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CZ044A deskjet 3510 e-all-in-one printer

HP deskjet 3510 e-all-in-one printer (CZ044A)

MFG Part Number: CZ044A 7ppm black, 5ppm color, 600 DPI, 1 USB 2.0;1 WiFi 802.11b/g/n

HP parts list for CZ044A HP deskjet 3510 e-all-in-one printer

CZ021-80003 Absorber - Absorber - Cmy Plus
CZ044A-Absorber Absorber - Ink service station (ISS) bottom absorber foam - absorbs ink during the cleaning process. Service station absorber (sponge) - soaks up used ink during cartridge cleaning. Works as sled filters.
CZ044A-AC_Adapter AC Adapter - Power supply module or adapter - one end for connecting to the printer and other end to the power cord, or your ac adapter may have the pwr cord attached.
CB760-80023 Accessory - Absorber-K for HP CR232A
CZ044A-Actuator Actuator - Actuating unit. this part usually causes the carriage assembly to stalls on the left side of the printer, verify that the clutch actuator arm (slider arm).
CZ044A-Arm_Delivery Arm Delivery - Paper sensing arm - for 'paper out' or delivering paper sensing arm
CZ044A-Arm_Door Arm Door - Carriage access door sensor arm
CZ044A-Arm_Pickup Arm Pick Up - Paper detection arm - for registration plate on picking up paper
CZ044A-Arm_Plate Arm Plate - Lever arm - used to lift the pressure plate lifter
CZ044A-Arm_Sensing Arm Sensing - Arm assembly senses paper in bottom tray
CZ044A-Arm_Tension Arm Tension - Tension arm - maintains tension on carriage belt
CZ044-60001 Assembly - Assy-Document Lid Gwl
CX027-40011 Base - Tray-Output Base
CZ044-40004 Base - Base-Input Tray
CZ044A-Battery Battery - Battery pack for hp printer
CZ044A-Belt_Carriage Belt Carriage - Carriage belt - moves the carriage assembly across the carriage rod
CZ044A-Belt_Paper Belt Paper - Paper drive belt (usually a small belt) - this belt attaches to a gear which is driven by the paper drive motor assembly.
CX027-40003 Bezel - Bezel-Scan
CZ044A-Bezel Bezel - Front panel overlay (bezel) - (english) control panel bezel - frame around display and control panel
CB760-40101 Blade - Fnh-Blade
CZ044A-Bracket_Left Bracket Left - Left bracket - carriage rod adjustment bracket (left)
CZ044A-Bracket_Right Bracket Right - Right bracket - carriage rod adjustment bracket (right)
CZ044A-Bracket_Tension Bracket Tension - Belt tension bracket - holds the carriage belt idler pulley
8121-0868 Cable - Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface cable (Black) - Type 'A' connector to type 'B' connector - 1.83m (6.0ft) long
8121-1186 Cable - Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface cable (Black) - Type 'A' connector to type 'B' connector - 1.83m (6.0ft) long
8121-1585 Cable - Cable Assy Usb A-B 1.5-M-Lg Black
CZ044A-Cable_Carriage Cable Carriage - Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the carriage motor
CZ044A-Cable_Interface Cable Interface - Parallel cable - connects from your printer to computer via your parallel port.
CZ044A-Cable_Mchnsm Cable Mechanism - Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the print mechanism
CZ044A-Cable_Panel Cable Panel - Cable Panel assembly - includes ribbon cable this is the cable that connects to the control panel or display.
CZ044A-Cable_USB Cable USB - This interface cable is the standard 2.0 usb cable that connects to your printer and computer for printing.
CZ044A-Cam Cam - Drawer cam - short, spring loaded lever attached to the paper tray frame - used to draw input tray into position
CZ044A-Cap_Lifter Cap Lifter - These lifter caps hold the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place.
CZ044A-Carriage_Assy Carriage Assembly - Ink cartridge carriage assembly - includes carriage, felt, felt retainers, ink cartridge latches, trailing cable, pc board, belt attachment hardware, and slider.
CZ044A-Carriage_Base Carriage Base - Carriage base or pre-loader assembly - mounted to bottom of carriage base
CZ044A-Carriage_Belt Carriage Belt - Carriage drive belt, this belt is attached to the carriage and carriage motor, it moves the carriage side to side while priting.
CZ044A-Carriage_Cable Carriage Cable - Flex circuit cable which connects the head driver board to the carriage assembly. in some units it is also known as the trailing cable, this cable moves along with the carriage unit (side to side).
CZ044A-Carriage_Latch Carriage Latch - A-arm latch - retains latch over the printheads on the carriage
CZ044A-Carriage_Latch_CVR Carriage Latch Cover - The carriage latch is used to keep the cartridge(s) in place. this latch(s) hold the cartridge(s) in place while carriage is printing or idle.
CZ044A-Carriage_Motor Carriage Motor - Carriage motor moves the carriage unit side to side. the carriage belt goes arround this motor, which controls carriage movement.
CZ044A-Carriage_Only Carriage Only - Carriage only - includes carriage, felt, felt retainers, ink cartridge latches - does not include trailing cable, pc board, belt attachment hardware, or slider (for complete carriage unit, please see carriage assembly).
