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CH108A Scitex FB910 printer

HP Scitex FB910 printer (CH108A)

MFG Part Number: CH108A

HP parts list for CH108A HP Scitex FB910 printer

CH971-62824 Accessory - Adhesive backed ruler - English metric ruler - 2.5m (98-inches) long and can be cut down for the 1.6m (64-inches) size - This is the ruler located with the N-up alignment pins
0506881 Accessory Kit - Order Ch971-56881
CH971-56881 Accessory Kit - Accessory kit for the support tables - Includes all the fasteners, casters, etc needed to assemble two tables - For use with the Scitex FB910/FB950 printers
CH108-67012 ADF Roller Kit - Kit Uv Lamp Cassette L
CH971-91378 Assembly - Frm Lft/Ser Uv Lmp Mod W/O Cass L
CH971-91379 Assembly - Frm Rt/Usr Uv Lmp Mod W/O Cass L
CH971-91616 Assembly - Frm Assy Valve Manifold L
CH971-91403 Bar - Frm Media Algn Bar Sys L
CH971-91452 Bar - Frm Ionizer Bar Il
CH971-91480 Bar - Frm Air Cyl Alignment Bar L
CK705A Bar - Hp Frm L Pen Y Adjust Bar
0901462 Belt - Order Ch971-91462
CH971-90710 Belt - Carriage drive timing belt - Located between the carriage drive motor and the carriage drive shaft. Carriage Drive Timing Belt For HP DJ H35100 H35500 H45500 H45100 and similar Scitex Designjet model family types.
CH971-91462 Belt - Media belt - Includes all the support pieces and accessories used to change the belt - For use with the Scitex FB950/FB910 printers
CH971-91400 Blower Assembly - Belt vacuum blower assembly - Includes one blower - Used to suck down media to belt - For the FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910
CQ114-67238 Blower Assembly - Frmblwrblt Vacalt HP SCITEX FB500 FB700 FB910 FB950 GENUINE
CH971-91386 Box - Frm Assy Ebox L
CH108-60008 Bracket - L-bracket and internal mechanical - Located on the on the output, user end of the printer - Includes the parts that transfer take-up motor power to the take-up spool (does not include the motor/switch assembly, the takeup drive belt, or the belt cover)
CH108-60009 Bracket - L-bracket - Located on the output, service end of the printer
CH108-60010 Bracket - L-bracket - Located on the input, user end of the printer - Holds the supply roll and inactive foam rollers
CH108-60011 Bracket - L-bracket - Located on the input, service end of the printer - Holds the supply roll and inactive foam rollers
CH971-57259 Bracket - Service-end bracket - Supports the lift and press rollers in the roll-to-roll option
CH971-62665 Brush - Brass wire brush - Used to clean the ionizer bar
CH971-91398 Button - Emergency stop button - For use with Scitex FB950/FB910 printers
CH971-50014 Cable - Cable assembly - Braided ribbon cable from OHS board to I/O board - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB910/FB950 printers
CH971-50028 Cable - Cable - Goes from the three pin sabre connector on the AC distribution board to an AC receptacle
CH971-50116 Cable - Cable - Goes from the AC filter to the power distribution board
CH971-52323 Cable - Cable - Used to connect the printer directly to a print server - For use without a hub
CH971-55682 Cable - Cable assembly - Goes from the I/O board to the motor control board
CH971-91374 Cam - Frm Assy Camera+cbls L
CH971-91564 Camera - Fmk Camera Grnd Cbl L
CH971-91397 Cartridge - Frm Ink Pump Generic L
0901560 Chain - Order Ch971-91560
CH971-91560 Chain - Plastic track/chain - For use with Scitex FB910 and DisplayMaker 98uvx printers only
CH971-91001 Clip - Clip - Connected to the trolley and provides attachment points for the carriage drive belt on both ends
1500-1274 Collar - Internal clamping collar - 25mm diameter - Used on the ends of the media drive idle roller shaft - For the Scitex FB910/FB950/FB500/FB700 printers
CH971-91581 Cover - Fmk Hires Encdr Cover L
CH971-91383 Display - LCD display assembly - Does not include the panel cover - For use with the Scitex FB910 printer only
CH971-91454 Door - Frm Rail Door Sw L
CH971-91455 Door - Frm Cabinet Door Sw L
CH971-90708 Encoder - Encoder reader assembly - Located on the back of the carriage assembly
