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CX109A Scitex 9000 Industrial Press

HP Scitex 9000 Industrial Press (CX109A)

MFG Part Number: CX109A

HP parts list for CX109A HP Scitex 9000 Industrial Press

CW145-34720 Absorber - Sp-Shock-Absorber,25mm,L-175mm-220m
0100-3888 Adapter - Fitting Tee Adapter 3/8-In Brass
CW190-06480 Adapter - Svt Sick Load Cable + Usb Adapter
CX190-05901 ADF Roller Kit - 9000 Uptime Kit
CX190-06230 ADF Roller Kit - 9000 Carpet Kit
CV010-04399 APS - 9000 Flaps Piston
CW154-05981 APS - 9000 Flaps Valve Assy
CW154-05991 APS - 9000 Flaps Piston Assy
CX154-06021 APS - Flaps Pneumatic Assy, Right
CX154-06042 APS - Flaps, Pneumatic Assy, Left
CW145-13420 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv In Lec2uv
CW145-13460 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv Out Chiller2press
CW145-13470 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv Out Press2chiller
CW145-16571 Assembly - Flap, Assy
CW154-02050 Assembly - Machine Start Assy
CW154-02872 Assembly - Ws Assy Z8g4 Hdr Win10 Sp
CW980-01032 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy
CX145-04511 Assembly - Track System Assy
CX145-13430 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv In Uv2lec
CX145-13460 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv Out Chiller2press
CX145-13470 Assembly - Uclr Hose Assy,Uv Out Press2chiller
CX145-16571 Assembly - Flap, Assy
CW145-11390 Beam - Load Beam Pulley
CW190-09090 Beam - Shims For Vcu Beam
CX143-07630 Beam - Gf Fans Beam
CX190-08980 Beam - 1x000 Ink Beam Rev 37 Replacement
CX190-09000 Beam - 1x000 Ink Beam Rev 38 Replacement
0360-3079 Block - Terminal Block Gray 5.2-Mm-Wd Rohs
CW143-23340 Block - Lics Rail Block Shs35lv1gge 48x70x152
CX145-19291 Block - X Axis Linear Rail, 5 Lics Block
CY149-40533 Block - Lm Rail Block Shs35lv1ss 48x70x152(Qty2)
CX145-01050 Bracket - Igus Moving Bracket
CX161-07830 Brake - Cbl Load Right Beam Motor Pwr & Brake
0360-2898 Bridge - Bar-Center-Bridge 10 Pole Rohs
CX143-30810 Brush - Uv Bs Shield Brush
CX190-10330 Brush - Anti-Static Brush Sk For Hdr
344-000039 Bulkhead - Bulkhead Female Staight 6x1/8
CW154-06210 Cabinet - Sp Hdr Uv Cabinet Hmi - Bnr
23-0988 Cable - F300 Cable High Flex Grade H.V 12m
504000007 Cable - Cable Jet140 Type2 Assy
504T2D366 Cable - Cable Jet35 Assy 26p Flat
698210-001 Cable - Capacitive sensor cable
698211-001 Cable - Web camera module cable
733491-001 Cable - SATA hard drive interface cable
733492-001 Cable - SATA optical drive interface cable
733493-001 Cable - Power converter interface cable
733494-001 Cable - Display panel low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) reverse cable - Only compatible with system board spare 700624-xxx or spare 739680-xxx
733495-001 Cable - Display panel backlight cable - For use with LG and BOE display panels
733496-001 Cable - Display panel backlight cable - For use with Samsung display panels
733497-001 Cable - Touch control board interface cable
733498-001 Cable - Touch drive reverse cable
796379-001 Cable - Display panel backlight cable
CW161-06060 Cable - Cable Cat6 Rj451m For Ethernet 1g
CW161-06560 Cable - Cable Lift 3-4 Full Sns To Bnr
CW903-67508 Cable - H340 Hv/Irradiator Hi-Flex Cable, 12m
CX161-03391 Cable - Cable Lift I/O
CX190-00844 Cable - Lec Internal Cables Set, Geffen
5189-6222 Chain - Igus Cable Chain E6.
CX145-10700 Chain - Cable Chain E6.40 Assy
CX145-12500 Chain - Cable Chain Igus 2400 R75 62links
CX145-10602 Channel - X Channel Cables Assy
CX145-11010 Channel - Vcu Guide Channel Assy
CX197-00050 Channel - Vacuum Channel Assy.