CZ044A-Carriage_PC_BRD Carriage PC Board - This pc board attaches on the carriage, it is usually a small pc board that has carrage cable attached to it.
CZ044A-Chassis Chassis - Chassis assembly - the large plastic item that forms the base of the print mechanism
CZ044A-Clutch_Feed Clutch Feed - Clutch unit resposible for unit picking up paper from the pick up unit.
CZ044A-Control_Panel Control Panel - Control panel assembly - control buttons and display on top front of the unit.
CX027-40009 Cover - Tray-Output Cover
CZ044A-Cover_Back Cover Back - Back cover of printer, it is usually removed to clear paper jams.
CZ044A-Cover_Cartridge Cover Cartridge - This is the cover/ door that is opened to remove the cartridge(s) - usually, when this door opens the carriage moves.
CZ044A-Cover_Main Cover Main - This is the main cover of the printer. it is the biggest piece of plastic the printer is made off.
CZ044A-Deflector Deflector - Paper deflector - guides paper out of dispose assembly - through the internal paper path cover. paper deflector - directs paper from the media chassis to the print section of the printer chassis assembly
CZ044A-Display Display - Status led display (LCD display assembly).
CX027-40013 Door - Door - Access Pens
CZ044A-Door_Carriage Door Carriage - Main front access door - covers the top of the printer and provide access to the carriage when open.
CZ044A-Door_Cartridge Door Cartridge - Small front access door (drop down door) - for accessing print cartridge window - for print cartridge access door.
CZ044A-Door_Rear Door Rear - Rear cleanout door assembly - rear paper jam clean out door assembly.
CZ044A-Drive_Assy Drive Assembly - Paper drive roller kit - includes roller assembly, bushings, gear on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust (axial) spring.
CZ044A-Duplexer Duplexer - Auto duplexer assembly - provides double sided printing capability
CZ021-80001 Encoder - Strip-Encoder Plus
CZ044A-Encoder Encoder - Encoder spring - provides tension for encoder strip
CZ044A-Encoder_Disk Encoder Disk - Disk encoder - helps to provide position information of the paper
CZ044A-Encoder_Strip Encoder Strip - Encoder strip - carriage position sensor reference
CZ044A-Extender_Input Extender Input - Tray extension assembly (stopper) - tray with a paper stop on the input tray - extends to accomodate different media lenths
CZ044A-Extender_Output Extender Output - Paper exit tray extension
CX027-40012 Extension - Extension Tray Output
CZ044A-Fan_PC_BRD Fan PC Board - Fan to cool power supply unit
CZ044A-Fan_Vaccum Fan Vaccum - Vacuum fan assembly
CZ044A-Feed_Rollers Feed Rollers - Feed roller assembly - includes frame asembly, shaft with rollers, and encoder disk
CZ044A-Flag_Paper Flag Paper - OOPS flag - out of paper sensor
CZ044A-Formatter Formatter - Formatter board assembly, this board communicates with your computer device and has MAC port connector.
CZ044A-Front_Panel Front Panel - Front panel assembly - includes lcd and actuator buttons
CZ044A-Gear_Assy Gear Assembly - ADF gear assembly driven by ADF main motor
CZ044A-Gear_Cluster Gear Cluster - Cluster gear, large gear on service station
CZ044A-Gear_Double Gear Double - Transfer gear - has double gear attached on service station
CZ044A-Gear_Main Gear Main - Paper pickup drive assembly - gear assembly located on right side of paper pickup assembly. gear moves the main paper pick up roller.
CZ044A-Gear_Station Gear Station - Gears on shaft of spittoon station
CZ044A-Glass_ADF_Window Glass ADF Window - Small glass piece used when scanning - copying - faxing with ADF feeder for this unit will ship Q5888-00002.
CZ044A-Glass_Assy Glass Assembly - Main top copier glass assembly.
Q5888-00002 Glass Assembly - Scanner glass assembly - Glass plate on which the documents are placed to be scanned
CX027-40008 Guard - Guard-Input Tray
CZ044A-Guide_Paper Guide Paper - Upper paper guide - spring loaded flat plate that presses the media against the top of the feed roller assembly - caution: this part can easily be broken
CZ044A-Holder Holder - Ink cartridge holder - located on carriage unit, holder secures ink cartridge in place.
CZ044A-Idler Idler - Scanner belt idler assembly - maintains scannter belt tension.
CZ044A-Ink_DLVRY Ink Delivery System - RIDS assembly - replaceable ink delivery system - transports ink from ink supply station to carriage assembly
CZ044A-Ink_Supply_Station Ink Supply Station - Ink supply service station (iss) assembly
CZ044-40008 Keypad - Bezel-Keypad Display
CD034-80005 Label - Energy Star Sticker, Black
CZ044-90012 Manual - MNL-Prt-Gde-DJ3510-Eng/Spa/Fre
CZ044A-Motor_Carriage Motor Carriage - Carriage motor - motor that drives the carriage assembly
CZ044A-MTR_Srvce_Station Motor Service Station - Service station stepper motor (does not include cable) - moves the rack vertically in the service station assembly