CH971-91407 Encoder - Media drive encoder - Attaches to the belt drive motor on the service end of the printer - Does not include the high-resolution encoder - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910
CH971-91425 Encoder - Mylar encoder strip and foam tape - It is long enough for a 2.5m (98-inch) printer and can be trimmed down for smaller printers - Part requires you to reuse the existing aluminum bar from the old strip
CH971-90697 Fan - Frm Fan Dryertube Ksfemx Rohs
CH971-91447 Fan - Frm Fan Ebox Cooling L
5064-5555 Filter - Assy pigtail OHS inkbox IC Filter
CH108-60004 Filter - Large cylindrical air filter - Located on the exterior of the vacuum assembly
CH154-67092 Filter - Fb950 Carriage Filter Media Kit (Fb950)
CH971-60050 Filter - AC filter - Located inside the electronics assemblies - For use with Scitex FB910/FB950 printers
CH971-91421 Filter - Air filter - For use in any location where an air filter is used (inside Vacuum Pressure (VP), inline vacuum tube, ink-blocking filter)
CH971-91614 Filter - Fmk Filter Lmp Shttr Mtr L
CH108-67011 Foot - Frm Foot Sw L
CH971-91458 Glass - Frm Output Plexiglass L
CH971-57318 Guard - Finger guard - Located on the service-end (input-side) over the belt on engines without the roll-to-roll option
CH971-62845 Guide - Guide Linear Miniature
0601310-012 Hardware - Screw Pph Sems M4 0.7 Pitch St
0970811 Hardware - Carriage drive motor - For Scitex printers
0971064 Hardware - Valve - Used to switch on or off the flow of ink, air or cleaning solution (the color of the wiring on this generic valve may not match the wiring color of the valve being replaced, however, they are interchangeable)
970811 Hardware - Frm Mtr Carrdrv Sfemxabcdhij R
971064 Hardware - Frm Valve Generic Abcdhij Rohs
CH108-67016 Hardware - Kit Lintfree Cloth 12 Cnt
CH238A Hardware - Kit Lintfree Cloth 12 Cnt
CH971-55392 Hardware - Assy Vacuum Switch Gator Ink D
CH971-62374 Hardware - Tube Tygon R-3603 0.0625 Id
CH971-62385 Hardware - Tube Tygon 2075 0.25 Id 0.375
CH971-62414 Hardware - Fitting Male Luer Lock Ring 1/
CH971-62547 Hardware - Luer fitting (White) - 1/8-inch, male-taper - Used on the ink tubing
CH971-62550 Hardware - Luer fitting (White) - 3/32-inch, male-taper - Used on the ink tubing
CH971-62678 Hardware - Latch Draw Spring Loaded
CH971-90811 Hardware - Carriage drive motor - For Scitex printers Scitex Color Span Carriage Drive Motor unit.
CH971-91064 Hardware - Valve - Used to switch on or off the flow of ink, air or cleaning solution (the color of the wiring on this generic valve may not match the wiring color of the valve being replaced, however, they are interchangeable)
CH971-91219 Hardware - Frm Air Filter 1.0 Micron Bhil
CH971-91302 Hardware - Frm Chimney Fan Bhil Rohs
CH971-91414 Hardware - Side alignment fence - Attached to belt assembly
CH980-00219 Hardware - Nut Hex Metric Keps M6 Blck Ro
CK704A Hardware - Hp Videonet Adapter
CH971-90716 Idler - Carriage idler assembly - Located on left end of the printer - Includes various parts and instructions describing how to remove and replace the item
PKG-BX663 Kit - Kit Packaging Hammerhead S+t
CH234A Lamp - HP Scitex FB910 UV Replacement Lamp
CH971-91377 Lamp - Frm Lamp Glass L
CH971-91388 Lamp - Frm Brd Uv Lamp Cntrl L
CH971-90854 Maintenance Kit - Grease kit - Used to lubricate gritroll bearings, media drive worm gear, and up/down threads of the media hold-down roller
CH971-91089 Media - Media spool collet - 3-inch in size - Can be hand tightened and loosened around the steel media spool
CH971-91461 Media - Frm Media Detect Snsr L
CH971-91463 Media - Frm Media Mtr/Redcr L
CH154-67028 Media Kit - Ebox Filter Media Kit (Fb950)
CH971-90713 Motor - Media advance motor - Only includes the motor
CH971-91561 Motor - Takeup motor and switch assembly - Used for the roll-to-roll accessory - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB910/FB950
CH971-62834 Mount - Flush panel mount - Recessed plastic hand-hold as used in the enclosures - For the Scitex FB910/FB950/FB500/FB700
