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K5H75A PageWide XL Folder Solution

HP PageWide XL Folder Solution (K5H75A)

MFG Part Number: K5H75A

HP parts list for K5H75A HP PageWide XL Folder Solution

8SF70-67003 Belt - Toothed belt 6 T25 / 500 SVS KIT
8SF70-67004 Belt - Toothed belt 10 T5 / 480 CF wTab SK
8SF70-67014 Belt - Toothed belt 6 T25 / 200 SVS KIT
8SF70-67015 Belt - Toothed belt 10 T5 / 455 SK
K5H75-67051 Belt - Drive unit outlet belt SVS KIT
K5H75-67056 Belt - Drive unit, belt set rear SVS KIT
K5H75-67057 Belt - Ejection belt CF outlet SVS KIT
K5H75-67067 Belt - Outlet belt bottom SVS KIT
K5H75-67068 Belt - Outlet belt top SVS KIT
K5H75-67072 Belt - Round belt tilt tray SVS KIT
K5H75-67082 Belt - Transport belt CF rear SVS KIT
K5H75-67083 Belt - Transport belt CF top SVS KIT
K5H75-67122 Belt - Toothed belt 6 T2,5 - 285 lg SVS KIT
K5H75-67123 Belt - Toothed belt 10 T5 - 325 lg. SVS KIT
K5H75-67137 Belt - Transport belt CF top
K5H75-67152 Belt - Drive unit outlet belt X45 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67010 Box - Power box assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67109 Box - Blowing Box Fan SVS Kit
8SF70-67010 Bracket - Prism bracket assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67003 Bridge - Bridge grid SVS KIT
K5H75-67020 Bridge - Cable tree bridge 6011 SVS KIT
K5H75-67093 Bridge - Torsion Spring Bridge SVS KIT
K5H75-67094 Bridge - Control Board Drive int. Bridge SVS KIT
8SF70-67017 Cable - Cable tree interface HE WinterDrop SK
8SF70-67018 Cable - Cable tree interface HE SpringDrop SK
K5H75-67009 Cable - Can Cable SVS KIT
K5H75-67015 Cable - Cable ECF W50/W51/W57 part 2 SVS KIT
K5H75-67016 Cable - Cable EDS W4 SVS KIT
K5H75-67017 Cable - Cable EVT W3 SVS KIT
K5H75-67018 Cable - Cable EVT W4 SVS KIT
K5H75-67024 Cable - CAN-Cable extern
K5H75-67085 Cable - Discharge cable 948 assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67088 Cable - X Cable Lan Type
L3M58-67020 Cable - Discharge cable 660mm assy SVS KIT
L3M58-67021 Cable - Discharge cable 735mm assy SVS KIT
L3M58-67022 Cable - Discharge cable 298 assembly SVS KIT
L3M58-67023 Cable - Cable tree interface 6011 SVS KIT
K5H75-67091 Cage - Ball dia. 32mm and cage SVS KIT
K5H75-67026 Cover - Cover CF, entry SVS KIT
K5H75-67027 Cover - Cover CF, front bottom SVS KIT
K5H75-67028 Cover - Cover CF, front top SVS KIT
K5H75-67029 Cover - Cover CF, rear bottom SVS KIT
K5H75-67030 Cover - Cover CF, rear top SVS KIT
K5H75-67031 Cover - Cover FF, bottom SVS KIT
K5H75-67032 Cover - Cover FF, central SVS KIT
K5H75-67033 Cover - Cover FF, left SVS KIT
K5H75-67034 Cover - Cover interface, rear left SVS KIT
K5H75-67035 Cover - Cover interface, rear right SVS KIT
K5H75-67036 Cover - Cover rolltray SVS KIT
K5H75-67037 Cover - Cover rolltray, bottom SVS KIT
K5H75-67038 Cover - Cover rolltray, left SVS KIT
K5H75-67039 Cover - Cover table, left SVS KIT
K5H75-67040 Cover - Cover table, right SVS KIT
K5H75-67070 Cover - Rear cover FF SVS KIT
K5H75-67080 Cover - Top cover FF SVS KIT
K5H75-67081 Cover - Top cover interface SVS KIT
K5H75-67087 Cover - Cover conveyor, bottom Basic SVS KIT
K5H75-67104 Cover - Cover interface, rear left SVS KIT
