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C5915A CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer with Edgeline Technology

HP CM8050 Color Multifunction with Edgeline Technology (C5915A)

MFG Part Number: C5915A

HP parts list for C5915A HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer with Edgeline Technology

C5959A Accessory - Edgeline MFP Multifunction Finisher
CC680-67122 Adjuster - Svc-Assy-Width Adjuster
CC680-67123 Adjuster - Svc-Assy-Length Adjuster
C5957-67196 Air Purger - Svc kit-air purger
C5957-67189 APS - Svc assy-aps for HP C5958A
C5957-67188 Arm - Svc-kit-arm lift, edge guide
CC680-67124 Arm - Svc-Assy-Pick Arm
C5957-67186 Assembly - Svc assy-valve, relief
CC680-67086 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Integration Str Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67087 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Web Wipe Access
CC680-67099 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Dryer-Phoenix
CC680-67100 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Dryer System Le
CC680-67108 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Valves Air Sys
CC680-67109 Assembly - Svc-Assy - Valves Prime
CC680-67110 Assembly - Svc-Assy - Valves Prime
CC680-67111 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Air Valve 3 Wa
CC680-67114 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Relief Valve
CC680-67130 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Curler Phoenix Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67137 Assembly - Assy-Muffler Acoustic Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67142 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Sits Phoenix
CC681-67006 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Structure Uppe
CC682-67009 Assembly - SVC-Assy-Ceiling OVS FA
CC682-67012 Assembly - SVC-Assy OVS Top Left FA
CC682-67015 Assembly - SVC-Assy BSP Main
CC682-67044 Assembly - SVC-Assy Order Sorter Ma
CC682-67088 Assembly - SVC-Assy Output Conveyor
CC682-67092 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Installation-Ha
CC682-67099 Assembly - Svc-End Travel Assy
CC682-67101 Assembly - Svc-Assy Lead Edge Cutte
CC682-67109 Assembly - Svc-Assy-Conveyor Zone 7, Ml2
CC682-67122 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-1 Ml2
CC682-67123 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-2 Ml2
CC682-67124 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-3/5 Ml2
CC682-67125 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-8 Ml2
CC682-67126 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-9 Ml2
CC685-67045 Assembly - Svc - Assy Drop Detect Spittoon
CC687-67022 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-1 Gt2
CC687-67023 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-2 Gt2
CC687-67024 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-3-4-5 Gt2
CC687-67025 Assembly - Svc - Assy Conveyor Zone-8 Gt2
CC792-67008 Assembly - Pick Assembly FRU
CC792-67010 Bar - Barcode Scanner FRU
1420-0887 Battery - Battery (type CR2032) - 3V, 220mAh, lithium manganese dioxide, 20mm diameter, 3.2mm thick
C5956-67769 Bearing - Svc-bearing, linear
C5959-67119 Bearing - Svc-sensr, entry, bearing, cpl
C5959-67120 Bearing - Sensor, tensio, bearing, cpl
C5956-67193 Belt - Svc-spring-drive belt
C5956-67221 Belt - Belt-gt2-162t, 2mm pitch x 4mm
C5956-67226 Belt - Belt-curlr motr, 77t, gt2 2x6
C5956-67227 Belt - Svc-belt-drive, 73t, gt2, 2x4
C5956-67230 Belt - Svc-belt-drive, 71t, gt2, 2x6
C5956-67656 Belt - Belt-gt2-2mm pitch x 4mm, 85t
C5956-67657 Belt - Belt-gt2-177t, 2mm pitch x 4mm
C5956-67659 Belt - Svc-belt-drive, 97t, gt2, 2x4
C5956-67661 Belt - Svc-belt-drive, 144t, gt2, 2x4
CC682-67091 Belt - Svc-Timing Belt Z 5 Cutt
CC682-67093 Belt - Svc-Timing Belt Z 4 Cutt
CC682-67098 Belt - Svc-Main Sorter Belt Tim
CC682-67104 Belt - Svc-Timing Belt Slit Kn
CC682-67105 Belt - Svc-Timing Belt Slit Kni
C5957-67178 Bezel - Svc - control panel bezel with plastic
CC792-67004 Block - Magazine Alignment Block
CC792-67036 Box - Cooling Fan E-box FRU
CC792-67231 Box - E-box FRU
CC681-67004 Bracket - Svc-Bracket-Sensor 1 Not Avail For Replmnt
CC681-67005 Bracket - Svc-Bracket-Sensor 2 Not Avail For Replmnt
CC686-67007 Bracket - Svc - Assy Handle Bracket
CC687-67040 Bracket - Svc - Finisher Mounting Bracket
CC680-67129 Bridge - Svc-Assy-Media Bridge P Not Avail For Replmnt
C5959-67242 Brush - Svc-esd brush for HP CM8050 Color MFP
CC682-67115 Bulkhead - Svc - Bulkhead P81 Cable
C5956-67059 Cable - Svc-cable, enc ss
C5956-67060 Cable - Svc-cable, motor ss 2
C5956-67062 Cable - Svc-cable hrddrive, data, sata
C5956-67063 Cable - Cable, power, harddrive, sata
C5956-67064 Cable - Cable, power, mfp companion
C5956-67065 Cable - Svc asy-cable, gamio/eio riser
C5956-67068 Cable - Svc assy-ground cable svs
C5956-67072 Cable - Svc assy-cable, pps motor
C5956-67073 Cable - Svc assy-cable, pps combo
C5956-67096 Cable - Svc-clamp-lid,trailing cables
C5956-67098 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c1p1 combo
C5956-67099 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c1p2 combo
C5956-67100 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c1p3 combo
C5956-67102 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c2p1 combo
C5956-67103 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c2p2 combo
C5956-67104 Cable - Svc assy-cable, c2p3 combo
C5956-67112 Cable - Svc assy-cable, led, mini-vert
C5956-67117 Cable - Svc-guide-cable corner
C5956-67361 Cable - Svc assy-cable, led, ido
C5956-67592 Cable - Svc-clamp,trailing cables,left
C5956-67593 Cable - Svc-clamp,trailing cables,righ
C5956-67618 Cable - Svc assy-cable, vac fans
C5956-67621 Cable - Svc assy-cable, psu control
C5956-67632 Cable - Svc assy-cable, pi sensors
C5956-67634 Cable - Svc assy-cable, cpsu fan
C5956-67748 Cable - Svc-assy-cable,pcie,sfp style
C5959-67195 Cable - Svc-clamp, cable
C5959-67234 Cable - Svc-cable, ffc for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5964-67050 Cable - Svc assy-cable, js internal
CC680-67102 Cable - Svc-Assy-Trailing Cable Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67103 Cable - Svc-Assy-Trailing Cable Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67112 Cable - Svc-Cable-Air Valves Is Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67113 Cable - Svc-Cable-Power Iss Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67116 Cable - Svc-Cable-Acumen Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67117 Cable - Svc-12 Iss Led Cable Ass Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67118 Cable - Svc-Assy-Cable Primer S Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67127 Cable - Svc-Assy-Cable Primer S Not Avail For Replmnt
CC681-67010 Cable - SVC - Assy Cable Hicap/
CC682-67114 Cable - Svc - Bulkhead P74 Cable
CC682-67116 Cable - Svc - Jetlink Cable
CC687-67033 Cable - Svc - Assy Z6 Motor Cable, Cb Dynamic
CC687-67035 Cable - Svc - Assy Cable, Cc1 Motor, Cb Dynamic
CC687-67036 Cable - Svc - Assy Cable Cc1 Sensors, Cb Dynami
CC792-67032 Cable - Cable Kit Door FRU
CC792-67200 Cable - Cable Kit E-CHain FRU
CC792-67216 Cable - Cable Kit Print Engine Fru
C5959-67167 Cam - Svc-cam, lever, paper, switch
CC682-67155 Cam - Svc - Assy Cam Order Sorter
CC681-67001 Cap - SVC-Assy HICAP Hummingb
CC685-67030 Carriage - Svc - Label-Green Carriage
5183-5283 Cartridge - Return kit (Box and instructions) - For returning defective large format printer ink systems covered under CREW program
CC680-67003 Cartridge - Svc Kit Pm-Ink Droplet C
CC686-67002 Cartridge - Svc - Assy-Ink Valve Vl
C5961-67106 Case - Svc assy-case, front
CC685-67013 Channel - Svc Kit - Drum Channel Cleaning Kit
CC685-67036 Clamp - Svc - Dynamic Clamp
CC680-67104 Clip - Svc-Clip-Aerosol Hose An Not Avail For Replmnt
CC682-67082 Clip - SVC-KIT - Eclip
CC685-67048 Clip - Svc - Clip-Roller Vertical Path
C5961-67107 Clutch - Svc-clutch, electric, tested
C5956-67134 Control Panel - Assy-10.4 in lcd control panel display unit for Edgline copier.
CC792-67020 Controller - Auxillary Controller PCA
CC792-67044 Controller - Door Controller PCA FRU
C5956-67027 Cover - Svc-strap-ground web cover
C5956-67049 Cover - Svc-slider-cover right upper
C5956-67054 Cover - Svc-cover-drum encoder
C5956-67190 Cover - Svc-cover-datum rm front
C5956-67222 Cover - Svc-Cover - Catscratch Fever
C5956-67223 Cover - Svc-cover-transmission rear
C5956-67224 Cover - Svc-cover-curlr trnsmissn frnt
C5956-67225 Cover - Svc-cover-curlr trnsmissn rear
C5956-67229 Cover - Svc-cover-onboard pps
C5956-67235 Cover - Svc-cover-scanner lock
C5956-67271 Cover - Svc assy-end cover-lower
C5956-67274 Cover - Svc assy-cover, blower
C5956-67306 Cover - Svc assy-cover right upper
C5956-67316 Cover - Svc assy-cover h frame
C5956-67317 Cover - Svc assy-ido cover
C5956-67334 Cover - Svc assy-curler cover
C5956-67378 Cover - Svc-wire cover-hbar
C5956-67442 Cover - Svc-cover-pi rear
C5956-67443 Cover - Svc-cover-sob full sensor sm
C5956-67447 Cover - Svc assy-cover drum access
C5956-67626 Cover - Svc assy-aerosol blower cover
C5956-67633 Cover - Svc assy-output cover
C5956-67667 Cover - Svc-assy-carriage cover plate
C5956-67791 Cover - Svc-cover-tof cbl
C5956-67817 Cover - Svc-scorpion bracket cover
C5957-67180 Cover - Svc-cover - catscratch fever
C5959-67383 Cover - Svc assy-safety cover
CC680-67077 Cover - Svc-Cover-Rear Service
CC680-67078 Cover - Svc-Cpo-With-Cover-Phoen
CC680-67083 Cover - Svc-Assembly-Cover Left
CC680-67085 Cover - Svc-Assy-Cover Right Low Not Avail For Replmnt
CC680-67090 Cover - Svc-Cover-Rear Electroni
CC680-67150 Cover - Svc-Assy Idc Cover
CC682-67010 Cover - SVC-Cover Back
CC682-67011 Cover - SVC-Cover Side
CC682-67047 Cover - SVC-Cover Conveyor Rear
CC682-67048 Cover - SVC-Cover Left End OS
CC685-67031 Cover - Svc - Curler Cover
CC792-67038 Cover - Cover Front Door Casing
CC792-67039 Cover - Cover Left FRU
CC792-67040 Cover - Cover Rear FRU
CC792-67041 Cover - Cover RigHt FRU
CC792-67042 Cover - Cover Top FRU
CC682-67132 Cutter - Svc - Assy Cutter Bay
CC682-67138 Cutter - Svc - Belt 170t Zone7 Cutter Bay
CC682-67139 Cutter - Svc - Belt 126t Slitter Axis Cutter Bay
CC682-67140 Cutter - Svc - Belt 62t Slitter Axis Cutter Bay
CC682-67141 Cutter - Svc - Belt 105t Cross Cut Zone6 Cutter B
CC682-67142 Cutter - Svc - Assy - Nip Arm Zone6 Cutter Bay
CC682-67143 Cutter - Svc - Fep Idler Roller Cutter Bay
CC682-67144 Cutter - Svc - Idler Roller Quadinner Cutter Bay
CC682-67146 Cutter - Svc - Pittman Motor 16t Pulley Cutter Ba
CC682-67147 Cutter - Svc -Stepper Motor Flange Cutter Bay
CC682-67148 Cutter - Svc - Motor Slitter Drv 22t Cutter Bay
CC682-67149 Cutter - Svc - Assy Idler Carrier Cutter Bay
CC682-67150 Cutter - Svc - Lpg Moveable Cutter Bay
CC682-67151 Cutter - Svc - Lpg Stationary Cutter Bay
CC682-67152 Cutter - Svc - Assy Encoder Cable Z6 Cutter Bay
CC682-67153 Cutter - Svc - Assy Motor Cable Z6 Cutter Bay
CC682-67154 Cutter - Svc - Assy Cluster Slitter Cutter Bay
CC682-67159 Cutter - Svc - Reshipment Crate Cutter Bay
CC687-67034 Cutter - Svc - Cable, Media Sensor Cutter Bay
CC792-67197 Disk - Hard Disk Drive Fru (Fw
CC792-67232 Disk - Hard Disk Drive Fru Fw_Cpe 5.4
CC792-67023 Display - Display Adaptor PCA FRU
C5956-67045 Door - Svc-lightpipe-duplexer door
C5956-67109 Door - Svc-latch-vertical door
C5956-67110 Door - Svc-strap-ground vertical door
C5956-67215 Door - Svc-strap-duplex door
C5959-67089 Door - Svc assy-door 1
CC680-67089 Door - Svc-Assy-Door Engine Lef
CC681-67007 Door - Svc-Assy-Door Media
CC682-67003 Door - SVC-Assy-Thrash door fro
CC682-67004 Door - SVC-Assy-Printside door
CC682-67005 Door - SVC-Assy Top Case Door
CC682-67069 Door - SVC-Torsion spring door
CC792-67014 Door - Door Fan FRU
CC792-67022 Door - Door LED PCA FRU
CC792-67043 Door - Door Anti-Close Stop FRU
CC792-67046 Door - Door Locks FRU
CC792-67049 Door - Door Top Bezel FRU
CC792-67057 Door - Order Security Door Slid
CC792-67177 Door - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67190 Door - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67219 Door - Door Order Security Door FRU
C5957-67191 Drawer - Kit, drawer assembly
CC680-67093 Drawer - Svc-Assy-Sits-Drawer-Fac
CC680-67153 Drawer - Svc-Assy Bearing-Linear Sit Drawer
CC685-67011 Drawer - Svc-Sit Tray Drawer Kit
0950-4767 Drive Assembly - 80GB SATA/300 hard drive - 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch form factor, 1-inch high (Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, ST380815AS, 9CY131-020)
0950-4778 Drive Assembly - 80GB ATA-6 hard drive - 5,400 RPM, 2.5-inch form factor, 9.5mm high (Western Digital Scorpio, WD800BEVE-22UYT0)
0950-4912 Drive Assembly - HDD 3.5in 250G SATA hard disk drive - 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch form factor
0950-4972 Drive Assembly - HDD 3.5in 250G SATA hard disk drive - 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch form factor CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP.
