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F2S72A Designjet Z6800 1524mm Photo Production Printer

HP Designjet Z6800 1524mm Photo Production (F2S72A)

MFG Part Number: F2S72A

HP parts list for F2S72A HP Designjet Z6800 1524mm Photo Production Printer

Q6651-60081 Accessory - Lubrication felts kit - For DesignJet printers
CQ111-67009 Actuator - Embedded Spectro Photometer (ESP) actuator - For 60-inch plotters
Q6675-60093 Adapter - 3-inch spindle adaptor kit, includes two adaptors.
F2L45-67015 ADF Roller Kit - X-Bars SERV Kit
F2S72-67005 ADF Roller Kit - Preventive maintain kit-1 Panther8 Designjet z6800 printer
CQ111-67002 Air Pressure System - Air Pressurization System (APS) assembly - Includes pump, holder and relief valve - For 60-inch plotters
CQ109-67030 Base - Electronics box base - Includes electronics box cover and EIO cover
CQ869-67072 Belt - Belt and tensioner assembly - For 60-inch plotters. Belt and tensioner - With metallic axis pulley
CH955-67114 Brace - Right-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
CH955-67115 Brace - Left-side arc assembly - Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto
Q6651-60262 Brace - Foot brace assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q1273-60086 Bracket - Right bracket assembly - Used to connect the right cover assembly
Q6651-60315 Bracket - Left side scan-axis bracket
F2S72-67001 Bridge - HDD/Cable/BridgePCA P8
CQ109-67007 Cable - Service station cable - Includes the maintenance cartridge door sensor
F2S72-67004 Cable - SRK and TC Panther8 Ink supply tubes and trailing cable - Includes setup printhead kit
Q1273-60245 Cable - Ink supply station to cartridge cable connector one sold (assembly takes up to 6).
Q6651-60269 Cable - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) cable
Q6651-60337 Cable - Carriage assembly flex cables - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CQ109-67011 Carriage - Carriage assembly - Does not include the carriage PCA or the encoder sensor
CQ869-67075 Carriage - Carriage shutdown service kit - Includes Carriage felts cleaning sponge and lubricant oil (10ml).(Copper bushings are no longer available)
Q6651-60276 Cleaner - Cleaning kit - For DesignJet printers
Q6652-60125 Clip - Ink Supply Tubes Clips - For 60-inch plotters
CQ109-67026 Cover - Electronics module covers kit
CQ109-67033 Cover - Right connector cover - For DesignJet printers
CQ111-67005 Cover - Electronics module extension cover - Located below the rear door
Q6651-60257 Cover - Leg Cover - Covers both the left and right leg assemblies
Q6651-60292 Cover - Left side cover assembly - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
Q6651-60293 Cover - Right side cover assembly - Does not include the right side maintenance cartridge door
Q6652-60113 Cover - Top cover assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q6651-60261 Cross Brace - Cross-brace - Brace that connects and supports the two stand legs - For 60-inch plotters
CH955-67007 Cutter - Cutter assy serv RoHS Cutter assembly For HP Z6200 T7100 T7200 L25500 L26500 Latex 260 310 330 360 370 365 and more models.
Q6652-60120 Deflector - Media deflectors - For all size plotters
F2S72-67007 Door - Right Door Serv P8
Q6652-60124 Door - Rear door assembly - For the 60-inch DesignJet Z6100 printer series
Q6652-60123 Encoder - Drive roller encoder kit - Includes encoder disk encoder sensor and cable.
Q6652-60148 Encoder - Encoder kit - Includes strip and encoder sensor - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60148BM Encoder Strip - 10 PK-Encoder strip Sensor SERV 60in
CQ109-67003 Fan - Aerosol fan assembly
CQ109-67022 Fan - Vacuum fan assembly Hewlett Packard Designjet Plotter.
Q1273-60084 Filter - Aerosol filter - Located between the aerosol fan assembly and the vacuum fan assembly
CQ109-67045 Fixing Tool - Broken bag fixing tool service plotter 6 and 8 inks included.
CQ109-67039 Foot - Foot assembly - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67005 Front Panel - Front panel assembly - Includes all cables and the ferrite cores