K5H75-67105 Cover - Cover interface, rear right SVS KIT
K5H75-67106 Cover - Top cover interface SVS KIT
K5H75-67043 Door - Door CF, front SVS KIT
K5H75-67044 Door - Door CF, rear SVS KIT
K5H75-67002 Extension - Conveyor Extension SVS KIT
K5H75-67005 Fan - Fan Fold spring SVS KIT
K5H75-67163 Fan - Fan to CF-CONTRL. X52 cable WD Svc kit
K5H75-67182 Fan - Fan to CF-CONTRL. X52 cable SD+WD
K5H75-67014 Foam - Foam roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67183 Guide Paper - FF metalic paper guides WD
K5H75-67098 Key - Safety Switch Key SVS KIT
8SF40-67001 Kit - PSU LE Folders Conversion ice Kit
8SF70-67019 Kit - PSU HE Folders Conversion ice Kit
K5H75-67006 Kit - Folder Wheels SVS KIT
K5H75-67007 Kit - Folder Stands SVS KIT
K5H75-67008 Kit - Printer interface hooks SVS KIT
K5H75-67099 Kit - Iron Solder SVS KIT
K5H75-67101 Kit - Belts SVS KIT
K5H75-67113 Kit - Iron Solder 110 V SVS KIT
K5H75-67134 Kit - Kit Levelling feet for printer
K5H75-67062 LED - LP M 1829 LED Controller SVS KIT
K5H75-67012 MASTER - Master control board LP M1708 SVS KIT
K5H75-67021 MASTER - Cable tree FF/CF-Contr.- Master SVS KIT
K5H75-67064 MASTER - Master control board LP M1805 SVS KIT
8SF70-67005 Motor - Motor spiked roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67065 Motor - Motor assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67066 Motor - Motor drive shafts interface SVS KIT
K5H75-67157 Motor - motor assembly CF X31-41 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67011 PC Board - Fold control board LP M1612 SVS KIT
K5H75-67059 PC Board - Fold control board LP M1804 SVS KIT
K5H75-67102 PC Board - POWER Distributor PCA
K5H75-67162 PC Board - Control board drive interface-FF rake SD
8SF40-67002 Power Supply - Power Supply Unit LE ice Kit
8SF70-67020 Power Supply - Power Supply Unit HE ice Kit
K5H75-67077 Protector - Sensor with protector 10mm SVS KIT
K5H75-67166 Pulley - CF entry roller + bearings+ belt pulley
K5H75A-Repair_PageWide Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
8SF70-67009 Ring - Sealing ring 47x3 SVS KIT
8SF70-67001 Roller - Fold roller top SVS KIT
8SF70-67011 Roller - Entry roller CF assembly SVS KIT
8SF70-67013 Roller - Entry roller interface complete SVS KIT
K5H75-67084 Roller - Transport roller assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67079 Screw - Tare screw SVS KIT
8SF70-67007 Sensors - Sensor support complete SVS KIT
K5H75-67013 Sensors - Paper Sensor SVS KIT
K5H75-67069 Sensors - PB adaptor for sensor W4 SVS KIT
K5H75-67071 Sensors - Reed Sensor S 23 SVS KIT
K5H75-67075 Sensors - Sensor Bin Full SVS KIT
K5H75-67076 Sensors - Sensor W32 SVS KIT
K5H75-67112 Sensors - Drive unit conveyor with Sensor SVS Kit
K5H75-67125 Sensors - Paper sensor black connector SVS Kit
K5H75-67160 Sensors - Drive unit conveyor w. sensor SD Svc kit
1EW99-67001 Service Kit - Rear bottom Cover CF Service Kit
1EW99-67002 Service Kit - Front bottom Cover CF Service Kit
1EW99-67003 Service Kit - Power box assembly Service Kit
1EW99-67005 Service Kit - Drive unit entry roller Service Kit
K5H75-67127 Service Kit - Gas spring 700N HE Folder Service Kit
K5H75-67131 Service Kit - FF exit roller Service Kit
