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K4T88A Latex 1500 Printer

HP Latex 1500 (K4T88A)

MFG Part Number: K4T88A

HP parts list for K4T88A HP Latex 1500 Printer

K4T88-67060 Actuator - Pps Actuator Assy
K4T88-67222 ADF Roller Kit - Curing Lan Cables Kit
K4T88-67224 ADF Roller Kit - Curing Grounding Cables Kit
K4T88-67225 ADF Roller Kit - Curing Power Cables Kit
K4T88-67230 ADF Roller Kit - Drying Power Cables Kit
K4T88-67231 ADF Roller Kit - Ebox Cables Kit
K4T88-67234 ADF Roller Kit - Estop Kit Cables
K4T88-67235 ADF Roller Kit - Interlocks Sensors Kit Cables
K4T88-67251 ADF Roller Kit - Web Wipe Cables Kit
K4T88-67255 ADF Roller Kit - HP Latex 1500 Cleaning Kit
K4T88-67261 ADF Roller Kit - Pinch Torsion Springs Kit
P4P91-67001 ADF Roller Kit - DSP Cables Kit
Q5669-60603 Air Purger - Air Purger Assy.
K4T88-67061 Assembly - Pps Column Assy
W3U61-67004 Assembly - R2FF Substrate Collector assy SERV
K4T88-67054 Bar - Trs Barnacle
K4T88-67287 Belt - Drop Detector Belt
K4T88-67306 Belt - Impelling belt assy SERV
K4T88-67116 Blade - WW Printhead Cleaning Blade
K4T88-67202 Block - E Cabinet Terminal Block Kit
K4T88-67001 Box - Aerosol Box Assy
K4T88-67097 Box - VR Output Box W Foams
K4T88-67100 Box - VR Silencer Box
K4T88-67150 Box - MO Transmission Box
K4T88-67268 Box - eBox HDD
K4T88-67271 Box - Ly Ebox Psu
K4T88-67188 Bracket - Screen Mount Bracket
K4T88-67156 Button - Estop Button
K4T88-67195 Button - Id Buttons And Switches
K4T88-60419 Cabinet - Ly E-Cabinet Installation Kit
K4T88-67199 Cabinet - E--Cabinet Fan SVR
K4T88-67201 Cabinet - E Cabinet Lock
K4T88-67203 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Vapor Removal
K4T88-67204 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Vacuum Pump
K4T88-67206 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Psu 24v 100w
K4T88-67207 Cabinet - E Cabinet Pcu 36v-600w
K4T88-67208 Cabinet - E Cabinet Pcu 48v-600w
K4T88-67209 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Pca Fuses
K4T88-67210 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Glass Fuses
K4T88-67211 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Contactor
K4T88-67214 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Lamps Kit
K4T88-67216 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Lamps Kit Ii
K4T88-67217 Cabinet - E-Cabinet User Interaction Label
K4T88-67274 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Ac-12awg Cables
K4T88-67275 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Ac-6awg Cables
K4T88-67276 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Bundle Cables
K4T88-67277 Cabinet - E-Cabinet Power Jumpers
P4P91-67002 Cabinet - DSP Ecabinet
K4T88-67065 Cable - PPS Cables
K4T88-67066 Cable - Trs Power Cable 42v
K4T88-67228 Cable - Drying Data Kit Cable
K4T88-67232 Cable - Ebox Lan Cable To Ips
K4T88-67247 Cable - MI Resistors Power Cable
K4T88-67248 Cable - MO Resistors Power Cable
K4T88-67249 Cable - Vapor Removal Interconect Kit Cable
K4T88-67250 Cable - Vapor Removal Kit Cable
K4T88-67272 Cable - Ly Ebox Lan Cable To Ips
W3U61-67002 Cable - Cable Kit SERV
K4T88-67114 Cage - WW Central Cage Top Cover
K4T88-67073 Cap - Service Station Cap Assy
K4T88-67007 Carriage - Carriage Cables
K4T88-67008 Carriage - Carriage Bearings
