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CQ745A DesignJet H45500 OEM Printer

HP DesignJet H45500 OEM (CQ745A)

MFG Part Number: CQ745A

HP parts list for CQ745A HP DesignJet H45500 OEM Printer

B6Y15A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Matte Black Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y16A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Chromatic Red Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y17A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Magenta Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y18A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Yellow Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y19A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Light Magenta Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y20A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Light Cyan Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y21A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Photo Black Designjet Ink Cartridge
B6Y22A Cartridge - 771A 775-ml Light Gray Designjet Ink Cartridge
51642A Film - Polyester matte film - 61cm (24in) x 36.6m (120ft) roll
51642B Film - Polyester matte film - 91.4cm (36in) x 36.6m (120ft) roll
CG935A Film - Film (Adhesive) for HP Designjet 3D Printer, Designjet T790, DesignJet 5500 Series
CG439A Paper - Paper (Banner) for Designjet L25500 Series HP Designjet L25500 printer series HP Designjet 3D Printer Designjet T790 Durable Frontlit Scrim Banner (42" x 60')
CH006A Paper - Paper (Banner) for Designjet L25500 Series, HP Designjet L25500 printer series, HP Designjet 3D Printer, Designjet T790
Q1956A Paper - HP Heavyweight Coated Paper - 106.7cm (42in) x 68.6m (225ft) roll
Q6576A Paper - Paper (Glossy) for DesignJet 500, DesignJet 800 Series, DesignJet 5100 Series, HP Designjet 3D Printer
Q6578A Paper - HP Universal Instant-dry Photo Gloss - 152.4cm (60in) x 30.5m (100ft) roll
CQ745A-Repair_DesignJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
CQ745A-Manual_DesignJet Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
0901492 Thermistor - Thermistors kit - Includes two ink and one air temperature thermistor (they have been calibrated together and should be replaced together)
CG934A Vinyl Adhesive - Vinyl (Adhesive) for Designjet L25500 Series, HP Designjet L25500 printer series, HP Designjet 3D Printer, Designjet T790

DesignJet H45500 OEM Printer parts list
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