CB205-67001 Drive Assembly - Svc assy-drum drive
CC680-67144 Drum - Svc-Assy-Drum-Guide-Bar
CC685-67034 Duct - Svc - Assy Aerosol Duct
CC685-67001 Duplexer - Svc-Assy-Alum Duplex Dru
C5961-67012 Encoder - Svc-assy-pca ls encoder
CC682-67075 Encoder - SVC-Sorter Assy Encoder
CC792-67025 Encoder - Pick Encoder PCA FRU
CC792-67173 Encoder - Encoder FRU
CC680-67138 Engine - Svc Kit-Package Engine B
CC685-67006 Engine - Svc-Assy-Door Engine Rig
CC792-67226 Engine - PM2000 Print Engine PCA FRU
CC682-67127 Extension - Svc - Wire Extension For Z4 Sensor
CC792-67001 Fan - Aerosol Fan System FRU
CC792-67037 Fan - Cooling Fan Rear ExHaus
CC792-67009 Feeder - Bin Feeder FRU
C5956-67262 Filter - Svc assy-charcoal filter
C5956-67266 Filter - Svc assy-aerosol filter
C5956-67583 Filter - Svc kit-cooling filter
CC680-67135 Filter - Assy-Aerosol Filter Box Not Avail For Replmnt
CC792-67180 Filter - Input Air filter
CC792-67183 Filter - MicroLab Aerosol Filter
C5959-67030 Finisher - Assy-pca, condor finisher main
CC682-67084 Finisher - SVC KIT-Finisher Conveyo
CC682-67090 Finisher - Svc-Slide-Assy Finisher
CC682-67106 Finisher - Svc Kit-Finisher Fastene
CC682-67107 Finisher - Svc Kit-Finisher Fastene
CC682-67108 Finisher - Svc Kit-Finisher Fastene
CC682-67113 Finisher - Svc - Finisher Power Cab
CC687-67002 Finisher - SVC - ASSY-Katana PCA Finisher VL
CC682-67121 Flag - Svc - Conveyor Door Flag Kit
CC685-67040 Flag - Svc - Flag-Out Of Paper
C5957-67105 Flash Card - Svc-flash drive usb 2.0
CC682-67067 Foot - SVC-Finisher foot assy
C5956-67727 Formatter - HP Formatter Assembly Hewlett Packard Edgeline CM8050MFP / CM8060MFP.
CC680-67076 Formatter - Svc-Assy-Formatter Phoe
C5959-67088 Frame - Svc-paper path frame
CC685-67033 Gasket - Svc - Pen Wipe Gasket
CC687-67027 Gearbox - Svc - Assy Conveyor Gearbox Gt
C5959-67117 Guide - Svc-guide, paper, cpl
C5959-67392 Guide - Svc-kit,guide,paper,mounted,cp
CC680-67131 Guide - Svc-Assy-Guide Output Pi Not Avail For Replmnt
CC681-67002 Guide - Svc-Assy-Paper Guide Rea
CC681-67003 Guide - Svc-Paperguide Right
C5959-67149 Handle - Svc-axle, handle
CC682-67070 Handle - SVC-Handle
CC792-67170 Hard Drive - Hard Drive FRU
CC792-67184 Hard Drive - Hard Drive FRU
CC792-67193 Hard Drive - Hard Drive FRU
CC792-67017 Hardware - Hardware Accelerator PCA
CC792-67209 Hardware - Shuttle Left-Right Drive System Fru
CC792-67230 Hardware - Shuttle Left-Right Drive System Fru
C5959-67337 Harness - Svc-harness-separator, job
C5959-67401 Harness - Svc-retainer,harness,job separ
C5959-67402 Harness - Svc-harness, job separator
CC685-67026 Harness - Svc - Ink Tube Harness Kit Ml2
CC687-67030 Harness - Svc - Assy Main Harness, Cb Motors
CC687-67031 Harness - Svc - Assy Main Harness, Cb Sensor/Enco
C5959-67400 Hinge - Svc assy-hinge, door 1.5-inch
CC682-67040 Hinge - SVC-Front door hinge/bra
CC682-67055 Hinge - SVC-Assy Backstop Hinge
C5959-67011 Holder - Svc-holder-pinch rollr, output
CC680-67091 Holder - Svc-Holder-Service Log Not Avail For Replmnt
C5956-69237 IDS - Svc assy-ids ( unit)
C5957-67195 IDS - Svc assy-ids for HP C5958A
CC680-67080 IDS - Svc-Assy - Right Idsos T
CC680-67081 IDS - Svc-Assy - Rear Idsos Co
CC680-67082 IDS - Svc-Assy - Roof Idsos Tr
CC686-67001 IDS - Svc - Assy-Ids Vl
CC792-67191 IDS - Ids fru for HP C5909A
CC792-67233 Ink Delivery System - Ink Delivery System FRU
CC685-67005 Insert - Svc-Assy-Tray Insert Ml
C5957-67093 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC680-67125 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC680-67147 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC680-67148 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC682-67022 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC682-67103 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC687-67028 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC687-67029 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC687-67038 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
CC687-67041 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67005 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67168 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67171 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67186 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67195 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
CC792-67207 Key - Unknown Keyword for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67078 Kit - Svc kit-gear cluster
C5956-67185 Kit - Svc-cover-ido rm front upper
C5956-67365 Kit - Svc kit-vacuum spittoon
C5956-67372 Kit - Svc-kit, cradle
C5956-67441 Kit - Svc kit pm-carriage felt
C5956-67469 Kit - Svc kit-arm, pivot shaft
C5956-67582 Kit - Svc kit-pca borus pocket board
C5956-67586 Kit - Svc kit pm-carriage drive
C5956-67590 Kit - Kit-pinch roller,horiz trans
C5956-67648 Kit - Svc kit-wire management 1
C5956-67649 Kit - Svc kit-wire management 2
C5956-67650 Kit - Svc kit-clips for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67651 Kit - Svc kit-fasteners 1
C5956-67665 Kit - Svc kit-strap-ground, ido
C5956-67672 Kit - Svc kit-gear-bypass
C5956-67673 Kit - Svc kit-belts, ido
C5956-67674 Kit - Svc kit-anti_vibration, pca
C5956-67678 Kit - Svc kit-mount, hard drive
C5956-67710 Kit - Svc kit-restraints, reship
C5956-67711 Kit - Svc kit-standoffs, tensioner
C5956-67733 Kit - Svc kit-seal, muffler
C5956-67737 Kit - Svc kit-hbar harness
C5956-67787 Kit - Svc kit pm-curlr outpt trnsmsn
C5956-67819 Kit - Svc kit pm-carriage encoder
C5957-67179 Kit - Svc kit-air purger
C5962-67002 Kit - Svc kit-roller, eject
CB100-67006 Kit - Service tools & supplies kit
CC680-67002 Kit - Svc Kit Pm-Aerosol And P
CC680-67141 Kit - Svc Kit-Barnacle Phoeni
CC681-67008 Kit - SVC KIT - Reshipment Hi-
CC682-67078 Kit - SVC KIT - Reshipment Fin
CC682-67079 Kit - SVC KIT - Reshipment Ord
CC682-67080 Kit - SVC KIT - Reshipment Cut
CC682-67081 Kit - SVC-KIT - Keys
CC682-67083 Kit - SVC KIT - Finisher/OS Ca
CC685-67018 Kit - Svc Kit Pm - Manifold
CC685-67019 Kit - Svc Kit -300k Pm Ml2
CC685-67020 Kit - Svc Kit -900k Pm Ml2
CC685-67023 Kit - Svc - Ido Output Transmission Ml2 Kit
CC685-67032 Kit - Svc -� Polishing Cloth Kit Ml1000d
CC685-67035 Kit - Svc - Field Rework Kit Phase-2
CC685-67050 Kit - Svc Kit - No Drop Detect 900k Pm
CC682-67076 Knob - SVC-Control knob assy
CC682-67100 Knob - Svc-Cutter-Bay Knob
CC680-67119 Latch - Svc-Assy Latch-Carriage Not Avail For Replmnt
CC682-67094 Latch - Svc-Assy Pr2 Finisher Latch
CC682-67131 Latch - Svc - Assy Latch Front Finisher
CC682-67133 Latch - Svc - Assy Bolt Latch
CC682-67134 Latch - Svc-Catch-Female Double Roller Latch
CC680-67098 Light - Svc-Litepipe-Lighthouse
CC680-67151 Lock - Svc-Idc Lower Lock
6040-1109 Lubricant - Lubricant grease - Gel-type PTFE lubricant with UV dye, in 55cc syringe - Silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease (Nye NYOGEL 774, VLF-UV)
CC792-67199 Maintenance Kit - PM2000e Preventive Maintenance Kit
CC685-67002 Media - Svc-Assy-Media Ido-Rm M
CC685-67004 Media - Svc-Assy-Media Eject Paw
CC685-67010 Media - Svc-Assy-Media Vertical
C5956-67280 Media Bin - Svc assy-media eject paw
C5959-67358 Media Bin - Svc-media path, output
2660-0159 Memory - 512MB, 533MHz, PC2-4200, CL4, 200-pin, non-ECC, DDR2-SDRAM SO-DIMM memory module (Micron MT8HTF6464HDY-53EB3)
Q7557-60001 Memory - 128MB, 167MHz, 200-pin DDR DIMM
Q7559-60001 Memory - 512MB 200pin Printer memory for HP Color LaserJet 512MB, 167MHz, 200-pin DDR DIMM
C5956-67022 Motor - Svc-groundstrap_wiper_motor
CC680-67152 Motor - Svc-Pps Motor
CC682-67052 Motor - SVC-Assy Stepper Motor
CC682-67074 Motor - SVC-Sorter Assy Motors t
CC682-67096 Motor - SVC-Main Sorter Motor Hardware
CC682-67097 Motor - Svc-Motor Tension Spring
CC682-67117 Motor - Svc-Assy Motor Cable Sli
CC682-67135 Motor - Svc - Cutterbay Motors To Bulkhead J47
CC680-67154 Oil - Svc-Kit Synthetic Oil-Grease
CC682-67045 Pad - SVC-Assy Flipper paddle
0960-2416 PC Board - Data/fax modem module - V.92, 56Kbps, serial, 3.3V (Multi-Tech MT5634SMI-ITP-92HP.R1-SP)
C5957-67073 PC Board - Svc kit-pca encoder board
C5957-67121 PC Board - Svc assy-cpsu board and pvr door-1 foam
CC680-67074 PC Board - SVC-Assy Gauntlet PCA
CC680-67075 PC Board - Svc-Pca-Iss 12 Ink
CC680-67120 PC Board - Pca-Sit Distribution
CC682-67036 PC Board - SVC-Electronics PCA #1
CC682-67037 PC Board - SVC-Electronics PCA #2
CC682-67073 PC Board - SVC Assy - BSP PCA and M
CC685-67038 PC Board - Svc - Pca Ir Receiver
CC685-67039 PC Board - Svc - Pca Ir Transmitter
CC686-67004 PC Board - Svc - Assy-Iss Pca Vl
CC792-67018 PC Board - Power Distribution PCA F
CC680-67004 Pen - SVC-KIT PM-Pen Wipe
CC685-67028 Pen - Svc - Assy Pen Wipe Lockout
CC792-67019 Pen - Pen Pocket PCA FRU
1990-3586 PhotoConductor - Light modulation photo interrupter - Wide gap (25mm) between light emitter and detector -Supply voltage 4.5-5.5VDC, max output voltage 12VDC, max output current 50mA, max power dissapation 250mW (Aleph International OG-000001A-701)
CC792-67006 Plate - Shuttle Top Plate FRU
CC792-67053 Plate - Kick Plate FRU
8120-8623 Power Cord - AC power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has NEMA 6-15P male plug, and IEC C19 straight female receptacle (For 250VAC in USA) - (Opt. 904, Feller and Neumayer 458-01)
8120-8934 Power Cord - AC power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has GB1002 male plug, and IEC C19 straight female receptacle (For 250VAC in China) - (Opt. 922, Feller and Neumayer PRC/3-H05VVF3G1.50-C19/2.50M)
8121-0916 Power Cord - AC power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has SEV1011 male plug, and IEC C19 straight female receptacle (For 250VAC in Switzerland) - (Opt. 906, Feller and Neumayer 12G-H05VVF3G1.50-C19/2.50M)
8121-1105 Power Cord - AC power cord (Black) - 3-wire, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has AS 3112-3 male plug, and IEC C19 straight female receptacle (For 250VAC in Australia) - (Opt. 901, Feller and Neumayer SAA/3-H05VVF3G1.50-C19-2.50,BL)
C5956-67083 Power Supply - Svc assy-rail power supply
C5956-67822 Power Supply - Svc assy-power supply
C5957-67118 Power Supply - Svc assy-power supply
CC682-67038 Power Supply - SVS-Assy-Power supply
CC687-67001 Power Supply - SVC - ASSY-Power Supply 32V Katana VL
CC792-67059 Power Supply - Power Supply 32v FRU
CC792-67060 Power Supply - Power Supply ATX FRU
CC792-67178 Power Supply - PM2000e Uninterrupted Power Supply 110V
CC792-67179 Power Supply - PM2000e Uninterrupted Power Supply 220V
CC792-67029 Pressurization System - Air Pressurization Syste