CQ109-67037 Gear - Rewinder and gear - For DesignJet printers
Q1273-60242 Gear - Drive roller gear (overdrive gear) kit - Includes roller brake assembly
Q6652-60130 Guide - Center guide (media input) assembly - For 60-inch plotters
F2S72-67010 Hard Drive - HDD/Cable/BridgePCA P8 WO BNST for HP Designjet plotter.
CH955-67117 Housing - Take-up reel sensors assembly
CH955-67118 Housing - Take-up reel receiver sensor housing assembly
Q1273-60274 Housing - Left rollfeed module (Left side rollfeed housing) assembly
Q6651-60274 Hub - Spindle hub - 3-inch - Located at end of spindle
Q6706-60901 Hub - Take-up reel spindle hubs
CQ109-67023 Ink Supply Station - Upper ink supply station - Includes the cartridge tray
CQ109-67025 Ink System - Ink supply tubes- Includes the trailing cable - For 42-inch plotters
J8025-61004 JetDirect - HP Jetdirect 640n Print Server
CQ111-67008 Kit - Electronics module cables kit - For 60-inch plotters
F2L45-67008 Kit - X-Bars Assy SERV Kit
F2S72-67008 Kit - HP Reseller Kit for HP Designjet Z6800
Q6651-60256 Kit - Hardware kit - Includes screws for legs assembly
CQ869-67082 Latch - Backplate Latch Serv
F2S71-67012 Leg - Legs Assembly SERV PANTH
Q1273-60103 Lever - Input feed roller levers (two used)
Q6651-60319 Lever - Pinchwheel (media) lever assembly - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CQ109-67019 Maintenance Kit - Preventive maintenance kit two - Includes the aerosol filter, service station aerosol assembly, ink insorber, left side spittoon, ESP assembly, line senor, and encoder strip
Q6651-60270 Module - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) module
Q6652-60108 Motor - Media-axis motor - Drives the drive roller assembly - Includes the media advance drive mount and cable - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60128 Motor - Scan-axis motor assembly - For 60-inch plotters Designjet Z6100 Z6200 L25500 60 Inch Carriage Motor
Db2-68_10ml Oil - Db2-68 Lubricant Oil 10ml for Designjet Printers - USA Synthetic 5.8-cs ROHS plotter oil.
F2S72-67002 Pan - ISS down row Panther-8 SERV
F2S72-67003 Pan - Cartridges trays Panther 8 SERV
CQ105-67061 PC Board - Eola PCA service kit - There are 2 Eola PCAs to control 4 brushless blowers in order to generate the required vacuum to hold the substrate - One is connected to the print mechanism PCA (left side) and the other to the mini interconnect PCA (right side)
CQ109-67011B PC Board - Carriage Assy without PCA and SOL
CQ109-67012 PC Board - Interconnect PCA board - For the DesignJet T7100 printer series
CQ109-67014 PC Board - Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) controller card - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67028 PC Board - Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) PCA - For 42 and 60-inch plotters
CQ109-67034 PC Board - Carriage PCA board - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67047 PC Board - Printmech PCA ES2 SERV
CQ109-67048 PC Board - Formatter PCA and proc and HS
CQ109-67054 PC Board - Formatter PCA with less noise FAN
Q6651-60066 Pinch Assembly - Pinch wheels kit serv Pinchwheel kit - For Designjet plotters. Includes x14pcs male at 3.875" x13pcs female at 1" and x1pc female 1.625".
CH956-67047 Pinchwheel - Complete pinchwheel assembly - For 60-inch plotters
CQ869-67081 Platen - Platen Rollers Lubrication Kit
Q6652-60111 Platen - Print platen (center platen) assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60115 Platen - Output platen (front platen) assembly - For 60-inch plotters
CQ533-60001 Power Cord - Power cord - For use with Designjet printers (Europe)
CQ533-60002 Power Cord - Power cord - For use with Designjet printers (America)
CQ533-60003 Power Cord - Power cord - For use with Designjet printers (Asia)
CQ109-67046 Power Supply - PSU MR ES2 serv, Power Supply Unit (PSU) - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67050 Power Supply - PSU MR ES2 serv Power Supply Unit.