K4T88-67010 Carriage - Carriage Assy
K4T88-67011 Carriage - Carriage Oiling Felts
K4T88-67045 Carriage Belt - Impelling Carriage Belt Assy
K4T88-67058 Chain - TRS eChain
K4T88-67212 Circuit Breaker - E-Cabinet Circuit-Breaker I
K4T88-67213 Circuit Breaker - E-Cabinet Circuit-Breaker Ii
K4T88-67291 Circuit Breaker - Automatic Circuit Breaker 10a 2p
K4T88-67293 Circuit Breaker - Automatic Circuit Breaker Acb 20a
K4T88-67090 Clamp - Pinch Clamp
P4P92-67002 COLLECTION UNIT - LY_InkCollector_Module_SRV
1HA07-67059 Cover - Th Roller Safety Cover Svc
K4T88-67085 Cover - Pinch Front Cover Right
K4T88-67086 Cover - Pinch Front Cover Left
K4T88-67087 Cover - Pinch Front Cover Center
K4T88-67152 Cover - Front Left Covers
K4T88-67153 Cover - Front Right Covers
K4T88-67154 Cover - Rear Left Covers
K4T88-67155 Cover - Rear Right Covers
K4T88-67160 Cover - Top Center Rear Cover
K4T88-67166 Cover - Left Back Top Cover
K4T88-67167 Cover - Left Front Cover
K4T88-67169 Cover - Left Side Cover
K4T88-67176 Cover - Right Side Top Cover
K4T88-67318 Cover - Curing Service Cover Isolators SVC
K4T88-67325 Cover - Ly Roller Safety Cover Svc
K4T88-67336 Cover - LY SOL Covers OLD
K4T88-67337 Cover - LY SOL Covers NEW
1HA07-67081 Curing Module - Curing Module Foams SVC
K4G10-67105 Cutter - Enhanced Vertical Cutter Assy
K4T88-67120 Diverter - WW Output Diverter Parts
K4T88-67134 Diverter - Diverter Wheel Parts
K4T88-67135 Diverter - Diverter Assy
K4T88-67165 Door - Left Back Door
K4T88-67181 Door - Right Front Door
K4T88-67198 Door - E-Cbainet Door SVR
K4T88-67062 Encoder - Pps Encoder Assy
K4T88-67241 Encoder - MI Motor Encoder Cable
K4T88-67244 Encoder - MO Motor Encoder Cable
K4T88-67044 Encoder Strip - Impelling Encoder Strip
K4T88-67219 Encoder Strip - Odd Encoder Strip
K4T88-67302 Encoder Strip - Encoder Strip Mid Support SERV
K4T88-67067 Engine - Engine PCA
K4T88-67079 Engine - Drop Detector Transmission Engine
K4T88-67015 Fan - Carriage Fan
K4T88-67103 Fan - VR Fan Collector
K4T88-67110 Fan - Dring Fan Pca
K4T88-67132 Fan - Curing Heat Fan Cable Module S
K4T88-67133 Fan - Curing Pca Cooling Fan
K4T88-67265 Fan - Drying Pca Cooling Fan Filterter
K4T88-67304 Fan - Fan Curing PCA w/Lacquer SERV
K4T88-67095 Filter - VR Filter
K4T88-67286 Filter - Aerosol Removal Filter SERV
K4T88-67012 Frame - Aerosol Frame
K4T88-67317 Grommet - Grommet_window SVC
K4T88-67218 Guide - Web Wipe Extraction Guide
K4T88-67102 Hanger - VR Counterflow Heat Exchanger
K4T88-67107 Heater - Drying Heater And Fan
J8J14-67003 Holder - RH_DSP_Media_Edge_Holder_SERV
K4T88-67138 Holder - Media Edge Holder
K4T88-67332 Holder - Latex 1500 Day Night Edge Holder SVC
P4P91-67006 Holder - RH_DSP_Media_Edge_Holder_SERV
P4P92-67001 Holder - LY_InkCollector_EdgeHolder_SRV
V8A82A Holder - Media_Edge_Holder_
K4T88-67018 IDS - Ids Pip Assy
K4T88-67022 IDS - IDS Cable
K4T88-67023 IDS - Ids Air Circuit
K4T88-67024 IDS - Ids Ink Circuit
K4T88-67025 IDS - Ids Air Pump And Relief Valve
K4T88-67026 IDS - Ids Ink Pump
K4T88-67027 IDS - Ids K Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67028 IDS - Ids Y Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67029 IDS - Ids C Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67030 IDS - Ids M Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67031 IDS - Ids Lc Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67032 IDS - Ids Lm Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67033 IDS - Ids Pt Cartridge Connector With Tube