CC680-67126 Primer - Svc-Assy-Main Ss Primer Not Avail For Replmnt
CC685-67017 Primer - Svc Kit Pm - Wipers And Primer Trays
C5086-67001 Printhead - Printhead Gray/Black
C5087-67001 Printhead - Printhead Yellow / Magenta
C5088-67001 Printhead - Printhead Cyan / Light Mage
C8749-69901 Printhead - Bonding Agent Exchng Printhead
CC792-67068 Product - Product Packaging FRU
C5959-67398 Protector - Svc kit-edge protectors
C5959-67399 Protector - Svc kit-edge protectors, 10 se
C5964-67049 Protector - Svc kit-edge protector
C5957-67198 Pulley - Sc assy-drive pulley wi
CC682-67102 Rail - Svc-Assy Trail Edge Cutt
CC792-67024 Regulator - Dual Buck Regulator PCA NOT AVAIL FOR REPLMNT
C5956-61374 Repair Kit - Svc-boost transformer
C5956-67001 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg m3x0.5 6mmlg ph-rc
C5956-67002 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg m3x0.5 10mmlgph-rc
C5956-67003 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg m4x0.7 8mmlg ph-rc
C5956-67004 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-mh m3x0.5 10mmlg ph-rc
C5956-67005 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-mh m3x0.5 6mm-lg ph-rc
C5956-67006 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-mh m4x0.7 8mm-lg ph-rc
C5956-67007 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-mh m4x0.7 16mmlg ph-rc
C5956-67008 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg m4x0.7 12mmlgph-rc
C5956-67009 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-met spc mg3x1 8mmlg-rc
C5956-67010 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg m2.5x0.45 4mlgphrc
C5956-67011 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-mh m4x0.7 9.5mm-lg-rc
C5956-67012 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg 4-20x7.94mm10ip-rc
C5956-67014 Repair Kit - Svc-saddle-wire.2-wd nyl6/6 rc
C5956-67015 Repair Kit - Svc-sdl-wire .2-wd nyl-6/6 rc
C5956-67016 Repair Kit - Svc-sdl-wire.08in wd nyl6/6 rc
C5956-67017 Repair Kit - Svc-sdl-wire .2-wd nyl-6/6 rc
C5956-67018 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-tpg4-20 0.427-in-lg rc
C5956-67020 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-eio for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67021 Repair Kit - Svc-backer, encoder board
C5956-67029 Repair Kit - Svc-onboard pps grounding clip
C5956-67030 Repair Kit - Svc-latch-muffler locking
C5956-67032 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-extraction
C5956-67033 Repair Kit - Svc-latch, pin for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67034 Repair Kit - Svc-jack-bna uninsl pier-lt-rc
C5956-67035 Repair Kit - Svc-handle pivot
C5956-67036 Repair Kit - Svc-post-pivot for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67037 Repair Kit - Svc-rail-guide, svs
C5956-67038 Repair Kit - Svc-plaque-blank,paper size
C5956-67039 Repair Kit - Lightpipe-mini/vertical path
C5956-67040 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-dryer
C5956-67041 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-left door
C5956-67042 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-integrat/left dr
C5956-67043 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-drum bar left
C5956-67044 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-horizontal trspt
C5956-67047 Repair Kit - Svc-duct-scanner chamber
C5956-67050 Repair Kit - Svc-handle-carriage
C5956-67051 Repair Kit - Svc-cbl-retaine panduit twr co
C5956-67052 Repair Kit - Svc-extraction wheel
C5956-67053 Repair Kit - Svc-retainer-magnet,carriage 1
C5956-67055 Repair Kit - Svc-pca-drum encoder
C5956-67056 Repair Kit - Svc-pca-power distribution
C5956-67061 Repair Kit - Cable, power, formatter/power distribution
C5956-67066 Repair Kit - Assy-fan,formatter w/connector
C5956-67067 Repair Kit - Svc-pps combo board
C5956-67069 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, usb type a
C5956-67070 Repair Kit - Svc-led, amber for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67071 Repair Kit - Svc-led, white for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67074 Repair Kit - Svc-fan-pen cooling
C5956-67075 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-cable, pen fans
C5956-67076 Repair Kit - Asy-pca, drum encodr averager
C5956-67077 Repair Kit - Svc ay,pen cooling fan support
C5956-67079 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-hicap, input
C5956-67080 Repair Kit - Svc-duct-inlet, pen cooling
C5956-67081 Repair Kit - Svc-echain-clip-aerosol
C5956-67082 Repair Kit - Svc-absorber-ink catch pan
C5956-67084 Repair Kit - Svc-strap-door open limit
C5956-67085 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-spool cartridge
C5956-67086 Repair Kit - Sprng-extnsn-pinch rollr-small
C5956-67087 Repair Kit - Svc-datum-pinch roller-small
C5956-67088 Repair Kit - Svc-opto ss, light mod io=16m
C5956-67090 Repair Kit - Svc-prism; 15-mm by 10-mm
C5956-67091 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-latch curler
C5956-67092 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-handle, curler
C5956-67093 Repair Kit - Svc-handle-curler
C5956-67094 Repair Kit - Svc-anchor-handle, curler
C5956-67095 Repair Kit - Svc-linkbushing-short-catscratcher
C5956-67097 Repair Kit - Svc ay-encoder trailing cbl,c1
C5956-67101 Repair Kit - Svc ay-encoder trailing cbl,c2
C5956-67105 Repair Kit - Svc-ic-ddr-sd 64mx64 184pin rc
C5956-67106 Repair Kit - Svc-ic-ddr-sd 32mx64 184pin rc
C5956-67107 Repair Kit - Pca-ink supply statn (iss) pca
C5956-67108 Repair Kit - Spring-torsion vertical latch
C5956-67113 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-tensioner
C5956-67114 Repair Kit - Svc-wheel-pitch bypass
C5956-67116 Repair Kit - Sprng-takup cbl horiz trnsprt
C5956-67118 Repair Kit - Trim-horizontl trnsport frame
C5956-67119 Repair Kit - Cbl horiz transport latch
C5956-67120 Repair Kit - Asy-handle horizontl trnsport
C5956-67122 Repair Kit - Sprng-extn-pinch rolr-trnsltng
C5956-67123 Repair Kit - Cvr-cantd rollr, horiz trnsprt
C5956-67124 Repair Kit - Datum-block thickness sensr
C5956-67125 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, roller thickness
C5956-67126 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-poppet arm
C5956-67127 Repair Kit - Svc-barb m10 for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67128 Repair Kit - Svc-tube-poppet short
C5956-67129 Repair Kit - Svc-tube-poppet long
C5956-67130 Repair Kit - Svc assy-wedge and holder
C5956-67131 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-drum drive tension
C5956-67132 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drum dr,5multi-vx20 p
C5956-67133 Repair Kit - Svc-cable drum sensors
C5956-67138 Repair Kit - Svc-right hinge
C5956-67139 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor, original
C5956-67140 Repair Kit - Svc kit pm-roller feed
C5956-67141 Repair Kit - Svc kit-switch a, interlock
C5956-67142 Repair Kit - Svc kit-paper conveying
C5956-67143 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller, loop
C5956-67144 Repair Kit - Svc-clutch, paper feed
C5956-67145 Repair Kit - Svc-fan dp for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67146 Repair Kit - Svc-switch l, feed
C5956-67147 Repair Kit - Svc kit-solenoid, loop pulley
C5956-67148 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reversing section
C5956-67149 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor, 248nl1
C5956-67150 Repair Kit - Svc kit-upper roller,conveying
C5956-67151 Repair Kit - Svc-left hinge for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67152 Repair Kit - Svc kit-lower rollr, conveying
C5956-67153 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller, registration
C5956-67154 Repair Kit - Svc-pulley, t35/t22/z22
C5956-67155 Repair Kit - Svc-gear, z22/t35p2m
C5956-67156 Repair Kit - Svc parts contact glass adf assy
C5956-67157 Repair Kit - Svc-pad, lift for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67158 Repair Kit - Svc driver pcb software assy
C5956-67159 Repair Kit - Svc-set led pcb assy
C5956-67160 Repair Kit - Svc kit-inner rollr, conveying
C5956-67162 Repair Kit - Svc-photointerr if-max=50ma rc
C5956-67163 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-electronics back
C5956-67164 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-anchor
C5956-67165 Repair Kit - Svc-spring rocker
C5956-67166 Repair Kit - Svc-cover web for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67167 Repair Kit - Svc-echain-sidecar-left
C5956-67168 Repair Kit - Svc-echain-sidecar-right
C5956-67169 Repair Kit - Svc-wheel catch right
C5956-67170 Repair Kit - Svc-wheel catch left
C5956-67171 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-rids lower
C5956-67172 Repair Kit - Drglink-folowr-arm-catscratchr
C5956-67173 Repair Kit - Draglink-pivotlink-catscratchr
C5956-67174 Repair Kit - Svc-pivotlink-catscratcher
C5956-67175 Repair Kit - Svc-panel-web wipe access
C5956-67176 Repair Kit - Svc-latch-service right
C5956-67177 Repair Kit - Svc-latch-service left
C5956-67179 Repair Kit - Svc-catch-door lock
C5956-67180 Repair Kit - Svc-ball slide-attach
C5956-67182 Repair Kit - Svc-pan-ink catch
C5956-67184 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-led, drum bar
C5956-67186 Repair Kit - Svc-x-brace, right
C5956-67187 Repair Kit - Svc-x-brace, left
C5956-67188 Repair Kit - Svc-carriage structure flag
C5956-67189 Repair Kit - Svc-shield-encoder
C5956-67192 Repair Kit - Cvr-wire interior frnt datum
C5956-67194 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-tnsion 3.2mmx15.9mm
C5956-67195 Repair Kit - Svc-monkeybar-echain
C5956-67196 Repair Kit - Spring-tensn, trmpoline output
C5956-67197 Repair Kit - Spring-curler motor tensioner
C5956-67198 Repair Kit - Sprng-latch xtnsn-horiz trnspt
C5956-67199 Repair Kit - Svc-extraction latch spring
C5956-67200 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-stiffener bias
C5956-67201 Repair Kit - Svc-fitting-tube, panel mount
C5956-67202 Repair Kit - Svc-case cartridge
C5956-67203 Repair Kit - Svc-aerosol-snorkel-left
C5956-67204 Repair Kit - Svc-aerosol-snorkel-right
C5956-67205 Repair Kit - Svc-tuberubber-vacuum ss short
C5956-67206 Repair Kit - Svc-skid-dryer-right
C5956-67207 Repair Kit - Svc-skid-dryer-left
C5956-67208 Repair Kit - Svc-yoke-diverter
C5956-67209 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67210 Repair Kit - Svc-bushing-hbar, ido
C5956-67211 Repair Kit - Svc-mount-prism onramp
C5956-67213 Repair Kit - Svc-funnel-horizontl transport
C5956-67214 Repair Kit - Svc-trim scanner left
