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L2Y23A DesignJet T1530 36-in Printer

HP DesignJet T1530 36-in (L2Y23A)

MFG Part Number: L2Y23A

HP parts list for L2Y23A HP DesignJet T1530 36-in Printer

CR357-67068 Actuator - Bump cutter actuator assembly
B9E24-67041 ADF Roller Kit - MRY series Screws kit
L2Y21-67005 ADF Roller Kit - T9XX Stacker Assy SV kit
L2Y21-67009 ADF Roller Kit - T9xx/T15xx/T25xx Pm Kit-1
L2Y23-67006 Arm - Stacker Arms assembly - For the DesignJet T930 series
L2Y21-67006 Beam - T9XX/T15XX/T25XX Rear Beam SV kit
CR357-67053 Cable - T1500 Cables Kit
CR357-67036 Cover - Bottom roll cover assembly
CR357-67039 Cover - Top roll cover assembly
CR357-67056 Cover - Main cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the service station assembly side
CR357-67057 Cover - Ink cover assembly - Service station side
CR357-67059 Cover - Main cover assembly - Where ink door mounts on - Front panel side
CR357-67060 Cover - Fixed tray cover - Front panel side
CR357-67094 Cover - T9x0/Tx500 Stand Assembly. Basket output tray assembly (updated to include T9x0/Tx500 Stand) Where paper rest after it has been printed
L2Y21-67007 Cover - Rear cover assembly - For the T930, T1530 series only
L2Y21-67015 Cover - Protective Cover Left SV
CR357-67007 Cutter - Cutter assembly
L2Y21-67002 Door - Front panel side ink door assembly - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series
L2Y23-67005 Drive Assembly - 500GB hard drive assembly - For rev A models only
L2Y21-67008 Encoder - T9XX/T15XX/T25XX Linear Encoder SV kit
CR357-67041 Hardware - Stacker hand Off service assembly
L2Y23-67002 Hardware - Hp Dj T930/T1530/T2530 Full Bleed
CR357-67028 Ink Delivery System - Front panel ink service station
CR357-67029 Ink Delivery System - Ink service station T920/TX500 ISS SVS SIDE
CR357-67072 Maintenance Kit - Preventive maintenance Kit - Includes scan axis motor belt carriage cutter carriage PCA encoder strip ink tubes and trailing cable
CR357-67009 Motor - Media Advance Transmission and Motor for DesignJet T920 T1500 T2500 T3500 and similar models. Media advance transmission motor.
L2Y23-67004 NamePlate - Support label - For the T1530 series
CR357-67052 Panel - Front panel assembly
B9E24-67023 PC Board - Crypto Asic SIM chip PCA assembly - Mounts on the engien PCA - For the T3500 series
CR357-67049 PC Board - Engine PC board assembly
CR357-67051 PC Board - Formatter (main logic) PC board - With riser
CR357-67081 PC Board - Carriage PC board assembly
CR357-67081B PC Board - SPS-T920/Tx500 Carriage PCA
L2Y24-67001 Platen - Cutter platen assembly
CR357-67046 Power Supply - Power supply unit assembly
B3P06A Printhead - 727 Designjet Printhead
CR357-67098 Rail - Secound starwheel rail - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series
CR357-67050 Reservoir - Jester plus riser/reservoir
L2Y21-67014 Roller - GRIT ROLLER ASSY Mry/Aeneas 36in
3EK10-67013 Service Parts - Blue Hub With Spring Sv Kit
CR357-67025-MP Service Parts - 5pk,T920/Tx500 SVS W/ DD
CR357-67049-BU Service Parts - T920/T1500/T2500 Engine PCA
CR357-67081-MP Service Parts - 5pk,T920/Tx500 Carriage PCA
CR357-67025 Service Station - Service station with drop detector
L4R66A Spindle - HP Designjet 36-inch Roll feed Spindle Wide Format Printers (DesignJet) (30) HP Designjet 36-inch Roll feed Spindle
CR354-67003 Stacker Assembly - 36-inch stacker assembly - Does not include arms
CR357-67099 Tool - E-Box Fan assembly - For the T930, T1530, T2530 series

DesignJet T1530 36-in Printer parts list
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