K4T88-67036 IDS - Ids Ink Pca
K4T88-67037 IDS - Ids Air Pca
K4T88-67038 IDS - Ids Ink Leakage Detector
K4T88-67041 IDS - Ids Moby Support
K4T88-67042 IDS - Ids Evalves
K4T88-67059 IDS - Ids Ink Cartridge Pca
K4T88-67289 IDS - Ids Purge
K4T88-67303 IDS - IDS PURGE SERV just for Russia
K4T88-67294 Interlock - Safety Interlock
K4T88-67269 Keyboard - Keyboard
K4T88-67221 Kit - Spittoon Foams Replacement Kit
K4T88-67256 Kit - HP Latex 1500 Basic Uptime Kit
K4T88-67257 Kit - HP Latex 1500 Expert User Kit With Train
K4T88-67273 Kit - Ly Ebox Cables Kit
K4T88-67314 Kit - Ru HP Series 1000/3000 Cleaning Kit
Q6702-60635 Kit - Manual purge syringe kit assy
K4T88-67197 Lamp - Led Lamp Module Kit
K4T88-67129 Latch - Curing Latch
K4T88-67196 LED - Pz Led Lights
K4T88-67121 Lifter - WW Lifters Parts
K4T88-67262 Light - Beacon Lights
K4T88-67093 Link - VR Link Pipe
K4T88-67259 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 1500 Printer Maintenance Kit
K4T88-67260 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 1500ice Maintenance Kit
K4T88-67299 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 1500 SMK2
K4T88-67316 Maintenance Kit - Service Maintenance Kit 1500 liters Text
K4T88-67319 Maintenance Kit - Ru HP Latex 1500 Printer Maintenance Kit
K4T88-67339 Maintenance Kit - HP Latex 1500 ice Maintenance Kit
1HA07-67055 Media - Media Loading Ramps SVC
K4T88-67040 Media - Ism 7x Intermediate Tank
K4T88-67322 Media - LY Media loading ramps
K4T88-67118 Module - WW Extraction Module Kit
K4T88-67126 Module - Curing Right Module
K4T88-67127 Module - Curing General Module
K4T88-67128 Module - Curing Left Module
K4T88-67295 Monitor - Lyra Ips Monitor
CZ056-67190 Motor - Motor DRV PCA SERV
K4T88-67043 Motor - Impelling Motor
K4T88-67046 Motor - Sax Motor Power Cable
K4T88-67047 Motor - Sax Motor Data Cable
K4T88-67050 Motor - Scan Axis 3rd Motor Support
K4T88-67122 Motor - WW Engaje Motor
K4T88-67144 Motor - Mi/MO Motor
K4T88-67227 Motor - Drop Detector System Motor Kit
K4T88-67239 Motor - MA Motor Data Cable
K4T88-67240 Motor - MA Motor Power Cable
K4T88-67242 Motor - MI Motor Data Cable
K4T88-67243 Motor - MI Motor Power Cable
K4T88-67245 Motor - MO Motor Data Cable
K4T88-67246 Motor - MO Motor Power Cable
W3U61-67003 Motor - R2FF Motor assy SERV
K4T88-67187 Mount - Screen Mount
K4T88-67323 Packaging - Lyra Repackaging Svc
1HA06-67002 PC Board - RH PH Interconnect color PCA Fix
1HA06-67003 PC Board - PH Interconnect optimizer PCA SVC
CZ056-67373 PC Board - Carriage interconnect PCA SERV
CZ056-67384 PC Board - Curing and Vapor Removal PCA SERV
CZ056-67389 PC Board - Fiber Optics PCA SERV
K4T88-67017 PC Board - Aerosol Pca
K4T88-67063 PC Board - Pps Safety Pca
K4T88-67068 PC Board - Encryption Pca
K4T88-67069 PC Board - Vr Pca
K4T88-67070 PC Board - Drying PCA
K4T88-67083 PC Board - Drop Detector Pca
K4T88-67223 PC Board - Curing Pca Cables Kit
K4T88-67226 PC Board - Drop Detector Pca Cables Kit
K4T88-67229 PC Board - Drying Pca Cables Kit
K4T88-67236 PC Board - Pca Interlocks Kit Cables
K4T88-67252 PC Board - Sol Pca Kit Cables.