CX197-00061 Channel - Vacuum Channel Assy
8500-8741 Cleaner - Universal Ph Neutral Cleaner F3 500ml
CW154-01163 Connector - Csr Moby Connector Geffen
CW906-60401 Connector - Cmb\csr Clean Filter Cpc Connector Qty=3
CX143-39562 Connector - Piston To Cylinder Connector
CV049-02836 Contact - Contactor,24vdc,18a,3pole,9kw,1nc,1no
1254-3137 Coupler - Adapter & Coupler
344GX1360 Coupler - Cpc Coupling 1/4 Bspt Epdm Purple
344GX1361 Coupler - Cpc Coupling Tube 4x2.5 Epdm Purple
354C70200 Coupler - Spider F/Coupling Gs24/28 98 Sh A Gs
733502-001 Cover - Rear top cover assembly - For HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC
733503-001 Cover - Rear bottom cover assembly - For HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC
733504-001 Cover - Plastic rear I/O cover
733505-001 Cover - Right side cover - Provide access to the optical drive
CC903-10081 Cover - Recovery Image Dvd (8.5gb) For Hp Xw4600
CX145-17322 Cover - Uv Cover Outer Middle, Weld
CW154-06220 Disk - Usb Flash Disk For Hdr Win10 Recovery
CX154-06220 Disk - Usb Flash Disk Z8g4 Hdr Recovery
735208-001 Display - Full HD IPS: Four Pin Connector on 23-inch (58.4cm) 16:9 widescreen touch display panel kit - Maximum resolution 1920px X 1080px - Includes touch module backlight cable touch drive cable and jumper setting replacement label - For HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC Touch model
CX161-10290 Display - Cbl Display-Port To Display-Port 10m
CX954-01020 Dongle - Sw Installation For Hdr Pvi 4.2 Dongle
CX954-01040 Dongle - Pvi Dongle For Hdr Sp
CW161-06800 Door - Fan Assy For Pdu Door
CX145-27890 Door - Profile R-100 Vs Door, Weld
395000072 Drum - Drum S Scraper
CW161-03181 Duct - Cable Spider To Ids Duct Waste Moby
CX190-06560 Duct - Productivity Enhancement 9000
CW145-18813 Extender - Table Fold Extender
3160-4297 Fan - Fan 24vdc 0.93a 22.4w 119x119x38mm
5189-0249 Fan - Fan,24vdc,0.4a,9.36w,49.9cfm,60*60*38mm
733489-001 Fan - Cooling fan/blower assembly
733507-001 Frame - Plastic front chassis frame - For models with a webcam (does not include glass)
801214-001 Frame - Front frame assembly - Contains 2mp webcam module - For 23-inch AiO PC
CY036-03325 Fuse - Fuse Terminal Block 15a 300v
CX143-04430 Gasket - Gf Vcu Gasket
CX144-00950 Gasket - Gasket Between Beam And Middle Tank
CX144-02790 Gasket - Gasket For Beam, Middle Tank Rev 37-38
5851-0244 Grease - Grease White High Perform. Paste 470gr
CY096-03626 Grease - Grease Gun Unit Mg70
340E00030 Guard - Finger guard for 120mm fan metal
CW980-01174 Guide - Guide Channel
733487-001 Heat Sink - Processor heat sink assembly
750340-001 Heat Sink - Processor heat sink assembly
507AX0539 Holder - Heads Holder Subassy Lx0211 00
CX141-07650 Holder - Holder,Front,Piston
CW145-11040 IDS - Ids Ink Pump Sp
CX145-13400 IDS - Uclr Hose Assy,Ids In Ids2lec
CX145-13410 IDS - Uclr Hose Assy,Ids In Lec2ids
CX154-01171 IDS - Uv/Ids Unified Heat Management System
5851-0374 Insert - Wire Thread Insert Din 8140 A M3x3
CX145-11781 Interlock - Interlock, Assy
1390-1551 Key - Key Steel Zinc Double Bit
CW172-00450 Key - Uv Baldwin Safety Key With Software V1.1
CW172-00460 Key - Hdr 9000 Safety Key Software Ver 0963
CW980-00007 Key - Safety Lock Key Sp
CC903-67364 Kit - V Pump 11kw Adapting Undercarriage Kit
CX190-05902 Kit - 9000 Uptime Kit
CX190-05903 Kit - 9000 Uptime Kit
CW154-02680 Lamp - Csr Uv Lamp - Ptfe Qr - Lamphead Sp
CX154-02300 Lamp - Cyclinder Assy W/O Valve - Lamphead Sp
CX154-02670 Lamp - Hp Lamphead Loom S201 Qc - Lamphead Sp
CX143-15580 Leg - Leg Spacer 10mm,Chassis
CX143-39961 Lever - Locker Lever
CW145-34960 Lifter - Drive, Lifter, Assy
CW980-01034 Magnet - Track,Magnet,100mm Height,L-675mm
CW980-01035 Magnet - Track,Magnet,100mm Height,L-945mm
