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D3Q16A PageWide Pro 452dw Printer

HP PageWide Pro 452dw (D3Q16A)

MFG Part Number: D3Q16A

HP parts list for D3Q16A HP PageWide Pro 452dw Printer

CN598-67073 ADF Roller Kit - Service-Assembly-OJProX-Sound-Lube-Kit
D3Q24-67075 ADF Roller Kit - SERV ASSY- Sep/Pick Assy Kit
D3Q15-60163 Assembly - Assy, Bin, Output, Gen2
D3Q24-67032 Assembly - SERV ASSY -Stack Wall Output Bin Gen2
D3Q24-67037 Assembly - SERV ASSY- Assy, Flap, Eject
D3Q24-67038 Assembly - SERV ASSY- Assy Output Bin 300-400 Ser.
CN598-67063 Bar - Printbar dolly
D3Q24-67078 Bearing - ASSY - Rear Feed Bearing Assy
D3Q24-67061 Button - SERV ASSY - Power Button Assembly
8121-0868 Cable - Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface cable (Black) - Type 'A' connector to type 'B' connector - 1.83m (6.0ft) long
8121-1186 Cable - Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface cable (Black) - Type 'A' connector to type 'B' connector - 1.83m (6.0ft) long
CN463-67003 Cable - Control panel Flat flexible cable - For use with the X451 printer series
CN598-67039 Cable - 11 pin print zone flat flexible cable
CN598-67040 Cable - 24-pin printbar lifter flat flexible cable
CN598-67041 Cable - 10-pin pick drive encoder flat flexible cable
CN598-67042 Cable - 12-pin print zone Flat flexible cable
CN598-67043 Cable - 5-pin carriage sensor flat flexible cable
CN598-67066 Cap - PB Safety Cap Assy
D3Q24-67040 Cap - SERV ASSY- Assy-FI-Ship-Cap 300-400 Ser.
CN459-67006 Cleaner - Advanced cleaning kit - Used for resolving shim whiskers print quality issues
D3Q17-67001 Control Panel - SERV ASSY-Control panel assembly X45xdw
D3Q15-67002 Cover - SERV ASSY- Top cover - X45x
D3Q24-67022 Cover - SERV ASSY - Rear Cover 300-400 Series
D3Q24-67024 Cover - SERV ASSY - Lft Rear Cover 300-400 Ser.
D3Q24-67025 Cover - SERV ASSY - Lft Front cover 300-400 Ser.
D3Q24-67026 Cover - SERV ASSY - Right Cover 300-400 Series
D3Q24-67027 Cover - SERV ASSY - Front Cover 300-400 Series
D3Q15-67003 Door - Output Door Flap With Poron Pads
D3Q24-67039 Door - SERV ASSY- Assy-Left-Door
D3Q24-67016 Drive Assembly - Duplex drive module
CN459-60375 Duplexer - Assy-Duplex-Module-6-Cot Duplex module assembly.
CN459-60375B Duplexer - Assy- Duplex-Module-6--Cot
CN598-67004 Duplexer - Assy-Duplex-Module-6-Cot Duplex module assembly.
CN598-67004-MP Duplexer - Assy-10pk Duplex-Module. Will include 10pcs complete units.
D3Q24-67031 Extension - SERV ASSY -Output Extension Gen 2
D3Q24-67021 Filter - SERV ASSY - Aerosol fan assy
D3Q24-67004 Flapper - SERV ASSY - Output Flap / Sensor Kit
CN598-67031 Gear - 83/30 tooth output idler gear
D3Q24-67003 Gear - Output drive assembly - Eject drive gear module
CN459-40479 Gear Assembly - Drying path gear assembly
CN598-67060 Gear Assembly - Drying path gear assembly
CN459-67010 HP Parts - Service Assy Prntbar Lift Clutch Sprng
CN459-67006B Kit - Advance Cleaning Kit
D3Q24-67019 Kit - SERV assembly - 300-400 series printbar kit
CN598-67064 Knob - Printbar lift knob
CN598-67065 Knob - Service sled advance knob
CN598-67020 Lifter - Tray lifter transmission assembly
D3Q24-67008 Lifter - SERV ASSY - Printbar Lift Mechanism Assy
D3Q24-67076 Lifter - SERV ASSY - Printbar Lift Mechanism Assy
D3Q16A PageWide - HP PageWide Pro 452dw Printer