CZ044A-Overlay Overlay - Overlay unit which covers the control button or display (english overlay only), control panel or display sold seperately.
CZ044A-PC_BRD PC Board - Ink cartridge carriage assembly pc board - includes carriage pc board only
CZ044A-PC_BRD_DC PC Board DC - Internal power supply board - power cable plugs on this assembly, remove covers to install pc board.
CZ044A-PC_BRD_Interface PC Board Interface - Internal print server lan interface board - plugs into peripheral eio. usefull for networking and multiple users.
CZ044-80017 Pen - Lbl: Dj 3510 Retail -Pen 61
CZ044A-Pinchwheel Pinchwheel - Pinch assembly kit - includes all required pinch wheels, pinchwheel mounts and springs
8121-1209 Plug - Cable Usb 4p(A)/M-4p(B)/M 1.0m-Lg
8121-0889 Power Cord - Power cord (Black) - 2-wire, 18 AWG, 0.5m (1.6ft) long - Has straight (F) C7 receptacle (For 120V in North America, Opt. 953)
CZ044A-Power_Cord Power Cord - Power module power cord- wall outlet cable to power module only. does not include power module.
CZ044A-Power_MDLE Power Module - World wide power module - includes power module and power module to printer cord - does not include outlet to power module cord
CZ044A-Power_MDLE_Assy Power Module Assy - World wide power module - includes power module and power module to printer cord - also, include outlet to power module cord
0957-2286 Power Supply - Hewlett Packard Deskjet printer models Power Supply Unit.
CZ044A-Power_Supply Power Supply - Power supply board (internal pwr supply unit in the office machine).
CZ044A-Power_Supply_BRD Power Supply Board - High voltage power supply board
CZ044A-Print_Mchnsm Print Mechanism - Print mechanism assembly - complete mechanism with carriage movement, paper picking and service station - does not include covers, printer base, print heads, ink cartridges, or any consumables.
CZ044A-Pulley Pulley - Paper pick up tray motor pulley.
CZ044A-Repair_InkJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
CZ044A-Rod_Carriage Rod Carriage - Carriage rod - shaft that the carriage assembly rides on
CZ044A-Rod_Scanner Rod Scanner - Scanner rod - shaft that the scanner assembly rides on
CZ044A-Roller_Exit Roller Exit - Paper exit rollers - out put assembly.
CZ044A-Roller_Pickup Roller Pickup - Pick up roller assembly for paper bottom tray. Lower feed roller assembly - for lower paper input tray
CZ044A-Sensor_Exit Sensor Exit - Exit media sensor sv
CZ044A-Sensor_Open Sensor Open - Door sensor assembly - open door sensor
CZ044A-Sensor_Out Sensor Out - OOPS sensor - out of paper sensor - detects the presence of the paper in the printer tray
CZ044A-Sensor_Spot Sensor Spot - Spot sensor assembly is attached to the carriage assembly.
CZ044A-Separator Separator - Pad separator - assembled from plastic and rubber components; to help in separating sheet of media during printing from bottom trays.
CZ044A-Guide Service Guide - Printer Reference Guide (not a service manual) - Contains information such as product information, operation overview, paper behavior, maintenance, ink safety, and removal / replacement of parts. This is not a service manual for technical repair.
CX027-40007 Service Parts - Cleanout
CZ044-90011 Service Parts - MNL-Setup-Win/Mac-DJ3510-Wordless
CZ044A-Service_Station Service Station - Service station assembly - for conditioning the printheads when the carriage is in its home position
CZ021-60006 Shaft - Assy - Shaft Output Plus
CZ044A-SLED_Assy SLED Assembly - Sled assembly - white plastic piece with spring, wipers and boot (assembly that the ink cartridge parks on) - mounts on top of the service station assembly
CZ044A-Slider Slider - Carriage base slider - plastic piece on the front end of the carriage that allows the carriage to slide side to side.
CZ044A-Speaker Speaker - Speaker assembly - includes speaker cable.
CZ044A-Spitton Spitton - Spittoon base - the bottom and main housing of the service station assembly - holds any residual ink from the print cartridge cleaning process
CZ044A-Spring_Cmprsn Spring Compression - Compression spring - on pulley wedge for carriage belt tension
CZ044A-Trailing_Cbl Trailing Cable - Trailing cable for scanner - cable connects from scanner to pc board.
CZ044-60010 Tray - Input Tray Assembly - BASE
CZ044-80003 Tray - Label-Input Tray
CZ044A-Tray_Assy Tray Assembly - Paper input tray assembly for loading paper (bottom).
CZ044A-Tray_Assy_CVR Tray Assembly Cover - Tray cover - the top cover for the paper pick up tray unit.
CZ044A-Tray_Base Tray Base - Tray base- bottom base of the paper input tray.
CZ044A-Window Window - Top/front access door assembly - print cartridge access door window.
CZ044-80011 Wireless PC Board - OVERLAY: DJ 3510 - WITHOUT inch WIRELESS inch

deskjet 3510 e-all-in-one printer parts list
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