736499-001 Module - 2MP HD webcam module - With dual microphone array
801215-001 Module - Contains 2mp FHD webcam module with 2d microphone assembly - For 23-inch AiO PC
CV096-03368 Module - Module;X20;Communication;Pwrlnk
CV096-03672 Module - Module;Interface;X20;1 Ethernet Ip Adapt
CW154-06130 Monitor - Hp Elitedisplay 23-In Touch Mon Dp2dvi
CX161-07421 Motor - Cable, Power To Motor X1
CX161-07431 Motor - Cable, Power To Motor X2
733513-001 Mylar - Mylar cover For the power button board
CW980-01120 Nut - Nut, T-Slot, M4 Set, Qty 20
CW154-05940 Pan - Gf Br Pneu Panel Purge Regulator Assy
733501-001 Panel - Left side panel assembly - For HP EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One PC
CW161-09970 Panel - Clock Micro Purge B Pneumatic Panel
CW161-09980 Panel - Clock Purge B.Pneumatic Panel
CX145-09106 Panel - Gf Print Unit Pneumatic Panel Assy
CX145-16352 Panel - Panel #1, Assy
CX145-27910 Panel - Profile R-100 Vs Panel, Weld
173000033 PC Board - Relay 1pole 24vdc 5a Spdt+led Pcb
20-6056 PC Board - Pcb Assy. Spectra Mother Brd Ndp
503B2L687S PC Board - Board Pc Adaptor Assy
700624-001 PC Board - System board assembly for MXM/UMA - Replacement for HP AS# 697289-001 spare 700624-001 - Only replace with C2 board AS# 697286-002 spare 739680-001 - Requires LVDS cable spare 733494-001 - Do not replace with UMA-only system board - For Windows 7.x OS
732493-001 PC Board - Power inverter/converter printed circuit board (PCA) assembly - Compatible with BOE
733486-001 PC Board - Touch sensor printed circuit board (PCB) assembly
739680-001 PC Board - System board assembly for MXM - Replacement for ASSY# 697289-001 spare 700624-001 - Only replace with C2 board ASSY# 697286-002 spare 739680-001 - Requires LVDS cable spare 733494-001 - Do not replace with UMA-only system board - For Windows 7.x OS
750339-001 PC Board - Power inverter/converter printed circuit board (PCA) assembly - Compatible with BOE in addition to Samsung (and later LG series)
787813-001 PC Board - Power inverter/converter printed circuit board (PCA) assembly - Compatible with BOE in addition to Samsung (and later LG series)
CW154-03601 PC Board - Board Pic4 Passive Mech. Assy Emc Rw
CW980-01173 Pin - Pin,Dowel,4x20,Din 6325,Hdst,(Qty-40)
0100-3403 Plug - Threaded Plug 3"-Threaded-Od
733490-001 Power Supply - Power supply unit (PSU) - Rated at 200W, 19VDC output, 92-percent energy-efficient
CW980-01019 Power Supply - Z820 Power Supply
CW980-01022 Power Supply - Z840 Power Supply
C8N39AV Product - HP USB Optical 3-button Mouse
D0A36AV Product - 4GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM (1x4GB) RAM
E3G55EC Product - HP 800EO AiO T i54570S 500G 4.0G 28 PC
CX145-19301 Rail - X Axis Linear Rail, 11 Lm Blocks
CV100-01394 Reflector - Reflector 51x61mm
CX161-07750 Registration - Cbl,Registration Pins Control Switch
CW154-05930 Regulator - Precision Pressure Regulator Assy
CX145-31550 Regulator - Regulator 1/4, Banjo Ring 8 Assy
0490-2816 Relay - Relay 100v 40a
0490-2841 Relay - Relay Contactor 4pole 2nc 2no 24vac/Dc
CX143-41170 Resistor - Fitting Resistor 10mm Orifice 1/2 In M/F
12-0242 Ring - Retaining Ring For Shaft D6, Din 471 A2
343000017 Ring - O Ring Big
CX145-27951 Ring - Gasspring-700n
CW145-17861 Rod - Cylinder Tri-Rod Double Acting 16x25
CX190-06810 Scale - X Encoder Scale Replacement Kit
CX102A Scitex - HP Scitex 11000 Industrial Press
CX109A Scitex - HP Scitex 9000 Industrial Press
CX110A Scitex - HP scitex 15000 corrugated press
CX112A Scitex - HP Scitex 15500 Corrugated Press
CX120A Scitex - HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press
12-0333 Screw - Screw,Sfh M6x35,Din 7991,A2
12-0367 Screw - Screw Shc M8x60 Din 912 St.Zinc Pl.