K4T88-67288 PC Board - Ecabinet Pca
K4T88-67326 PC Board - Lyra Fiber Optics PCA SVC
K4T88-67002 Pen - Pen Pocket Base
K4T88-67006 Pen - Pen pocket
K4T88-67309 Pen - 4x Pen pockets
K4T88-67310 Pen - 1x Pen pockets
K4T88-67313 Pen - 1x pen pocket optimizer
K4T88-67115 Pin - WW Pinch
K4T88-67254 Pin - Pinch Complete Assy
K4T88-67088 Pinch Assembly - Pinch Assembly
K4T88-67130 Plate - Curing Bottom Plate W Ribs Center S
K4T88-67145 Plate - MI Side Plate Motorized
K4T88-67146 Plate - MI Side Plate Left
K4T88-67148 Plate - MO Side Plate Motorized
K4T88-67149 Plate - MO Side Plate Left
K4T88-67258 Plate - Hplatex 1500 Reseller/Extended Uptimekit
W3U61-67001 Plate - Side plates SERV
K4T88-67136 Platen - Platen Extra Assy
K4T88-67137 Platen - Omas Platen Assembly
K4T88-67139 Platen - Platen Assy
P4P91-67003 Platen - DSP Platen Lights Kit
K4T88-67003 Plotter - Aerosol Top Case Assy
1HA07-67018 Primer - TH Primer and latch SVC
K4T88-67013 Primer - Primer And Latch
CR327A Printhead - 881 Yellow and Magenta Printhead
CR328A Printhead - 881 Cyan and Black Printhead
CR329A Printhead - 881 Lt Magenta and Lt Cyan Printhead
CR330A Printhead - 881 Latex Optimizer Printhead
G0Y99A Printhead - 871 Latex Printhead Cleaning Kit
K4T88-67111 Printhead - WW Printhead Cleaning Module
K4T88-67112 Printhead - WW Printhead Cleaning Roll W Structure
K4T88-67113 Printhead - WW Printhead Cleaning Drive Roller
J8J14-67002 Protector - Rh DSP Protector Kit
K4T88-67016 Protector - Under Carriage Protector Assy
K4T88-67190 Protector - Pinch Protector Center Plate
K4T88-67191 Protector - Pinch Protector Left Plate
K4T88-67192 Protector - Pinch Protector Right Plate
K4T88-67193 Protector - Pinch Protector Handle
K4T88-67194 Protector - Pinch Protector Middle Bracket
K4T88-67333 Protector - Latex 1500 Day Night Protector Media
P4P91-67004 Protector - DSP Protector Kit
P4P92-67004 Protector - Ly Inkcollector Protector
K4T88-67014 Reader - Carriage Encoder Reader
K4T88-67327 Relay - Lyra Ecabinet Safety Relay Serv
K4G10-67122 Ring - Side Curing sealing rubber SRV
K4T88-67117 Roller - WW Ph Cleaning Roller Up Down
K4T88-67119 Roller - WW Roller Parts
J8J14-67001 Sensors - Rh DSP Line Sensor
K4T88-67004 Sensors - Line Sensor
K4T88-67082 Sensors - Drop Detector Sensors
K4T88-67005 Service Parts - Sol
K4T88-67051 Service Parts - Scan Axis Bump
K4T88-67077 Service Parts - Drop Detector Station
K4T88-67078 Service Parts - Drop Detector Positioner
K4T88-67080 Service Parts - Drop Detector Transmision Parts
K4T88-67091 Service Parts - VR Exit Pipe
K4T88-67092 Service Parts - VR Inlet Pipe
K4T88-67096 Service Parts - VR Pump
K4T88-67104 Service Parts - VR Inlet Collecto
K4T88-67105 Service Parts - VR Outlet Collector
K4T88-67106 Service Parts - VR Dirt Collector
K4T88-67108 Service Parts - Drying Chamber
K4T88-67109 Service Parts - Drying Difusor
K4T88-67161 Service Parts - Top Center Id Accesories
K4T88-67162 Service Parts - Top Center Structure
K4T88-67164 Service Parts - Left Back Corner