K5H75-67132 Service Kit - FF exit Toothed belt Service Kit
K5H75-67133 Service Kit - Long Plot Brackets Service Kit
8SF70-67021 Service Parts - Power Distributor PCA SK
K5H75-67164 Service Parts - Bridge Toothed belt 10 T5 / 1440
K5H75-67165 Service Parts - FF exit Pressure roller assembly
K5H75-67167 Service Parts - FF exit holder plate
K5H75-67168 Service Parts - Bridge interface
K5H75-67169 Service Parts - FFX30+X47+CFX47 Board only
K5H75-67170 Service Parts - Adapter for tab Machines
K5H75-67172 Service Parts - X-49 Solenoid
K5H75-67220 Service Parts - FF entry roller
K5H75-67126 Shaft - Output Shaft and belt SVS Kit
K5H75-67153 Solenoid - Drive unit swivel rake Ex-solenoid SD SK
K5H75-67004 Spring - Cross Fold spring SVS KIT
K5H75-67060 Spring - Gas spring 200N SVS KIT
K5H75-67061 Spring - Gas spring 600N SVS KIT
K5H75-67089 Spring - Torsion spring right wind
K5H75-67090 Spring - Torsion spring left wind
K5H75-67092 Spring - Torsion Spring FF HR SVS KIT
K5H75-67111 Spring - Cross Fold Spring top SVS Kit
K5H75-67138 Spring - Cross Fold Spring
K5H75-67130 Sprocket - CF folding roller Sprocket Service Kit
8SF70-67006 Stamp - Motor stamp SVS KIT
K5H75-67058 Strip - Foil strip assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67025 Switch - Control board switch
K5H75-67054 Switch - Drive unit switch SVS KIT
K5H75-67073 Switch - Safety switch CF SVS KIT
K5H75-67074 Switch - Safety switch FF SVS KIT
K5H75-67078 Switch - Switch SVS KIT
K5H75-67161 Switch - Control board switch SD Svc kit
8SF70-67008 Tab - Entry roller CF-TAB assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67001 Tab - Tab access door SVS Kit
K5H75-67019 Tab - Cable tree 6011-TAB 24V / signals CF/FF
K5H75-67086 Tab - Cover conveyor, bottom TAB SVS KIT
K5H75-67128 Tab - Input shaft CF-TAB
K5H75-67100 Tool - Support and joining tool SVS KIT
K5H75-67045 Unit - Drive unit bottom rake SVS KIT
K5H75-67046 Unit - Drive unit conveyor SVS KIT
K5H75-67047 Unit - Drive unit entry roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67048 Unit - Drive unit Fanfolder SVS KIT
K5H75-67049 Unit - Drive unit fold roller CF SVS KIT
K5H75-67050 Unit - Drive unit knife assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67052 Unit - Drive unit pressure roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67053 Unit - Drive unit rolltray SVS KIT
K5H75-67055 Unit - Drive unit tilt tray assembly SVS KIT
K5H75-67103 Unit - Drive unit pressure roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67114 Unit - Drive unit entry roller SVS KIT
K5H75-67148 Unit - Drive unit bottom rake FF X31 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67149 Unit - Drive unit Fanfolder X47 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67151 Unit - Drive unit entry roller X30 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67154 Unit - Drive unit - tilt tray and knifes SD SK
K5H75-67155 Unit - Drive unit conveyor SD Svc kit
K5H75-67156 Unit - Drive unit fold roller CF X47 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67158 Unit - Drive unit rolltray CF X45 SD Svc kit
K5H75-67159 Unit - Drive unit pressure roller Svc kit

PageWide XL Folder Solution parts list
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