D3Q19-67003 PC Board - Tray 3 Interconnect PCA PageWide A4
D3Q24-67006 PC Board - SERV ASSY - USB Interconnect PCA
D3Q24-67010 PC Board - Duplex presence sensor PC board assembly
D3Q24-67011 PC Board - Pick encoder distribution PC Board assembly
D3Q24-67012 PC Board - Feedshaft encoder PC board assembly
D3Q24-67013 PC Board - SERV ASSY - Print zone distribution PCA
D3Q24-67014 PC Board - SERV ASSY - Media Flag / opto PCA PCA ki
D3Q24-67017 PC Board - SERV ASSY - REDI distribution PCA
D3Q24-67049 PC Board - SERV ASSY-Main PCA - D3Q16
CN598-67018 Pickup Assembly - Separator pick up roller. Separation Pick Roller for HP OFFICEJET PRO X451 X476 X551 X576 X585 PageWide MFP 377 477 577 352 452 552 556 586 (see kit D3Q21-67003)
D3Q24-67070 Platen - SERV ASSY - Platen and REDI
8120-6313 Power Cord - Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG two conductor 1.8m (6.0ft) long - Has straight (F) C7 receptacle (For 110-120VAC in the United States Canada Mexico Latin America and Taiwan)
D3Q24-67068 Power Supply - SERV ASSY PageWide Pro Power Supply
D3Q24-67069 Power Supply - SERV ASSY PageWide Pro Power Supply HV
CN598-67044 Print Bar - FFC 3xFFC Printbar bundle kit
CN598-67068 Print Bar - Print bar restraint
D3Q16A Printer - HP PageWide Pro 452dw Printer
CN598-67048 Rod - Printbar lifter rod Z stop
D3Q15-67005 Roller - SERV ASSY - Grit Roller Assy Kit
D3Q21-67002 Roller - Pick-up and separation roller assembly - For tray 3
D3Q21-67003 Roller - Pick-up and separation roller assembly - For tray 4 and 5
D3Q24-67035 Screw - SERV ASSY - Screw Hole Cover
CN598-67038 Sensor - REDI Sensor for HP OfficeJet X series printers
D3Q24-67005 Sensor - Temperature humidity sensor sensor
D3Q24-67015 Sensors - SERV ASSY - BDD sensor Gen2
CN598-67018B Separator - Separator / Pick Assy Kit
CN598-67018-MP Separator - Separator-20pk Pick Assy Kit
CN598-67038-MP Service Parts - SERV REDI sensor 20pk
D3Q19-67003-MP Service Parts - Tray 3 Interconnect PCA 40pk
D3Q24-67003-MP Service Parts - SERV ASSY - Output drive kit 20pk
D3Q24-67014-MP Service Parts - SERV ASSY-Media Flag/opto PCA Kit 40pk
D3Q24-67016-MP Service Parts - SERV ASSY - Duplex drive module 20pk
D3Q24-67070-MP Service Parts - SERV ASSY - Platen and REDI 20pk
D3Q24-67075-MP Service Parts - Separator-Pick Assy Kit 20pk
D3Q24-67076-MP Service Parts - SERV ASSY-PRINTBR LIFT MECH W CLTCH 20pk
D3Q24-67009 Shaft - SERV ASSY Shaft, Printbar Lift, Clutched
D3Q24-67001 Sled - Service Sled Kit 300-400 series
CN598-67002 Strap - Strap-Left_Door
CN598-67003 Strap - Strap-Left_Door_Rear
D3Q24-67007 Strip - Sensor carriage PC board encoder strip assembly
CN598-67067 Switch - Ink Supply Door switch
CN598-67056 Tool - OfficeJet Pro X special tools
D3Q21-67002B Tray - SERV ASSY Sep/Pick Assy Kit -Tray 3
D3Q24-67036 Tray - HP Printers PageWide Pro 452 PageWide Pro 552 PageWide Pro 477 PageWide Pro 577 Cassette Tray. PageWide Pro 477dw MFP 452dn 557dw main Paper Tray Service ASSY- Assy-Main-Tray similar units.
D3Q24-67066 Tray - SERV ASSY - PageWide Pro Tray 3
D3Q24-67067 Tray - SERV ASSY - PageWide Pro Tray 4
D3Q15-60091 Tray Assembly - Assy-Main-Tray
D3Q24-69009 Unit - SERVICE-UNIT-Ver1-PWP-X452dw-NA

PageWide Pro 452dw Printer parts list
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