CQ109-67016 Primer - Primer assembly - For DesignJet printers
CQ109-67017 Primer - Primer valve and tubes assembly
M0E29-67099 Primer - Primer Assembly
C1Q20A Printhead - 773 Matte Black/Cyan Designjet Printhead
CE017A Printhead - 771 Matte Black and Chromatic Red Designjet printhead
CE018A Printhead - 771 Magenta and Yellow Designjet printhead
CE019A Printhead - 771 Light Magenta and Light Cyan Designjet printhead
CE020A Printhead - 771 Photo Black and Light Gray Designjet printhead
Q6651-60335 Printhead - Setup printhead kit - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series / Designjet Plotter Set of 8 Ink System Purgers
F2S72A-Repair_DesignJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
Q6652-60109 Roller - Paper drive roller assembly - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60114 Roller - Input feed roller assembly - For 60-inch plotters
CH955-67040 Rollfeed Assembly - Right side rollfeed module assembly
F2S72-67012 Screw - Screws Serv
Q6706-60910 Screw - Take-up reel (TUR) thumbscrew - Located on the take-up reel receiver sensor housing assembly
CQ105-60130 Sensor - Line sensor assembly - Includes the line sensor holder and cable
CQ109-67002 Sensor - Media lever sensor
CQ109-67013 Sensor - Window position sensor Window Position Sensor HP Designjet D5800 Z6200 Z6600 Z6800 Z6810
Q1273-60079 Sensor - Media presence sensor assembly
Q1273-60236 Sensor - Drop detector - Sensor that detects ink drops from the printheads
Q6651-60039 Sensor - Color sensor assembly - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
Q9893-1833_Bracket Sensor - Bracket for encoder strip. HP DesignJet Z6100 Z6200 T7100 Z4000 L25500 HP DESIGNJET T 7100 T7200 L25500 L26500 HP DESIGNJET Z series plotter Z4000 Z6100 Z6200 Z6600 Z6800 L25500 L26500 and others
Q9893-1833_Sensor Sensor - Encoder strip sensor For HP DesignJet Z6100 Z6200 T7100 Z4000 L25500 HP DESIGNJET T 7100 T7200 L25500 L26500 HP DESIGNJET Z series plotter Z4000 Z6100 Z6200 Z6600 Z6800 L25500 L26500 and others
CQ109-67042 Service Kit - HP Coated Service Kit
F2S72A-Manual_DesignJet Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
CH955-67124 Service Parts - CAL TUR 3in adaptor SERV
CQ109-67003-BU Service Parts - Aerosol fan assy MR serv
CQ109-67050B Service Parts - PSU MR ES2 serv
CQ109-67054-BU Service Parts - Formatter PCA with less noise FAN
CQ109-67056 Service Parts - Common Reseller Serv
F2S72-67005-BU Service Parts - Preventive maintain kit-1 Panther8
Q6652-60148-BU Service Parts - Encoder strip Sensor SERV 60"
CQ109-67021 Service Station - Service station assembly and cable
CH956-67032 Shelf - Deflector Assy 60 SERV Take-up reel shelf - For 60-inch plotters
Q6652-60126 Shelf - Rear tube shelf - Includes brackets - For 60-inch plotters
CH956-67012 Spindle - Take-up reel (TUR) spindle assembly - Does not include the take-up reel tubes (Q6652-60902) - For 60-inch plotters please order separately.
CQ111-67006 Spindle - Spindle - For 60-inch plotters
CQ754A Spindle - NEW HEWLETT-PACKARD CQ754A Spindle for Designjet Z6200 60-Inch Printer
Q6651-60325 Spitton - External secondary spitoon - Located on the left side of the plotter
Q6651-60326 Spitton - Blanking plate (spittoon) - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
Q6651-60341 Stop - Carriage stopper - Includes carriage stopper screw and media-axis motor bracket
Q6651-60264 Support - Stand supports - For the DesignJet Z6100 printer series
CQ109-67036 Take Up Assembly - Take-up reel with motor
Q6706-60902 Take Up Assembly - Take-up reel (TUR) deflector support assembly
Q6706-60903 Take Up Assembly - Take-up reel left hand module
Q6651-60321 Trim - Right side trim assembly
Q6651-60322 Trim - Left side trim assembly
CQ871-67103 Tube - Air tube and fittings serv
Q6652-60902 Tube - Take-up reel (TUR) tubes assembly - For 60-inch plotters
F2S71-67010 Window - Panther Window Assy SERV

Designjet Z6800 1524mm Photo Production Printer parts list
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