5750 Service Parts - 40X5750
40X5850 Service Parts - 40X5850
40X5906 Service Parts - 40X5906
40X5970 Service Parts - 40X5970
40X5971 Service Parts - 40X5971
40X6394 Service Parts - 40X6394
40X6396 Service Parts - 40X6396
40X6398 Service Parts - 40X6398
40X7003 Service Parts - 40X7003
40X7004 Service Parts - 40X7004
40X7010 Service Parts - 40X7010
40X7025 Service Parts - Offset Stacker (assembled)
40X7026 Service Parts - StapleSmart finisher (assembled)
40X7204 Service Parts - 40X7204
40X7214 Service Parts - Torque limiter
40X7466 Service Parts - Lexmark OEM 40X7466 Stapler Cartridge Holder Stapler cartridge holder. SVC Other General SVC Staple
7377730 Service Parts - 7377730
40X5749 Shaft - Main drive motor assembly with option drive shaft
99A0447 Shaft - 550- 500-sheet drive Shaft
40X1866 Shield - Sensor shield assembly
40X4365 Solenoid - MPF pick solenoid assembly
40X4548 Solenoid - ADF solenoid assembly
40X4635 Solenoid - Diverter gate solenoid
40X3822 Spring - Media tray catch spring
40X4305 Spring - Pick arm assembly with spring 500-sheet
40X4307 Spring - Pick arm (bellcrank recoil) spring 550-sheet
40X4316 Spring - Left charge roll link spring
40X4317 Spring - Right charge roll link spring
40X4349 Spring - Right duplex guide spring
40X4353 Spring - Rear duplex guide spring
40X4394 Spring - Tray catch spring
40X4425 Spring - MPF lift plate assembly with spring X658
40X4489 Spring - Print cartridge recoil spring X658
40X4545 Spring - Tension spring
40X4617 Spring - Finisher bin spring
40X4624 Spring - Tamper recoil spring
40X5551 Spring - Left duplex guide spring
99A0275 Spring - Power Takeoff Spring
40X2787 Strip - Wear strips 3 row dimpled 550-sheet
40X2788 Strip - Wear strips 4 row dimpled 500 550-sheet
40X2017 Support - Media support X658
40X4472 Switch - Switch (media size) assembly
40X2164 Tray - Media tray assembly 550-sheet X658
40X4561 Tray - ADF document tray assembly
40X4564 Tray - Document tray extension

Multifunction Laser X658DTFE HV Printer parts list
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