C5956-67216 Repair Kit - Svc-bushing-captive clicker
C5956-67217 Repair Kit - Svc-duct-psu exit
C5956-67218 Repair Kit - Svc-plate-dryer nozzle
C5956-67219 Repair Kit - Svc-magnet-0.50in dia,0.25high
C5956-67220 Repair Kit - Svc-tube-rubber vacuum ss long
C5956-67228 Repair Kit - Svc-ewebracket-svs latch
C5956-67231 Repair Kit - Svc-yoke-bushingless
C5956-67232 Repair Kit - Svc-yoke-camshaft, decurler
C5956-67233 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-drum guide rear
C5956-67234 Repair Kit - Svc-clip-dryer safety
C5956-67236 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-scanner service
C5956-67237 Repair Kit - Svc-handle-dryer
C5956-67238 Repair Kit - Svc-cam-front-spokka-decurler
C5956-67239 Repair Kit - Svc-ramp-curler
C5956-67240 Repair Kit - Wire gde catscratchr, rm frnt
C5956-67241 Repair Kit - Svc-gasket-vacuum duct-molded
C5956-67242 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67243 Repair Kit - Svc-gear-idler, 15t, 24dp
C5956-67244 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67245 Repair Kit - Svc assy-motion pca
C5956-67246 Repair Kit - Svc assy-gauntlet pca
C5956-67248 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drum drive
C5956-67249 Repair Kit - Svc-right cover assembly
C5956-67250 Repair Kit - Svc assy-muffler,acoustic
C5956-67251 Repair Kit - Asy-cbl, drop detect harness
C5956-67252 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drum encoder disk
C5956-67253 Repair Kit - Asy-cbl, motor, horiz transprt
C5956-67254 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67256 Repair Kit - Svc-photointerr if=50ma-max rc
C5956-67257 Repair Kit - Svc-roller-pinch
C5956-67258 Repair Kit - Svc-holder-pinch roller-small
C5956-67259 Repair Kit - Svc assy-encoder web
C5956-67260 Repair Kit - Svc assy-encoder web roller
C5956-67261 Repair Kit - Asy-cbl path snsrs-hrz trnsprt
C5956-67263 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tetris
C5956-67264 Repair Kit - Svc assy-duplex door
C5956-67265 Repair Kit - Asy-guide output pinch rollr
C5956-67267 Repair Kit - Svc assy-solenoid-diverter
C5956-67268 Repair Kit - Svc-casters for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67269 Repair Kit - Asy-cbl,ethernet, mfp comp/ip
C5956-67270 Repair Kit - Svc assy-curler
C5956-67272 Repair Kit - Svc assy-vacuum supply housing
C5956-67273 Repair Kit - Svc ay-duct-recircula,psu,exit
C5956-67275 Repair Kit - Svc-wire-dryer right heater gr
C5956-67276 Repair Kit - Svc kit-web bias spring
C5956-67277 Repair Kit - Asy-guide lowr horiz transport
C5956-67278 Repair Kit - Svc assy-central fan
C5956-67279 Repair Kit - Svc assy-secret door
C5956-67281 Repair Kit - Assy-guide duplex outer lower
C5956-67282 Repair Kit - Svc assy-poppet-a1
C5956-67283 Repair Kit - Svc assy-poppet-a2
C5956-67284 Repair Kit - Svc assy-poppet-b
C5956-67285 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rlr puly 2-1 hrz trnsp
C5956-67286 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rlr puly 2-3 hrz trnsp
C5956-67287 Repair Kit - Assy-drv roller pulley ido dbl
C5956-67288 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rollr pully ido clustr
C5956-67289 Repair Kit - Svc assy-shaft power curler
C5956-67290 Repair Kit - Svc kit pm-drivrollr, trnsprt
C5956-67291 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67292 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rollr gear curlr med
C5956-67293 Repair Kit - Assy-drive rollr, curler lrge
C5956-67294 Repair Kit - Assy-drive roller gear onramp
C5956-67295 Repair Kit - Svc-swingarm-bypass drive
C5956-67296 Repair Kit - Svc assy-poppet attachment arm
C5956-67297 Repair Kit - Svc assy-mediapath tensioner
C5956-67298 Repair Kit - Svc-fan-40mm-gauntlet
C5956-67299 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, svs for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67300 Repair Kit - Svc assy-latch hbar
C5956-67301 Repair Kit - Svc assy-link output door bias
C5956-67302 Repair Kit - Svc-fan-60mm-l fl2410rl-04wb29
C5956-67303 Repair Kit - Svc-rail-curler overmolded
C5956-67304 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door lock solenoid
C5956-67305 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door pp lower
C5956-67307 Repair Kit - Svc assy-engine door left
C5956-67308 Repair Kit - Svc assy-trim front lower
C5956-67309 Repair Kit - Svc assy-scanner rear covers
C5956-67310 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover web wipe
C5956-67311 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover right lower
C5956-67312 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover left lower
C5956-67313 Repair Kit - Svc assy-integration structure
C5956-67314 Repair Kit - Svc assy-trim left lower
C5956-67315 Repair Kit - Svc assy-trim right lower
C5956-67318 Repair Kit - Svc assy-duplexer door
C5956-67319 Repair Kit - Svc-pinch roller fep
C5956-67320 Repair Kit - Svc assy-datum front rm
C5956-67321 Repair Kit - Svc assy-datum rear rm
C5956-67322 Repair Kit - Svc assy-muffler,vacuum blower
C5956-67323 Repair Kit - Assy-drive rollr clustr bypass
C5956-67324 Repair Kit - Svc ay-catch,dbl rolle w/spear
C5956-67325 Repair Kit - Assy-soft drv rollr pully dble
C5956-67326 Repair Kit - Asy-soft drv rollr pully trple
C5956-67327 Repair Kit - Drv rllr pully ido clustr soft
C5956-67328 Repair Kit - Svc assy-diverter overmolded
C5956-67329 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bearing yoke large
C5956-67330 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bearing yoke small
C5956-67331 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide input outer
C5956-67332 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide bypass upper
C5956-67333 Repair Kit - Asy-arm follwr cam catscratchr
C5956-67335 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide, diverter upper
C5956-67336 Repair Kit - Svc Assy-Guide Duplex Inner Sho
C5956-67337 Repair Kit - Assy-guide duplex outer upper
C5956-67338 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rllr puly verticl trpl
C5956-67340 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rollr pully output dbl
C5956-67342 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rllr puly ido dbl spcr
C5956-67343 Repair Kit - Svc assy-latchbar svs
C5956-67344 Repair Kit - Assy-tensioner, short, flanged
C5956-67345 Repair Kit - Asy-tensionr, short, flangless
C5956-67346 Repair Kit - Assy-tensioner, mid, flanged
C5956-67347 Repair Kit - Assy-tensioner, mid, flangeless
C5956-67348 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tensioner, curler
C5956-67349 Repair Kit - ASY-HZ TRNPT2 DRV RLR CVR and DMPR
C5956-67350 Repair Kit - Assy-aerosol hose + clamp-left
C5956-67351 Repair Kit - Asy-aerosol hose, clamp right
C5956-67353 Repair Kit - Gnd wire-duplx doors+outpt gde
C5956-67354 Repair Kit - Svc-plate-thermister
C5956-67355 Repair Kit - ASSY-PCA and HDW, PCI EXPRESS, SFP
C5956-67357 Repair Kit - Pca assy-ink assist w bracket
C5956-67358 Repair Kit - Svc-dbl rl catch base upper rt
C5956-67359 Repair Kit - Svc-dbl rl catch arms ay rt dr
C5956-67360 Repair Kit - Svc assy-trim scanner right
C5956-67362 Repair Kit - Svc asy-esd brush holdr output
C5956-67363 Repair Kit - Svc Assy-Cpsu Board And Pvr Door-1 Foam
C5956-67364 Repair Kit - Assy-pulley, reduction 48t/20t
C5956-67366 Repair Kit - Svc assy-hz trnspt-cam-catscra
C5956-67367 Repair Kit - Svc assy-solenoid, hbar, latch
C5956-67368 Repair Kit - Svc-retainer-capti fastener m4
C5956-67369 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, copy process board
C5956-67370 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-pca sawtooth, Sawtooth Mfp Co-Processor Pca Board Assembly
C5956-67371 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pca, island park
C5956-67374 Repair Kit - Clip-wire .08 in nyl-6/6-rhs
C5956-67376 Repair Kit - Svc-holder-led for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67379 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, left sensors
C5956-67380 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, data path
C5956-67381 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, right motors
C5956-67382 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, left motors
C5956-67383 Repair Kit - Svc-backlight inverter
C5956-67384 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, exit, cpl
C5956-67385 Repair Kit - Svc-flag, sensor, paper, exit
C5956-67386 Repair Kit - Svc-bushng, distanc drawr, sit
C5956-67387 Repair Kit - Svc-cam, size sensing
C5956-67388 Repair Kit - Svc-roll for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67389 Repair Kit - Svc assy-paper, path
C5956-67390 Repair Kit - Svc-hinge, paper, path
C5956-67391 Repair Kit - Svc-cam, tray present
C5956-67392 Repair Kit - Svc-drawer, sit
C5956-67393 Repair Kit - Svc-flange, gearwheel, 22, mxl
C5956-67394 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket, pad, picking, cpl
C5956-67395 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, paper, end
C5956-67396 Repair Kit - Svc-strip, separation
C5956-67397 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor lever, paper, width
C5956-67398 Repair Kit - Svc-pressure, spring, roller
C5956-67399 Repair Kit - Svc-spring, esd
C5956-67400 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, plate, top
C5956-67401 Repair Kit - Svc-holder photo int pex
C5956-67402 Repair Kit - Svc-mounting, bearing, front
C5956-67403 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, latch, mech
C5956-67404 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, plain
C5956-67405 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, plain, spherical
C5956-67406 Repair Kit - Svc-holder led for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67407 Repair Kit - Svc-belt, synchronus, t-2.032
C5956-67408 Repair Kit - Belt, synch, motor, t-2.032
C5956-67409 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, flexible, flat
C5956-67412 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, recovery, bypass
C5956-67413 Repair Kit - Svc-cbl, jam-recovery tray 1-3
C5956-67414 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, stepper, cpl.
C5956-67415 Repair Kit - Svc-solenoid cpl.
C5956-67416 Repair Kit - Pca, controlr, condor, input
C5956-67417 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, distributionboard
C5956-67418 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, sensor, humirel
C5956-67419 Repair Kit - Svc-separation, unit
C5956-67420 Repair Kit - Kit, Shaft, Seperation, Cpl
C5956-67421 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, bracket, cpl.