CH971-91610 Packaging - Frm Repackaging Universal Exchange
CH971-91405 Pad - Leveling pad - For Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910 printers
CH971-50040 Pan - Assy Ppca Mthrbd Hammerhd 2 Gb Tappan
0901389 PC Board - Order Ch971-91389
CH971-91389 PC Board - Motor driver board (motor control board) - Located in the electronics assembly - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB91O/FB950 printers
CH971-91450 PC Board - Power Distribution board - Regulates the 3-phase power going into the printer
CH971-60021 Pin - Cbl Parallel 37 Pin 1 To 1 3ft Shld
CH971-91402 Pin - Alignment pin assembly - These pins are used to set position of multiple sheets - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910
CH971-56213 Power Cord - Main AC power cord - For use with Scitex FB910/FB950 printers
CH971-90826 Power Supply - ATX power supply - Output voltage 12VDC - Located in the main electronics box
CH971-91083 Power Supply - Power supply and power plug adapter kit - Needed to implement the external auxiliary power source for IDS vacuum
CH971-91451 Power Supply - Power supply unit - For the ionizer bar used on the ColorSpan Legacy DisplayMaker 72UVR/72UVX/98UVX, and Scitex FB910
CH104-67002 Pressure Assembly - Vacuum/pressure assembly - Pressure pump for the Ink Delivery System (IDS) - Located on the OHS assembly
CH971-91198 Pressure Assembly - Vacuum/pressure assembly - For use with DisplayMaker UVR/UVX and Scitex FB910/9840 printers
CH971-91156 Printhead - Generic slave printhead - Comes pre-configured as a middle printhead, by adding or subtracting various Luer fittings (supplied), can be configured to be either a left or right slave - For the Scitex FB910 and ColorSpan Legacy DisplayMaker UV models
CH971-91417 Rail - Frm Rail Hght Brd L
CH971-91418 Rail - Frm Rail Hght Estrp L
CH971-91419 Rail - Frm Rail Hght Lmt Sw L
CH971-91566 Rail - Fmk Rail Frm Grnd L
CH971-50021 Receptacle - External AC-input receptacle (Blue) - Includes the cable from the receptacle to the AC filter
CH971-91449 Relay - Frm Ac Relay L
CH104-67001 Reservoir - Printhead reservoir kit - For use when there is a reservoir leak, fitting problem, or other printhead issues, where jetting is not the problem - For use with any of the piezo-printhead engines
CH971-91224 Ring - O-ring - Located on the ink box connector
CH971-56310 Roller - Transition Roller Table Hammerhead
CH971-56311 Roller - Cvr Roller Table Hammerhead
CH971-57296 Roller - Foam-covered metal roller - Used in two places in the roll-feed supply system - For use with Scitex FB910/FB950 printers
CH971-91603 Roller - Bearing media roller
0601806-025 Screw - Screw Shc 1.0 Pitch Sst M6 25mm Lg
CH971-63015 Screw - Screw Shc 1.0pitch M6 St16mm Lg Blkoxide
CQ114-67108 Screw - Rubber screws - Set of 2 rubber screws to fasten blower to blower plate in the media belt vacuum trays - For the Scitex FB500/FB700 printer
CH971-55394 Sensor - Sensor assembly - Used to vacuum pressure in the gator ink delivery system
CH971-62685 Sensor - Bracket height adjustment sensor - Mounting bracket for the alignment sensor that confirms that the media is straight before the pinch roller goes down
CH971-91406 Sensor - Media thickness sensor assembly - Calibrated in the factory - For the Scitex FB950/FB910/FB500/FB700 printer
0901372 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91372
0901386 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91386
0901387 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91387
0970697 Service Parts - Order Ch971-90697
506880 Service Parts - Order Ch971-56880
506881 Service Parts - Order Ch971-56881
901372 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91372
901386 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91386
901387 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91387
901389 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91389
901462 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91462