K4T88-67168 Service Parts - Left Front Corner
K4T88-67170 Service Parts - Left Structure
K4T88-67171 Service Parts - Left Rotomolding
K4T88-67177 Service Parts - Right_back_SRV
K4T88-67178 Service Parts - Right Back Corner
K4T88-67179 Service Parts - Right Front Bottom
K4T88-67180 Service Parts - Right Front Corner
K4T88-67182 Service Parts - Right Front Top
K4T88-67183 Service Parts - Right Structure
K4T88-67186 Service Parts - Right Rotomolding
K4T88-67205 Service Parts - Psu 24v 600w Cosel
K4T88-67220 Service Parts - Left Spitoon
K4T88-67267 Service Parts - Screen
K4T88-67270 Service Parts - Ips
K4T88-67290 Service Parts - Lyra Forklift Svc
K4T88-67292 Service Parts - Residual Current Dev Rcd 40a/30ma
K4T88-67335 Service Parts - Ly Sol
Q6702-40185 Service Parts - Bag-Plstc
K4T88-67074 Service Station - Service Station Caps Kit Assy
K4T88-67075 Service Station - Service Station Capping Structure
K4T88-67076 Service Station - Service Station Position Spring
K4T88-67172 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Lateral Left
K4T88-67173 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Left Corner Front
K4T88-67174 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Left Front
K4T88-67175 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Left Top
K4T88-67184 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Right Back
K4T88-67185 Sheet - Perforated Sheet Metal Right Top
K4T88-67057 Shelf - Trs Tube Shelf
K4T88-67052 Shutter - Sol Shutter
K4T88-67081 Shuttle - Drop Detector Shuttle W Sensor
K4T88-67048 Slider - Scan Axis Slider Rods
K4T88-67140 Slider - Meh Sliders
K4T88-67151 Spindle - MI MO Gears Upgrade & Spindles
K4T88-67089 Switch - Pinch Switch Assembly
K4T88-67300 Tab - Hp Series 1000 Loading Table Shock Ab
K4T88-67049 Tensioner - Scan Axis Belt Tensioner
K4T88-67324 Tensioner - dampener for Lyra SAX tensioner SVC
K4T88-67021 Tool - Belt Installation Tool
K4T88-67321 Tool - Scraper tool
K4T88-67009 Tower - Carriage Tower
K4T88-67053 Tower - Trs Fi Tower Assy
K4T88-67311 Tower - FI Holders and Towers
K4T88-67056 Trailing Cable - Trs Fiber Optics Trailing Cable
K4T88-67055 Tube - Trs Tubes Repair
K4T88-67098 Tube - VR Drain Tubes Parts
K4T88-67141 Vacuum - Vacuum Pipe
K4T88-67142 Vacuum - Vacuum Pump
K4T88-67143 Vacuum - Vacuum Support
K4T88-67237 Vacuum - Omas And Vacuum Cables Kit
K4T88-67238 Vacuum - Vacuum Pump Cable Kit
K4T88-67099 Waste - VR Waste Container
K4T88-67123 Waste - WW Waste Management Parts
K4T88-67189 Wheel - Side Structures Wheels
1HA07-67076 Window - Curing/Center Window Handle Svc
K4T88-67157 Window - Top Center Window Left
K4T88-67158 Window - Top Center Window Center
K4T88-67159 Window - Top Center Window Right
K4T88-67163 Window - Front Window Structure
K4T88-67301 Window - Hp Series 1000 Front Window Hinges Sr
K4T88-67307 Window - Gas springs and supports window 4x
K4T88-67308 Window - Window front arcs 2x

Latex 1500 Printer parts list
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