C5956-67422 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drawer
C5956-67423 Repair Kit - Svc-plate, lift, cpl
C5956-67425 Repair Kit - Svc-lcd cable for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67426 Repair Kit - Svc-inverter cable
C5956-67427 Repair Kit - Svc-touchscreen
C5956-67428 Repair Kit - Svc-plastic brightness wheel
C5956-67429 Repair Kit - Svc assy- control panel bezel
C5956-67431 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket - mounting
C5956-67432 Repair Kit - Svc-plastic key cap - power
C5956-67433 Repair Kit - Svc assy-power switch
C5956-67434 Repair Kit - Assy-media tray actuator foil
C5956-67435 Repair Kit - Assy-media tray belt tension
C5956-67436 Repair Kit - Svc assy-media tray clutch
C5956-67437 Repair Kit - Asy media tray papr path sensr
C5956-67438 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pinch roller
C5956-67439 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tray for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67440 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bypass cover assy
C5956-67444 Repair Kit - Svc Assy-Main Pca
C5956-67446 Repair Kit - Svc assy-horizontal transport
C5956-67448 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide vertical outer
C5956-67449 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tof sensor
C5956-67451 Repair Kit - Svc assy-surface drum
C5956-67452 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide input onramp
C5956-67454 Repair Kit - Assy-tensioner, mediapath ccw
C5956-67455 Repair Kit - Svc asy-datum plungr ido upper
C5956-67456 Repair Kit - Asy-datum plungr ido lowr frnt
C5956-67457 Repair Kit - Asy-datum plungr ido lowr rear
C5956-67458 Repair Kit - Svc kit door engine right
C5956-67459 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drawer face
C5956-67460 Repair Kit - Svc assy-accoustic foam pi
C5956-67461 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide outer vertical
C5956-67462 Repair Kit - Asy-pca, hp prit pipeline brd
C5956-67463 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pca, pci/io card cm8050 cm8060 Network Fax PCA Pci/IO Card Assy
C5956-67464 Repair Kit - ASSY-PCA and HARDWARE, EIO RISER
C5956-67465 Repair Kit - Svc assy-esd brush holder pi
C5956-67466 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drum guide
C5956-67467 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drum guide drive
C5956-67468 Repair Kit - Svc assy-belt attach w/bracket
C5956-67470 Repair Kit - Svc assy-camshaft, decurler
C5956-67471 Repair Kit - Svc asy-swingarm decurlr front
C5956-67472 Repair Kit - Svc-plastic number-key array
C5956-67473 Repair Kit - Svc-plastic key lightpipe
C5956-67474 Repair Kit - Svc-plastic lightpipe
C5956-67475 Repair Kit - Svc-prism pca for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67476 Repair Kit - Svc-prism lcd assembly
C5956-67477 Repair Kit - Svc assy-key, plastic action
C5956-67581 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pca borus delsol pt bd
C5956-67584 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pen latch labels
C5956-67585 Repair Kit - Svc kit-media descriptors
C5956-67587 Repair Kit - Svc-door-access,formatter
C5956-67588 Repair Kit - Svc-support-scanner trim
C5956-67591 Repair Kit - Svc-seal-drum axle
C5956-67594 Repair Kit - Svc-clip-echain
C5956-67596 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - cs czech
C5956-67597 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - da danish
C5956-67598 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - de german
C5956-67599 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - en english
C5956-67600 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - es spanish
C5956-67601 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - fi finnish
C5956-67602 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - fr french
C5956-67603 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - hu hungarian
C5956-67604 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - it italian
C5956-67605 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - ja japanese
C5956-67606 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - ko korean
C5956-67607 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - nl dutch
C5956-67608 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - no norwegian
C5956-67609 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - pl polish
C5956-67610 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - pt portuguese
C5956-67611 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - ru russian
C5956-67612 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - sv swedish
C5956-67613 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - tr turkish
C5956-67614 Repair Kit - Cpo - zhcn simplified chinese
C5956-67615 Repair Kit - Svc assy-media ido-rm
C5956-67616 Repair Kit - Svc assy-ido pi
C5956-67617 Repair Kit - Svc assy-wiper backer
C5956-67619 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dryer slider
C5956-67622 Repair Kit - Svc assy-main enclosure
C5956-67623 Repair Kit - Svc ay-cbl,motn ctrl/rt w,hi-c
C5956-67624 Repair Kit - Svc-h-bar-ido for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67625 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-ido decurler
C5956-67627 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dryer right structure
C5956-67628 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide web
C5956-67629 Repair Kit - Svc assy-catscratcher-drive
C5956-67630 Repair Kit - Svc ay-cbl, ip/backplane rs232
C5956-67631 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cbl,pwr motion and ia
C5956-67635 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, right power
C5956-67636 Repair Kit - Svc assy-harness, right sensor
C5956-67637 Repair Kit - Svc carriage driver motor brkt
C5956-67638 Repair Kit - Svc ay-cbl,front door solenoid
C5956-67639 Repair Kit - Asy-drv rollr pully ido triple
C5956-67640 Repair Kit - Svc-dryer temperature sensor
C5956-67641 Repair Kit - Svc assy-curler damper
C5956-67642 Repair Kit - Svc assy-damper, hbar
C5956-67643 Repair Kit - Asy-mnt-trnsmisn-horiz trnsprt
C5956-67644 Repair Kit - Asy-gde-input-innr-pnch-rollr
C5956-67645 Repair Kit - Svc-fastener-pile-external-hor
C5956-67647 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t38x0,8
C5956-67653 Repair Kit - Svc-actuator-door lock
C5956-67654 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5956-67658 Repair Kit - Svc-hulk-pkt shipping restraint
C5956-67662 Repair Kit - Svc-holder-service log
C5956-67663 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pvr fan
C5956-67666 Repair Kit - Svc-blower-vacuum
C5956-67670 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dogbracket, svs latch
C5956-67671 Repair Kit - Svc kit-latch, spear
C5956-67675 Repair Kit - Svc-y-bias spring
C5956-67676 Repair Kit - Svc-retainer, pocket pca
C5956-67677 Repair Kit - Svc-latch-muffler locking
C5956-67681 Repair Kit - Svc-arm-pivotshaft-catscratchr
C5956-67682 Repair Kit - Svc-echain ids snap
C5956-67683 Repair Kit - Svc-spacer-solenoid
C5956-67684 Repair Kit - Svc-arm-extension diverter
C5956-67685 Repair Kit - Svc-spacer-decurler
C5956-67686 Repair Kit - Svc-pulley-idler-14mm
C5956-67687 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drive pulley
C5956-67688 Repair Kit - Svc assy-echain, igus
C5956-67690 Repair Kit - Svc assy-iss connector
C5956-67691 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pps motor
C5956-67692 Repair Kit - Svc-damper-hbar
C5956-67694 Repair Kit - Svc asy-pulley cluster 38t-20t
C5956-67695 Repair Kit - Svc-gasket-blower
C5956-67696 Repair Kit - Assy-printzone-carriage system
C5956-67708 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reshipment, mfp
C5956-67709 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pen reshipment
C5956-67712 Repair Kit - Svc-drivearm-catscratcher
C5956-67713 Repair Kit - Svc kit-carriage latch w/handl
C5956-67714 Repair Kit - Svc-scr-spc4-40 .394inlghs-rc
C5956-67716 Repair Kit - Svc-v-bearing carriage 2
C5956-67717 Repair Kit - Svc kit-wire mgmt, dryer
C5956-67720 Repair Kit - Svc assy-spring bridge latch
C5956-67723 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-rear service
C5956-67725 Repair Kit - Svc assy-aps for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67728 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cap for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67729 Repair Kit - Assy-guide duplex inner damper
C5956-67730 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pooc for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5956-67732 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door, ids complete
C5956-67734 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-encoder, ss motor
C5956-67735 Repair Kit - Svc kit-air purger
C5956-67739 Repair Kit - Svc-scr,sot head cap m6x1.0x14
C5956-67740 Repair Kit - Svc assy-backplate air tube
C5956-67741 Repair Kit - Svc-card guide eio riser
C5956-67742 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, mediapath
C5956-67743 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, tof
C5956-67744 Repair Kit - Svc assy-motor, curler-output
C5956-67745 Repair Kit - Svc assy-motor, output
C5956-67746 Repair Kit - Svc-ay-cbl,carriage thermistor
C5956-67747 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable,motor carr
C5956-67749 Repair Kit - Svc-ground wire,extraction hdl
C5956-67750 Repair Kit - Svc-sleevng-wire helical 1/2od
C5956-67751 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pooc latch
C5956-67752 Repair Kit - Svc kit-clips,tray 1-4
C5956-67753 Repair Kit - Svc kit-screws,tray 1-4
C5956-67754 Repair Kit - Svc kit-springs, tray 1-4
C5956-67756 Repair Kit - Svc-clip, esd, shaft
C5956-67757 Repair Kit - Svc-guide, paper, rear, cpl
C5956-67758 Repair Kit - Svc-spring, esd, cpl
C5956-67759 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket, angle
C5956-67760 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, sensor, paper, exit
C5956-67761 Repair Kit - Cable, sensorsignals, to, sitc
C5956-67762 Repair Kit - Cbl sensr waitpos, door, closd
C5956-67763 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, sensor humidity
C5956-67765 Repair Kit - Cbl jam-recovry mini papr path
C5956-67766 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, led, amber, assy
C5956-67768 Repair Kit - Svc-cable clamp
C5956-67770 Repair Kit - Photointerrupter with connectr
C5956-67772 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-900 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67773 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-901 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67774 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-902 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67775 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-917 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67776 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-919 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67777 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-921 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67778 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-924 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67779 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-927 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67780 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-929 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67781 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-930 3 cond 2.5m
C5956-67782 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-948 3 cond 4.5m
C5956-67783 Repair Kit - Pwrcrd opt-928 3 cnd 2.5m-lg
C5956-67785 Repair Kit - Svc kitpen,shipment,sinuse
C5956-67786 Repair Kit - Svc-retainer-magnet,carriage 2
C5956-67788 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-iss pca
C5956-67789 Repair Kit - Svc assy-vertical path inner
C5956-67790 Repair Kit - Svc kit-tetris calibration
C5956-67793 Repair Kit - Pwrcrd opt-912 3 cnd 2.5m-lg
C5956-67794 Repair Kit - Kit-assy, width adjustr, auto
C5956-67806 Repair Kit - Cpo - zhtw tradtional chinese
C5956-67807 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - ar arabic
C5956-67808 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - el greek
C5956-67809 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - he hebrew
C5956-67810 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - sk slovak
C5956-67811 Repair Kit - Svc-cpo - th thai
C5956-67812 Repair Kit - Svc-scorpion-trailing-cbl-brkt
C5956-67813 Repair Kit - Svc-hinge-horizontal transport
C5956-67814 Repair Kit - Svc-oring-vacuum supply
C5956-67815 Repair Kit - Svc-v-bearing carriage 1
C5956-67816 Repair Kit - Svc-skid plate-frame rear
C5956-67818 Repair Kit - Svc-cap-tube panel mount
C5956-67820 Repair Kit - Svc assy-aerosol filter box
C5956-67823 Repair Kit - Svc assy-main ss
C5956-67824 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bypass tray mech
C5956-67825 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dryer system left
C5956-67826 Repair Kit - Svc assy-idler pulley
C5956-67827 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable,gaunt kiwi
C5956-67828 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, ink assist kiw
C5956-67829 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable,motion ctrl kiw
C5956-67830 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable pwr main
C5956-67831 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, motors ido
C5956-67832 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable motor vert path
C5956-67833 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, ia sensors
C5956-67834 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5956-67835 Repair Kit - Svc assy-web cartridge guide
C5956-67836 Repair Kit - Svc-motor-wipe lift
C5956-67837 Repair Kit - Svc kit pm-web wipe Service kit printer maintenance Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet.