380000314 Screw - Screw Sfh M5x12 Din7991 A2
507A2D199 Screw - Screws Set
CW189-04400 Sensors - Sealing Kit Sensor Assy
CW145-12941 Separator - Separator Drain Valve
000-60-00-054 Service Parts - Wrench Type Er 40 E For Chucks
0100-3400 Service Parts - Nipple Thread-Od-3" 95mm-Lg 87mm-Wd Upvc
0100-3865 Service Parts - Fitting Street Elbow 3/4" Sst Bsp
0100-3866 Service Parts - Threaded Hex Nipple 3/4" 3/4" Sst Bsp
0100-3871 Service Parts - Fitting Tee 3/4" Stainless Steel Bsp
0100-3881 Service Parts - Tread-Weld Union 1 3/8"-D 1 1/4"-Thread
0100-3886 Service Parts - Fitting Pipe Coupling 3/8"-Dia Bronze
0100-3891 Service Parts - Fitting Coupling Drop Pipe 1/2" Bronze
1494-0538 Service Parts - Brg Linear 34mm-W 24mm-H 2110mm-L
1494-0550 Service Parts - Slide Semi-Telescopic 43mm-Wd 22mm-Ht
360C10300 Service Parts - Star Bear Carr+lobr N1651 294 10+1919 Scitex XLJet Star Bear Carr+Lobr - 360C10300
366AX2968 Service Parts - SELF CENTR MAV 6903 24x50+WHT ZINC 50 80
5189-0085 Service Parts - Linear Drive
5189-4281 Service Parts - Order Cv518-94281
8121-1548 Service Parts - Usb A Type To Usb A Type Male 1.7m-Lg
CV010-03071 Service Parts - Fitting 3/4 Inch Bspt Male To 25mm
CV010-03640 Service Parts - Fitting-Push-In 12mm-Od-F 1/2"r-M Qty 3
CV089-02453 Service Parts - Tube, Rilsan Pa11 S40 8x6mm Blue 100m
CV089-02454 Service Parts - Tube, Rilsan Pa11 S40 12x10mm Blue 50m
CV089-02455 Service Parts - Tube, Rilsan Pa11 S40 12x10mm Red 50m
CV089-02458 Service Parts - Tube, Rilsan Pa11 S40 8x6mm Red 100m
CV096-03452 Service Parts - Flow Meter,5-90lpm,G3/4,Freq.Out
CV310-14210 Service Parts - Switch,Emergency,1nc,1no,22mm Mushroom
CV310-30530 Service Parts - Thermostat;Bi Metal;Nc Spst;43-60c
CW144-01640 Service Parts - Gf Norprene Hose 2810mm
CW145-12513 Service Parts - Geffen Middle Tank For Service
CW145-34880 Service Parts - Geffen Middle Tank Service Rev 37-38
CW145-35090 Service Parts - Twin Sphere Connectors, 32 Union Thread
CW154-01002 Service Parts - Csr Float, Main Tank, Geffen
CW161-09880 Service Parts - Sensor 9000 Ml Piston
CW190-06900 Service Parts - Cross Valve Diaphragm Replacement Set
CW190-09060 Service Parts - Csr System Cleaning And Treatment
CW980-00707 Service Parts - Xp Image Restore Sp
CW980-00987 Service Parts - Cmb/Csr Sparrow 11 Pha(Qty=5)
CW980-01009 Service Parts - Cmb/Csr Sparrow 11 Pha(Qty-5)
CW980-01016 Service Parts - Hp 8gb (1x8gb) Ddr3-1866 Ecc (Qty-2)
CW980-01017 Service Parts - Hp 8gb (1x8gb) Ddr4-2133 Ecc (Qty-2)
CW980-01020 Service Parts - Nvidia Quadro K600 Gdd5 1gb
CW980-01021 Service Parts - Drv Hd 1tb Sata 3
CW980-01023 Service Parts - Nvidia Quadro K620 2gb