901560 Service Parts - Order Ch971-91560
970697 Service Parts - Order Ch971-90697
CH135A Service Parts - HP SC200 3-liter Cyan Ink
CH136A Service Parts - HP SC200 3-liter Magenta Ink
CH137A Service Parts - HP SC200 3-liter Yellow Ink
CH138A Service Parts - HP SC200 3-liter Black Ink
CH971-60078 Service Parts - Cbl Pwr C20/C19/Nema6-15 20a 250vac
CH971-91372 Service Parts - Frm Trolley L
CH971-91373 Service Parts - Frm Brd Head L
CH971-91375 Service Parts - Frm Uv Bulb L
CH971-91381 Service Parts - Frm Blt Mn Carrdrv L
CH971-91384 Service Parts - Frm Sply Uv Power L
CH971-91385 Service Parts - Frm Cbl Uv Ctrl Igus L
CH971-91387 Service Parts - Frm Brd I/O L
CH971-91390 Service Parts - Frm Encl Carr Cvr L
CH971-91391 Service Parts - Frm Wipe Station L
CH971-91392 Service Parts - Frm Sw Wpstn Drwr L
CH971-91393 Service Parts - Frm Sw Wpstn Lid L
CH971-91394 Service Parts - Frm Wpstn Drwr+lid L
CH971-91399 Service Parts - Frm Ohs Brd L
CH971-91401 Service Parts - Frm Input Roll Hght Adj L
CH971-91408 Service Parts - Frm Hires Encdr L
CH971-91409 Service Parts - Frm Shop Air Reg L
CH971-91410 Service Parts - Frm Usr_Side_Pnl L
CH971-91411 Service Parts - Frm Pneum Tubing Lng L
CH971-91412 Service Parts - Frm Pneum Press Reg L
CH971-91413 Service Parts - Frm Ac Pwr Reg L
CH971-91415 Service Parts - Frm Ser Side Rl Mtr L
CH971-91416 Service Parts - Frm Usr Side Rl Mtr L
CH971-91437 Service Parts - Frm Ser Side Cbl Loom L
CH971-91445 Service Parts - Frm User Input Cbl Loom L
CH971-91446 Service Parts - Frm Pwr Sply 36vdc L
CH971-91448 Service Parts - Frm Pwr Sply 24vdc L
CH971-91453 Service Parts - Frm Pneum Press Vlv L
CH971-91464 Service Parts - Frm Videonet Ext Plg L
CH971-91465 Service Parts - Frm Track Data Cbl L
CH971-91466 Service Parts - Frm Track Pwr Cbl L
CH971-91641 Service Parts - Fmk General Update 12-07 L
CH971-91404 Shield - Frm Blt Shield L
CH971-91258 Spindle - Media spool - Includes two 3-inch collets - For use with 98-inch printers
CH971-91558 Spindle - Media spool - Does not inlcude collets - For use with 98-inch printers
CH971-91559 Spindle - Media spool - Does not inlcude collets - For use with 72-inch printers
CH971-56544 Strip - Sheild Rail Hammerhead Endoder Strip
0506880 Support - Order Ch971-56880
CH971-56880 Support - Media support table - For use with the Scitex FB910/FB950
CH154-67037 Switch - Replacement foot switch - Orange safety hood not included - For the Scitex FB700/FB950/FB910 and H-Series
CH233A Switch - HP DJ H35000/H45000 Floor Switch
CH971-91444 Switch - Switch - Configures the power distribution board for the type of 3-phase power used at the site - This switch must be set correctly before power is applied to the printer, or serious damage can occur to the printer
CH971-91469 Switch - On/Off switch - Located on the electronics assembly - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910 printers
CQ115-67002 Switch - Frm Foot Switch U
CH971-91562 Tensioner - Supply tensioner - Used on the user-input bracket, for use with the supply and take-up system - For use with Scitex FB910/FB950 printers
CH971-91105 Thermistor - Air and ink thermistors - They have been calibrated as a pair, and should be replaced as a pair
CH971-91572 Tool - Belt tension tool kit - Fixture used to measure tension on the media belt - Requires a dial indicator (not included) - For the Scitex FB500/FB700/FB950/FB910
CH971-91620 Tool - Tool Rickshaw Rods L
CH971-91467 Tray - Frm Mid Vac Tray L
CH971-91468 Tray - Frm Input/Output Vac Tray L
CH971-91227 Tube - U-tube - For use with ink between two printheads of a color
CH971-91613 Tube - Fmk Press Tube Replc L
CH971-91344 Vacuum - Restrictor - For use with all vacuum/pressure assemblies
CH108-67001 Wheel - Bearing/wheel assemblies kit - For use with the Scitex FB910 printer and older carriages
CH971-91440 Wheel - Frm Printer Wheel L
CH971-91441 Wheel - Frm Cabinet Wheel L
CH971-91443 Wheel - Frm Top Trolley Wheels L

Scitex FB910 printer parts list
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