C5956-67838 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cbl,printzone sensors
C5956-67839 Repair Kit - Asy-cable,vertical path sensrs
C5956-67840 Repair Kit - Svc assy-rear cover,fabric
C5957-67001 Repair Kit - Svc kit-electrical test tool
C5957-67002 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,sgl row, 5-pos recpt
C5957-67003 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,sgl row, 6-pos recpt
C5957-67004 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,sgl row,12-pos recpt
C5957-67005 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,sgl row,18-pos recpt
C5957-67006 Repair Kit - Cable,test,sgl row, 5-pos plug
C5957-67007 Repair Kit - Cable,test,sgl row, 6-pos plug
C5957-67008 Repair Kit - Cable,test,sgl row,12-pos plug
C5957-67009 Repair Kit - Cable,test,sgl row,18-pos plug
C5957-67010 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,dbl row,10-pos recpt
C5957-67011 Repair Kit - Cbl,test,dbl row,12-pos recpt
C5957-67012 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,14-pos recpt
C5957-67013 Repair Kit - Cabl,test,dbl row,16-pos recpt
C5957-67014 Repair Kit - Cabl,test,dbl row,20-pos recpt
C5957-67015 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,22-pos recpt
C5957-67016 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,24-pos recpt
C5957-67017 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,26-pos recpt
C5957-67018 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,28-pos recpt
C5957-67019 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,30-pos recpt
C5957-67020 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,32-pos recpt
C5957-67021 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,36-pos recpt
C5957-67022 Repair Kit - Cble,test,dbl row,40-pos recpt
C5957-67023 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,10-pos plug
C5957-67024 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,12-pos plug
C5957-67025 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,14-pos plug
C5957-67026 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,16-pos plug
C5957-67027 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,20-pos plug
C5957-67028 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,22-pos plug
C5957-67029 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,24-pos plug
C5957-67030 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,26-pos plug
C5957-67031 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,28-pos plug
C5957-67032 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,30-pos plug
C5957-67033 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,32-pos plug
C5957-67034 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,36-pos plug
C5957-67035 Repair Kit - Cable,test,dbl row,40-pos plug
C5957-67036 Repair Kit - Svc-test tool pca
C5957-67037 Repair Kit - Svc assy-duplex door
C5957-67038 Repair Kit - Svc assy-aerosol filter box
C5957-67041 Repair Kit - Cble, pwer, formattr/pwer dist
C5957-67042 Repair Kit - Svc assy-duplexer door
C5957-67043 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, tof
C5957-67044 Repair Kit - Svc-actuator-door lock
C5957-67045 Repair Kit - Svc assy-vertical path door
C5957-67046 Repair Kit - Assy-service test base cable
C5957-67047 Repair Kit - Svc assy-curler
C5957-67048 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable,motor carr
C5957-67052 Repair Kit - Svc kit-tof sensor
C5957-67053 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tof sensor
C5957-67054 Repair Kit - Svc kit-fastener 2
C5957-67055 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-919 3 cond 2.5m
C5957-67056 Repair Kit - Pwr-cord opt-924 3 cond 2.5m
C5957-67060 Repair Kit - Cble,test,sgl row, 8-pos recpt
C5957-67061 Repair Kit - Cable,test,sgl row, 8-pos plug
C5957-67062 Repair Kit - Svc assy-camshaft, decurler
C5957-67064 Repair Kit - Patch cord black 60-in-lg rohs
C5957-67066 Repair Kit - Svc-clamp-pc bracket, upper
C5957-67068 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cm8060 trunk stock
C5957-67069 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, engine serial log
C5957-67070 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drive roller curler small
C5957-67072 Repair Kit - Pca borus delsol w/o encodr
C5957-67075 Repair Kit - Svc-kit, lubricants
C5957-67077 Repair Kit - Svc-cable,formatter serial log
C5957-67078 Repair Kit - Svc-jumper, sob sensor cable
C5957-67079 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, usb type a
C5957-67080 Repair Kit - Svc-clip, alignment
C5957-67082 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-gt2 87tx6mm wide
C5957-67084 Repair Kit - Svc-pwr-cord opt-938
C5957-67085 Repair Kit - Svc kit pm-aerosol ducts
C5957-67086 Repair Kit - Sensor-drop detect-6 channel
C5957-67087 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-wire exterior curler
C5957-67089 Repair Kit - Svc-screw-aerosol manifold
C5957-67090 Repair Kit - Svc kit-foil, bracket, motor
C5957-67091 Repair Kit - Svc assy-belt attach w/bracket
C5957-67092 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dryer system right
C5957-67096 Repair Kit - Svc kit-ink cleanup
C5957-67098 Repair Kit - Svc assy-printzone-carriage sy
C5957-67101 Repair Kit - Svc-z retention ar
C5957-67103 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5957-67104 Repair Kit - Svc-washer-fl mtlc 3.0
C5957-67108 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-double decker spittoon
C5957-67110 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-cable corner
C5957-67113 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drawer
C5957-67114 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, linear
C5957-67115 Repair Kit - Svc kit-printhead single carri
C5957-67116 Repair Kit - Svc-key, drawer, plus
C5957-67117 Repair Kit - Svc-label-web removal
C5957-67120 Repair Kit - Svc-acoustic panel-web wipe
C5957-67125 Repair Kit - Svc assy-web cartridge
C5957-67126 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pps assembly
C5957-67128 Repair Kit - Svc guide - catscratcher-upper-sevenclaws
C5957-67129 Repair Kit - Svc assy-media eject paw
C5957-67133 Repair Kit - Svc assy-d-shaft-nuge-catscrat
C5957-67136 Repair Kit - Svc kit-arm lift, edge guide
C5957-67137 Repair Kit - Svc-screw-tpg m2 x 0.4 4mm-lg
C5957-67138 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide duplex inner sho
C5957-67139 Repair Kit - Svc assy-ido pi
C5957-67140 Repair Kit - Svc assy-guide input onramp
C5957-67142 Repair Kit - Svc kit-air system purge
C5957-67143 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cable upgrade,formater
C5957-67144 Repair Kit - Svc kit-shiping pen/restraints
C5957-67145 Repair Kit - Svc assy-dd spitbucket, wiper
C5957-67146 Repair Kit - Svc assy-echain, left
C5957-67147 Repair Kit - Svc assy-echain, right
C5957-67148 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, en
C5957-67149 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, canada
C5957-67150 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, pt
C5957-67151 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, es
C5957-67152 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, fr
C5957-67153 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, it
C5957-67154 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, de
C5957-67155 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, cs
C5957-67156 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, pl
C5957-67157 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, hu
C5957-67158 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, no
C5957-67159 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, sv
C5957-67160 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, fi
C5957-67161 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, ru
C5957-67162 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, nl
C5957-67163 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, da
C5957-67164 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, el
C5957-67165 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, tr
C5957-67166 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, zhtw
C5957-67167 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, ko
C5957-67168 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, zhcn
C5957-67169 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, jp
C5957-67170 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, sk
C5957-67171 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, he
C5957-67172 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, ar
C5957-67173 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, ca
C5957-67174 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, hr
C5957-67175 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, sl
C5957-67176 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, ro
C5957-67177 Repair Kit - Svc-label-ground, th
C5957-67182 Repair Kit - Svc-dbl decker spittoon, 12 ea
C5957-67183 Repair Kit - Svc-pinch roller fep, 40 ea
C5957-67184 Repair Kit - Svc-pick roller,tray 2-4, 6 ea
C5957-67185 Repair Kit - Svc-pm kit web wipe, 12 ea,
C5957-67187 Repair Kit - Svc kit-trunk, hp direct
C5957-67192 Repair Kit - Svc assy-ids, interim
C5959-67002 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-short, door 3
C5959-67003 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-lowr support, door 4
C5959-67004 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-lower rear
C5959-67005 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67007 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft-door 3 hinge
C5959-67008 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-top left
C5959-67009 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-leg, front
C5959-67010 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-door 4
C5959-67012 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-offset mechanism
C5959-67013 Repair Kit - Cover-gate and output motor
C5959-67014 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-frame access
C5959-67015 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door 4 rear
C5959-67016 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-front job sep
C5959-67017 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-rear long job sep
C5959-67019 Repair Kit - Svc-shield-sensor, stack height
C5959-67020 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-upper output, js
C5959-67021 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door1 transmission
C5959-67022 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-stapler 2 wiring
C5959-67023 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-job support, upper
C5959-67024 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-job support, lower
C5959-67025 Repair Kit - Cover-pp frame transmission
C5959-67026 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-pp frame solenoid
C5959-67027 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-accu upper
C5959-67029 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-acci mid
C5959-67031 Repair Kit - Svc-paper back weldment
C5959-67032 Repair Kit - Svc assy-transmission-elevator
C5959-67033 Repair Kit - Svc assy-offset transmission
C5959-67034 Repair Kit - Svc-weldment gate drive bracket
C5959-67035 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, paper path/tray
C5959-67036 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door 3
C5959-67037 Repair Kit - Svc-solenoid for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67038 Repair Kit - Svc-fence paper restraint
C5959-67039 Repair Kit - Svc-elevator motor assembly
C5959-67040 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, power, pca/left wall
C5959-67041 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, lower elevator
C5959-67042 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drive roller output
C5959-67043 Repair Kit - Svc-roller-output drive triple
C5959-67044 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pulley cluster 38t, 20t
C5959-67046 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-harness path paper
C5959-67047 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, staplers
C5959-67048 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67049 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, job support
C5959-67050 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, accumulator path
C5959-67051 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, accumulator
C5959-67052 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, lower path
C5959-67053 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-upper front cover
C5959-67054 Repair Kit - Svc assy-lower front cover
C5959-67055 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door, stapler 1
C5959-67056 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door, stapler2
C5959-67057 Repair Kit - Svc assy-stapler2 covers
C5959-67058 Repair Kit - Svc assy-drive roller finisher door 2
C5959-67059 Repair Kit - Svc assy-roller pinch corregating output
C5959-67060 Repair Kit - Asy-covr-rear, elevator motor
C5959-67061 Repair Kit - Assy-drv roller triple shifted
C5959-67067 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67068 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, path motors
C5959-67069 Repair Kit - Svc asy-cbl, input path motor
C5959-67070 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, stack holder
C5959-67071 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, front structure
C5959-67073 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-finisher removal
C5959-67074 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover, elevator motor
C5959-67075 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover, drive shaft
C5959-67076 Repair Kit - Svc-cable js elevator motor external
C5959-67077 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67078 Repair Kit - Opto sensor rohs
C5959-67080 Repair Kit - Svc kit-paper gate
C5959-67081 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller gate actuation
C5959-67082 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67083 Repair Kit - Svc assy-link door 2
C5959-67084 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cable, js
C5959-67085 Repair Kit - Svc kit-handle-door 4 access
C5959-67087 Repair Kit - Svc-gear-profile, door damper
C5959-67090 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cables door 4
C5959-67091 Repair Kit - Svc-pin-hinge for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67092 Repair Kit - Svc-tray-output, js
C5959-67093 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door 4 support
C5959-67094 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door 4 support front
C5959-67095 Repair Kit - Svc-strip-tray, leading edge
C5959-67097 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door 2
C5959-67098 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door 4
C5959-67099 Repair Kit - Svc assy-support door 4
C5959-67102 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, stapler, dc mounted
C5959-67103 Repair Kit - Svc-switch (cherry corp. f81ab110)
C5959-67104 Repair Kit - Svc-accumulator, condor
C5959-67105 Repair Kit - Svc-stepper motor
C5959-67106 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, helical gear, s2
C5959-67107 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, helical gear, s1
C5959-67108 Repair Kit - Svc-pca distribution board bearing bracket
C5959-67109 Repair Kit - Svc-pcba distribution accu main
C5959-67110 Repair Kit - Svc-assy, stapler, 1
C5959-67111 Repair Kit - Svc-assy, stapler, 2
C5959-67112 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, bracket, cpl.
C5959-67114 Repair Kit - Svc-sheet, fixing, cpl
C5959-67115 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, assy, stepper
C5959-67116 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, assy, stepper
C5959-67121 Repair Kit - Svc-motor, assy, stepper
C5959-67122 Repair Kit - Svc-plate, distance, cpl
C5959-67123 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft cam bearing bracket cpl
C5959-67124 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, entry, cpl
C5959-67125 Repair Kit - Svc-bar retainer cpl.
C5959-67126 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67127 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67128 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67129 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, inside, long, cpl
C5959-67130 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, inside, short, cpl
C5959-67131 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, pressure, cpl
C5959-67132 Repair Kit - Svc-fixing, cpl
C5959-67133 Repair Kit - Svc-ground angle cpl
C5959-67134 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, exit 2, cpl
C5959-67135 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, mounting, cpl.
C5959-67136 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, fixing, cpl.