CW980-01180 Service Parts - 8gb Ddr42666 Ecc Reg 1cpu
CW980-01190 Service Parts - 1tb 7200 Sata 3.5in
CW980-01202 Service Parts - 960gb 2.5in Enterprise Sata-3 Ssd
CX141-13090 Service Parts - Hanging Bracket
CX145-12740 Service Parts - Uclr Heat Exchanger 809 In311e 3
CX145-13450 Service Parts - Uclr Hose Assy,Ids Out Press2chiller
CX145-35050 Service Parts - 4 Bar Override Regulator
CX190-05242 Service Parts - 1x000 Ink Beam Rev 28 Replacement
CX190-06250 Service Parts - Cmb Hp Scitex 9000 Sp For Maintenance
CX190-06550 Service Parts - One Day Fco 2016 2
CX190-06860 Service Parts - Naintenance 9000 Sanmina
CX190-08300 Service Parts - Cmb Hp Scitex 9000 Sp For Maintenance
CX192-00060 Service Parts - Uv Stray Light Risk Labels Set
CX954-01030 Service Parts - Usb Flash Sw Installation For Hdr Pvi
CY096-04941 Service Parts - Sinamics V20 Parameter Loader 90x57x28mm
P347C63097 Service Parts - Sol. Air Ret.Valve 24vdc 4 Way
CX190-06310 Sheet - 9000 Multi Sheet Solution
CW145-20312 Shield - Backshield Uv Assy
0100-3399 Socket - Socket 3"-Thread-Od Upvc 108mm-Lg 89mm-W
CV049-10364 Solenoid - Solenoid Valve For 9000 Flaps
733514-001 Speaker - Internal speakers (left and right)
5189-4246 Spring - Spring Compression Od=19.2 Wd=3.2
3101-4272 Stop - Switch-Pushbutton Emgcy-Stop 2nc
CW145-34200 Stopper - Ml X Stopper Assy Qty 3
CX161-09600 Strap - Ground Strap 400mm
5189-6465 Strip - Strip;Ls1519 Psa (20x4.8x2500)mm
732490-001 Switch - On/off power switch/LED cable assembly
CX143-10240 Tab - Table Shims 0.5mm
CX143-10250 Tab - Table Shims 0.1mm
CX143-10260 Tab - Table Shims 0.2mm
CX143-10690 Tab - Table Shims 0.05 Mm
CX143-24080 Tractor - Head Extractor
733506-001 Trim - Plastic rear trim piece
0100-3893 Tube - Male Elbow 10mm-Tube-Od R3/8 Rc3/8
0100-4004 Tube - Fitting-Elbow 10mm-Od-Tube R2-Thread
CX144-00620 Tube - Gf Vcu Tube Polyurethane 3"
CX145-05460 Tube - Gf Vcu Plasson Tube Assy
CV585-10445 Unit - Cmb Clean Room Wpe 9x9150units/Bag(Qty=4
CX145-05950 Vaccum - Table Vaccum Assy
CW145-04220 Vacuum - Gf Vcu Vacuum Profile Assy
CW245-12820 Vacuum - Csr D40l125 Piston Assy For Lc Vacuum Sy
CX145-04220 Vacuum - Gf Vcu Vacuum Profile Assy
CX145-25772 Vacuum - Vacuum Table With 9 Legs(Logistic)
3050-2426 Washer - Washer M8 8.4mm-Id-Min 25mm-Od-Max Ss
610S04049 Washer - Washer Cmzzi 2661 1/8
CW145-23851 Waste - Csr Waste Moby Assy
12-0162 Wedge - Leveling Wedge Mount Pka 1 4 M16
CX143-19210 Wheel - Wheel For Bath Cover
CX143-19220 Wheel - Wheel Tube 12x2x28.6 Bath Cover

Scitex 9000 Industrial Press parts list
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