C5959-67137 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, front, cpl
C5959-67138 Repair Kit - Svc-offsetter, front, cpl
C5959-67139 Repair Kit - Svc-offsetter, rear, cpl
C5959-67140 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, cam, support, cpl
C5959-67141 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, side, rear
C5959-67142 Repair Kit - Svc-fan for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67143 Repair Kit - Svc-pcba distribution board retainer
C5959-67145 Repair Kit - Svc-photointerrupter with connector
C5959-67148 Repair Kit - Svc-bushing for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67150 Repair Kit - Svc-axle, lever, support
C5959-67151 Repair Kit - Svc-axle, holder
C5959-67152 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft, offsetter
C5959-67153 Repair Kit - Svc-axle, distance
C5959-67154 Repair Kit - Svc-roller, tension
C5959-67155 Repair Kit - Svc-grounding plate
C5959-67157 Repair Kit - Svc-snap-cap for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67158 Repair Kit - Svc-holder for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67159 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67160 Repair Kit - Svc-stud for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67162 Repair Kit - Svc-holding, down
C5959-67163 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, retainer
C5959-67164 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, sensor, retainer
C5959-67165 Repair Kit - Svc-cover shaft inside
C5959-67166 Repair Kit - Svc-washer, sensor
C5959-67168 Repair Kit - Svc-alignwall for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67169 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, support
C5959-67170 Repair Kit - Svc-suspension, cap, rear
C5959-67171 Repair Kit - Svc-suspension, cap, front
C5959-67172 Repair Kit - Svc-spring, bearing
C5959-67173 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, sensor, job, high
C5959-67174 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, pressure
C5959-67175 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, paper switch
C5959-67176 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, tension
C5959-67177 Repair Kit - Svc-roller, exit
C5959-67178 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, sidewall
C5959-67179 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, connection, right
C5959-67180 Repair Kit - Svc-lever, connection, left
C5959-67181 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, middle, bottom
C5959-67183 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket, support
C5959-67184 Repair Kit - Svc-lever permounted
C5959-67185 Repair Kit - Svc-motor support, riveted
C5959-67186 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing shaft entry
C5959-67187 Repair Kit - Svc-guide, paper, rear
C5959-67188 Repair Kit - Svc-guide, paper, front
C5959-67189 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, rear
C5959-67193 Repair Kit - Svc-lever pressure paper switch rear
C5959-67194 Repair Kit - Svc-lever pressure paper switch front
C5959-67196 Repair Kit - Svc-brackt, bearing, gearwhell
C5959-67197 Repair Kit - Svc-paper guide middle cover
C5959-67198 Repair Kit - Svc-paper guide middle cover, rear
C5959-67199 Repair Kit - Svc-paper guide middle cover front
C5959-67200 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, stackholder
C5959-67201 Repair Kit - Svc-gear, rack for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67202 Repair Kit - Svc-rod, support, control
C5959-67203 Repair Kit - Svc-support for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5959-67204 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, sensor
C5959-67205 Repair Kit - Svc-slider, cpl
C5959-67206 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, double t9, 25
C5959-67207 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t25
C5959-67208 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t38x0,8
C5959-67209 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t38x0.8
C5959-67210 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t19
C5959-67212 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t9
C5959-67213 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t27
C5959-67214 Repair Kit - Svc-beltwheel, synchronous t25
C5959-67215 Repair Kit - Beltwheel, synchronous, t27
C5959-67216 Repair Kit - Beltwheel, synchronous dbl t27
C5959-67217 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t14x1
C5959-67218 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t20x1
C5959-67219 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t38
C5959-67220 Repair Kit - Beltwheel sync, spc t27/16x0.8
C5959-67221 Repair Kit - Beltwheel, synchronous, t24
C5959-67222 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67223 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t15x0.8
C5959-67224 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t41x0.8
C5959-67225 Repair Kit - Svc-belt, synchronous z 107
C5959-67226 Repair Kit - Svc-belt, synchronous, t119
C5959-67227 Repair Kit - Svc-belt, synchronous, t71
C5959-67228 Repair Kit - Svc-belt, synchronous, t82
C5959-67229 Repair Kit - Svc-cable bearing brkt-distr board accu
C5959-67230 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, entry sensors
C5959-67231 Repair Kit - Svc-cable grounding retainer finger shaft
C5959-67232 Repair Kit - Svc-cable ground bearing bracket-guide bar mot
C5959-67233 Repair Kit - Svc-cable ground.bearing bracket mot-dib accu
C5959-67235 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, smbb
C5959-67236 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing, ball, grooved
C5959-67238 Repair Kit - BEARNG, BALL GROOVED, 2x6x2.3
C5959-67239 Repair Kit - Svc-stepper motor cpl
C5959-67240 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor board premounted
C5959-67241 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, middle, bottom, cpl
C5959-67243 Repair Kit - Svc-latch arm front
C5959-67244 Repair Kit - Svc-latch arm rear
C5959-67245 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-latch hinge
C5959-67246 Repair Kit - Svc-mount-door 2 hinge
C5959-67248 Repair Kit - Svc-lever-top latch
C5959-67249 Repair Kit - Svc kit-spring-bias
C5959-67253 Repair Kit - Svc-lightpipe-door 3
C5959-67254 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door 2 structure
C5959-67255 Repair Kit - Svc assy-job, support
C5959-67256 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tensioner finisher ccw
C5959-67257 Repair Kit - Svc assy-lever, exit
C5959-67258 Repair Kit - Svc assy-gearwheel
C5959-67259 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pressure lever retainer bar
C5959-67260 Repair Kit - Svc assy-corrugated roller
C5959-67262 Repair Kit - Svc-cover front reinforcing plate
C5959-67263 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 70t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67264 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 80t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67265 Repair Kit - Svc-latch hook for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67266 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-pca for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67267 Repair Kit - Svc-brackt-engine latch sensor
C5959-67268 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-back door 2
C5959-67269 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft-engine latch
C5959-67270 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-diverter return
C5959-67271 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-side access latch
C5959-67272 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-safety switch job separator
C5959-67273 Repair Kit - Svc-handle-side access
C5959-67275 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-output tray, 4-up
C5959-67276 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 105t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67277 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door2 transmission
C5959-67278 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 125t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67279 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-accu lower
C5959-67280 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 126t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67281 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 141t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67282 Repair Kit - Svc-latch-southco med magnetic
C5959-67283 Repair Kit - Svc-harness-separator, job
C5959-67284 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67285 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67286 Repair Kit - Svc assy-lower latch lever
C5959-67287 Repair Kit - Svc kit-rocker arm-door 3
C5959-67288 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-hinge bracket
C5959-67290 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-cover rear frame
C5959-67291 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-cover front frame
C5959-67292 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67293 Repair Kit - Svc assy-jam access handle accumulator
C5959-67296 Repair Kit - Svc-pca-js safety a
C5959-67297 Repair Kit - Svc-pca-js safety b
C5959-67298 Repair Kit - Svc assy-top door
C5959-67299 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67302 Repair Kit - Svc-extension-platform stapler 2
C5959-67303 Repair Kit - Svc-tire,capture
C5959-67306 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-engine latch
C5959-67307 Repair Kit - Svc-grounding plate
C5959-67308 Repair Kit - Svc-bearing for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67309 Repair Kit - Svc-gearwheel, t19
C5959-67310 Repair Kit - Svc kit-screws, finisher
C5959-67311 Repair Kit - Svc kit-clips,finisher
C5959-67312 Repair Kit - Svc kit-springs, finisher
C5959-67313 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-brush, esd
C5959-67314 Repair Kit - Svc tool-timing pins accumulator
C5959-67316 Repair Kit - Svc kit-engine latch bracket
C5959-67317 Repair Kit - Svc assy-castor, fixed
C5959-67318 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bracket capture
C5959-67319 Repair Kit - Svc kit-tether, tray
C5959-67321 Repair Kit - Svc-worm gear, 30t, nylon
C5959-67322 Repair Kit - Svc-restraint-overtravel tab
C5959-67323 Repair Kit - Svc-rail-linear, elevator
C5959-67324 Repair Kit - Svc-screw pt special - k29x11.35 zn
C5959-67325 Repair Kit - Svc assy-hinge door 2 structure
C5959-67326 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-door 2
C5959-67327 Repair Kit - Svc-bolt bearing, accum, movable
C5959-67328 Repair Kit - Svc kit-carpet kit,finisher
C5959-67329 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-service rear
C5959-67330 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover, drive shaft
C5959-67331 Repair Kit - Svc-stabilizer, paper gate
C5959-67332 Repair Kit - Svc-bushing-compliant link
C5959-67333 Repair Kit - Svc assy-hinge, door 1.5
C5959-67334 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-upper rear
C5959-67338 Repair Kit - Svc-pca, job separator stack height
C5959-67339 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover, elevator motor
C5959-67340 Repair Kit - Svc kit-picket, gate paper
C5959-67343 Repair Kit - Svc-switch overload cpl
C5959-67344 Repair Kit - Svc-valeo dc motor 36v cpl.
C5959-67345 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bottom tray encoder unit
C5959-67346 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive 65t, gt2, 2x4
C5959-67347 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cover door 4
C5959-67348 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, js motors
C5959-67349 Repair Kit - Assy-cable, upper path motor
C5959-67350 Repair Kit - Svc-strap-steel-cable
C5959-67351 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bin 5 packaging
C5959-67352 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-lower rear
C5959-67353 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, job separator elevator motor
C5959-67354 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, job separator sensors
C5959-67355 Repair Kit - Svc-cable-js elevator sensors external
C5959-67357 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-diverter finisher
C5959-67359 Repair Kit - Svc-cable-upper path sensors
C5959-67360 Repair Kit - SVC KIT-SLIDERAIL And BRACKETS
C5959-67361 Repair Kit - Svc-cam, lever, paper, switch
C5959-67362 Repair Kit - SVC-GEARWHEEL, T21x0.8
C5959-67363 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67364 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67365 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft exit 1 cpl
C5959-67366 Repair Kit - Svc-axle, handle
C5959-67367 Repair Kit - Svc-esd brush for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67368 Repair Kit - Svc - cover - drive shaft safety switch
C5959-67369 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67371 Repair Kit - Svc-cable, ffc for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5959-67372 Repair Kit - Svc-shaft-alignment
C5959-67373 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5959-67374 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reship, multifunction finisher
C5959-67375 Repair Kit - Svc-pin-guide finisher removal
C5959-67376 Repair Kit - Svc-paper path frame
C5959-67377 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door 1
C5959-67378 Repair Kit - Svc kit-top guide side access
C5959-67379 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bottom guide-pp frame input
C5959-67380 Repair Kit - Svc kit-helical gear connecting lever
C5959-67381 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cable, js
C5959-67384 Repair Kit - Svc-spur gear, mod 1, 18 tooth idler
C5959-67385 Repair Kit - Svc-spur gear, mod 1, 18 tooth
C5959-67386 Repair Kit - Svc-holder, staple cartridge
C5959-67387 Repair Kit - Svc-Harness Job Separator
C5959-67389 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-pca, finisher main
C5959-67390 Repair Kit - Svc-3-pack staple refill
C5959-67391 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, can
C5959-67395 Repair Kit - Svc kit-edge protectors
C5959-67396 Repair Kit - Svc kit-edge protectors,finish
C5959-67397 Repair Kit - Svc kit-edge protectors
C5961-67001 Repair Kit - Svc kit - bearing-rdl ba
C5961-67002 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor flag-elevator
C5961-67004 Repair Kit - Svc-spacer-shaft pick
C5961-67005 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-tensioner paper motor
C5961-67006 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-85 t tensioner
C5961-67008 Repair Kit - Svc-pushrod-release button
C5961-67010 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-return button
C5961-67011 Repair Kit - Svc-pca-hicap distribution
C5961-67013 Repair Kit - Svc-photo interrupter tlp1243
C5961-67014 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67017 Repair Kit - Svc-bar-pull for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67019 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-bracket downhaul
C5961-67020 Repair Kit - Svc-wall-transmission
C5961-67021 Repair Kit - Svc-case-back for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67022 Repair Kit - Svc-window_hi-cap
C5961-67023 Repair Kit - Svc-case-right for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67024 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-paper guide
C5961-67025 Repair Kit - SVC-PHOTOINTERRUPTER IO=16mA ROHS
C5961-67028 Repair Kit - Svc assembly-roller, pick
C5961-67029 Repair Kit - Svc assy-latch for HP CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67030 Repair Kit - Svc assy-idler right
C5961-67031 Repair Kit - Svc assy-lower separator mount
C5961-67032 Repair Kit - Svc assy-welded carrier
C5961-67033 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cluster gear
C5961-67034 Repair Kit - Svc assy-idler left
C5961-67035 Repair Kit - Svc assy-swinger
C5961-67036 Repair Kit - Svc assy-case top
C5961-67037 Repair Kit - Svc-caster hi-cap bdt
C5961-67038 Repair Kit - Svc-retainer-photosensor
C5961-67039 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-elevator
C5961-67042 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, belt area
C5961-67043 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bracket pickarm
C5961-67044 Repair Kit - Svc kit-stack bias
C5961-67045 Repair Kit - Svc kit-captive fastener
C5961-67046 Repair Kit - Svc kit-lower separator
C5961-67047 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-adjuster spring mount
C5961-67048 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-encoder clamp
C5961-67049 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67050 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller-tray
C5961-67051 Repair Kit - Svc kit-springs, tray 5
C5961-67052 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67053 Repair Kit - Svc kit-spring, pickarm
C5961-67054 Repair Kit - Svc-ballslide-460mm extension 36mm
C5961-67056 Repair Kit - Svc kit-winder for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer
C5961-67058 Repair Kit - Svc kit-elevator trans gears
C5961-67059 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5961-67060 Repair Kit - Svc-plate-bearing lower separation
C5961-67061 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-gear molded
C5961-67062 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pulley-48t d drive
C5961-67063 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-chassis front wall
C5961-67064 Repair Kit - Svc kit-button,jam,tray5
C5961-67065 Repair Kit - Svc kit-pulley-spine drive 48t
C5961-67066 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-media separation
C5961-67067 Repair Kit - Svc kit-limit switch, elevator
C5961-67068 Repair Kit - Svc kit-harness, tray 5
C5961-67069 Repair Kit - Svc-clutch-electric
C5961-67070 Repair Kit - Svc-clutch-slipper
C5961-67072 Repair Kit - Svc assy-feed roller module
C5961-67074 Repair Kit - Svc kit-cables, elevator
C5961-67075 Repair Kit - Svc-hinge-door media access
C5961-67076 Repair Kit - Svc assy-case, front
C5961-67077 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bracket tray 5
C5961-67078 Repair Kit - Svc assy-structure upper media path
C5961-67079 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-ball bearing idler
C5961-67080 Repair Kit - Svc assy-door,media
C5961-67081 Repair Kit - Svc assy-separator pivot shaft
C5961-67082 Repair Kit - Svc assy - separator transfer shaft
C5961-67083 Repair Kit - Svc assy-separator slip clutch shaft
C5961-67084 Repair Kit - Svc-pad-cork for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5961-67086 Repair Kit - Svc-motor-paper hicap
C5961-67087 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-engagement sensor back
C5961-67088 Repair Kit - Svc-bracket-engagement sensor front
C5961-67089 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-drive, 145t, gt2, 2x4
C5961-67090 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reship, 4000-sheet input tray
C5961-67091 Repair Kit - Svc asy-tensioner pickarm belt
C5961-67092 Repair Kit - Svc assy-tray 5
C5961-67093 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
C5961-67094 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cluster gear
C5961-67096 Repair Kit - Svc kit-arm lifter
C5961-67097 Repair Kit - Svc kit-handle-release
C5961-67098 Repair Kit - Svc-cover, pickarm gears
C5961-67099 Repair Kit - Svc-spring-door-jam-clear
C5961-67100 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bracket stack level
C5961-67101 Repair Kit - Svc assy-upper separator sprag block
C5961-67102 Repair Kit - SVC-SCREW-SHLDR M4x0.7, 8.013mm LONG
C5961-67103 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bracket stack level
C5961-67104 Repair Kit - Svc assy - structure, upper media path
C5961-67105 Repair Kit - Svc kit-bracket, tray 5
C5962-67001 Repair Kit - Svc-switch size detection
C5962-67003 Repair Kit - Svc-right hinge
C5962-67004 Repair Kit - Svc kit pm-roller feed
C5962-67005 Repair Kit - Svc-torque limiter dp
C5962-67006 Repair Kit - Svc kit-switch a interlock
C5962-67007 Repair Kit - Svc-driver pcb software assembly
C5962-67008 Repair Kit - Svc-set led pcb assembly
C5962-67009 Repair Kit - Svc-clutch paper feed
C5962-67010 Repair Kit - Svc-switch l feed
C5962-67011 Repair Kit - Svc-sensor timing
C5962-67012 Repair Kit - Svc-right cover assembly
C5962-67013 Repair Kit - Svc-original holder assembly
C5962-67014 Repair Kit - Svc-front cover assembly
C5962-67015 Repair Kit - Svc-left cover assembly
C5962-67016 Repair Kit - Svc-rear cover assembly
C5962-67017 Repair Kit - Svc-feed table assembly
C5962-67018 Repair Kit - Svc-rear guide assembly
C5962-67019 Repair Kit - Svc-front guide assembly
C5962-67020 Repair Kit - Svc-feed solenoid assembly
C5962-67022 Repair Kit - Svc-pulley t35/t22/z22
C5962-67023 Repair Kit - Svc-pulley t28/z18
C5962-67024 Repair Kit - Svc-gear z22/t35p2m
C5962-67025 Repair Kit - Svc-wire table for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5962-67026 Repair Kit - Svc-pad lift for HP CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer
C5962-67027 Repair Kit - Svc-pt.sensor gp1a73aj00/bk
C5962-67028 Repair Kit - Svc kit-paper conveying
C5962-67029 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller loop
C5962-67030 Repair Kit - Svc kit-solenoid loop pulley
C5962-67031 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reversing section
C5962-67032 Repair Kit - Svc kit-upper roller conveying
C5962-67033 Repair Kit - Svc kit-lower roller conveying
C5962-67034 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller registration
C5962-67035 Repair Kit - Svc kit-inner roller conveying
C5962-67036 Repair Kit - Svc kit-roller eject
C5962-67037 Repair Kit - Svc kit-inner pulley
C5962-67038 Repair Kit - Svc kit-paper eject
C5962-67039 Repair Kit - Svc kit-drive section
C5962-67040 Repair Kit - Svc assy-motor paper feed
C5962-67041 Repair Kit - Svc kit-adf scanner bearings-bushings
C5962-67042 Repair Kit - Svc kit-adf scanner screws
C5962-67043 Repair Kit - Svc kit-adf scanner stop rings
C5962-67044 Repair Kit - Svc kit-adf scanner cable management
C5962-67045 Repair Kit - HP CM8050 CM8060 ADF Automatic Document Feeder Assembly, Svc assy-adf for HP CM8060 Color Multifunction Printer.
C5962-67053 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reshipment, adf
C5962-67054 Repair Kit - Svc kit, spacer, adf hinge
C5963-67001 Repair Kit - Bracket-front sob
C5963-67002 Repair Kit - Bracket-rear sob
C5963-67004 Repair Kit - Sensor-sob full
C5963-67005 Repair Kit - Svc-bin-single output
C5963-67006 Repair Kit - Svc assy-bin, single output
C5964-67001 Repair Kit - Svc-wire-router
C5964-67002 Repair Kit - SCR-MACH M6x1.0, 10mm LONG, SOCKET HEAD
C5964-67003 Repair Kit - Cable, js elevator motor external
C5964-67004 Repair Kit - Cover-pca, access
C5964-67005 Repair Kit - Cover,mid latch
C5964-67006 Repair Kit - Cv output, mediapath
C5964-67007 Repair Kit - Shft-ip door hinge
C5964-67008 Repair Kit - Cv-safety ip door
C5964-67009 Repair Kit - Cover-safe ip sup
C5964-67010 Repair Kit - Svc-belt-gates 2mm x 4mm wide 75t
C5964-67011 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-foot for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5964-67012 Repair Kit - Cover-foot-front
C5964-67013 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5964-67014 Repair Kit - Cover-top for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5964-67015 Repair Kit - Lightpipe - ip door
C5964-67016 Repair Kit - Cable, door a motor
C5964-67017 Repair Kit - Cablejs ele motor
C5964-67018 Repair Kit - Cable, path sensors
C5964-67019 Repair Kit - Cable, doora sensors
C5964-67020 Repair Kit - Cable, js senso
C5964-67021 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5964-67022 Repair Kit - Door, input for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5964-67024 Repair Kit - Support door a for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5964-67025 Repair Kit - Cable, js motor
C5964-67026 Repair Kit - Cable engine latch
C5964-67027 Repair Kit - Repair for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5964-67028 Repair Kit - Input-drive-pres
C5964-67029 Repair Kit - Guide-anti-tip for HP CM8060 Color MFP
C5964-67031 Repair Kit - Assy-cover,rear
C5964-67032 Repair Kit - Handle - southco p2-51
C5964-67033 Repair Kit - Assy-fixed roll
C5964-67034 Repair Kit - Svc assy - caster, adjustable
C5964-67035 Repair Kit - Svc kit-reship 4-bin job separator
C5964-67036 Repair Kit - Svc-guide-finger
C5964-67037 Repair Kit - Svc assy-roller pinch flapper
C5964-67038 Repair Kit - Svc-holder-pinch roller output
C5964-67039 Repair Kit - Svc kit-upgrade, media path
C5964-67040 Repair Kit - Svc-media path, output
C5964-67041 Repair Kit - Svc-cover-front
C5964-67042 Repair Kit - Svc-assy-ss motor/encoder
C5964-67043 Repair Kit - Svc assy, offset transmission
C5964-67044 Repair Kit - Svc assy-pca, 4-bin job separator
C5964-67045 Repair Kit - Svc assy-cable, js internal
C5964-67046 Repair Kit - Svc-worm gear, 30t, nylon
C5964-67047 Repair Kit - Svc-wear strip, forward
C5964-67048 Repair Kit - Svc kit-edge protector
C8747-69901 Repair Kit - Ky printhead, cm8050 cm8060 Oem Black Yellow Printhead Cartridge Unit.
C8748-69901 Repair Kit - Cm printhead - Cyan / Magenta Print Head -
C8749-69901 Repair Kit - Bonding Agent Exchng Printhead
CC680-67145 Roller - Svc-Kit-Pick Roller Sits
CC687-67026 Roller - Svc - Assy Conveyor Roller Gt2
C5956-67058 Sensor - Svc-sensor out-of-web
C5956-67178 Sensor - Svc-sensor base
C5956-67181 Sensor - Svc-bracket-l door sensor
C5956-67191 Sensor - Svc-shield-esd duplex sensor
C5956-67212 Sensor - Svc-actuator-door sensor
C5956-67255 Sensor - Svc-sensor, media presence
C5956-67356 Sensor - Svc Assy-Sensor, Media Presence, Qty 4
C5956-67375 Sensor - Svc-mount-sensor staging
C5956-67589 Sensor - Svc-bracket-sensor, output 3
C5956-67595 Sensor - Svc-mount-sensor onramp
C5956-67620 Sensor - Svc-pca-encoder sensor 150lpi
C5956-67664 Sensor - Svc assy-touchsensor
C5956-67693 Sensor - Svc-sensor-transparency
C5957-67201 Sensor - Svc assy-sensor, media presence, qty 4
C5959-67118 Sensor - Svc-holder, sensor, cpl
CC680-67070 Sensor - SVC-Tetris Sensor Calibr NOT AVAIL FOR REPLMNT
CC680-67140 Sensor - Svc Assy-Sensor-Drop Det
CC681-67012 Sensor - Unknown Keyword for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
CC682-67061 Sensor - SVC-Assy Sensor bin - Un
CC682-67068 Sensor - SVC-Aleph Sensor OJ-451-
CC792-67030 Sensor - Bin sensor LED Hub FRU
CC792-67031 Sensor - Bin sensor PCA FRU
CC792-67185 Sensor - Pm2000 Top Of Stack Sens
CC792-67217 Sensor - Sensor Fru
CC682-67145 Sensors - Svc - Sensor Aleph High Sense
CC685-67022 Sensors - Svc - Sensor Media Presence Ml2 Kit
CC687-67032 Sensors - Svc - Assy Z6 Sensor Cable, Cb Dynamic
C5964A Separator - Edgeline MFP 4-Bin Job Separator
9310-0039 Service Parts - Industrial Wipes 9-Lg 9-Wd Cot
C5959-67300 Service Parts - Svc-slide-linear
CC680-67072 Service Parts - Svc - Plastic Lower Outp Not Avail For Replmnt
CC682-67007 Service Parts - SVC-Wall Back Oversize
CC682-67008 Service Parts - SVC-Wall Right Oversize
CC792-67011 Service Parts - OrderSorter Drive FRU
CC792-67056 Service Parts - Offload FRU
CC792-67176 Service Parts - Photosmart Express Cleaning Wi
CC792-67205 Service Parts - Magazine FRU
CC792-67222 Service Parts - HP Equipment Cleaning Wipes FRU
CC792-67167 Service Station - Service Station System F for CM8060 Color MFP, CM8050 Color MFP
C5957-67123 Shaft - Kit, shaft, seperation, cpl
C5959-67018 Shaft - Covr-safety switch, dr shaft
C5959-67113 Shaft - Svc-shaft exit 1 cpl
CC792-67026 Shuttle - Shuttle Interconnect PCA
CC792-67182 Shuttle - Photosmart Shuttle Wipe
CC792-67196 Shuttle - Shuttle System Fru
CC792-67210 Shuttle - Shuttle FRU - V6 [or higher]
CC792-67213 Shuttle - Shuttle Wipe Assembly FRU
CC792-67048 Solenoid - Door Solenoid FRU
CC792-67224 Solenoid - Door Auto-Unlock Solenoid Fru
CC685-67047 Spacer - Svc - E-Clip Spacer Vertical Path
C5959-67393 Spring - Svc-spring, tension
C5959-67394 Spring - Svc-spring tension
CC685-67037 Spring - Unknown Keyword for CM8050 Color MFP, CM8060 Color MFP
CC682-67054 Stop - SVC-Assy Backstop
CC685-67025 Strap - Svc - Strap-Frog Tickler
C5959-67405 Support - Svc Assy-Job Support
C5956-67377 Switch - Svc assy-switch interlock
CC792-67047 Switch - Door Safety SwitcH FRU
CC792-67063 Switch - SwitcH Main Power FRU
C5959-67336 Tab - Svc assy-castor adjustable
CC680-67146 Tape - SVC-Floor Traction Tape
3101-4085 Tool - Interlock 'cheat' tool for pushbutton switch - White color, nylon - Inserts into pushbutton barrier switch housing to hold switch button down (Cherry Corp. 0014-4945)
C5956-67424 Tray - Svc-assy-tray 1 pick roller
C5956-67715 Tray - Svc-lightpipe-sit tray
C5956-67724 Tray - Svc assy-media trays
CC682-67006 Tray - SVC-Assy Oversize Tray
CC685-67003 Tray - Svc-Assy-Bypass Tray Ml
CC685-67015 Tray - Svc - Sits Tray Length Adjust Kit
CC792-67021 Tray - Shuttle Tray Encoder PCA
CC792-67181 Tray - Overspray tray
CC792-67202 Tray - HP Overspray tray - V6 [or higher]
C5961A Tray Assembly - Edgeline MFP 4000-Sheet Input Tray
C5963A Tray Assembly - Edgeline MFP Single Output Bin
CC680-67079 Trim - Svc-Assy-Trim-Ink Window
CC680-67088 Trim - Svc-Assy-Trim-Ids Phanto
CC680-67092 Trim - Assy - Left Idsos Trim
CC680-67094 Trim - Svc-Trim-Fp-Right
CC680-67095 Trim - Svc-Trim-Fp-Left
CC680-67096 Trim - Svc-Trim-Overflow-Chute
CC682-67013 Trim - SVC-Assy Trim Front OVS
CC682-67046 Trim - SVC-Trim OS Conveyer
CC682-67049 Trim - SVC-Trim OS Front
CC682-67050 Trim - SVC-Trim OS Rear
CC682-67051 Trim - SVC-Trim Overflow Chute
CC687-67039 Trim - Svc - Insert Trim Bag
C5957-67190 Trunk - Svc kit-trunk, channel partner
CC680-67115 Tube - Svc-Urk-Tube Short
CC680-67136 Vacuum - Assy-Vacuum Supply
CC792-67062 Vacuum - Shuttle Vacuum Pump FRU
CC682-67002 Waste - SVC-Assy Waste bin (Fini
CC792-67058 Wheel - OrderSorter WHeel FRU
CC685-67021 Wiper - Svc - Assy-Wiper Lift

CM8050 Color Multifunction Printer with Edgeline Technology parts list
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