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Q2474V LaserJet 2300d

HP LaserJet 2300d (Q2474V)

MFG Part Number: Q2474V

HP parts list for Q2474V HP LaserJet 2300d

RC1-0918-000CN Belt - Paper feed belt - Small black belt between paper feed roller and small pulleys toward front - 3 used
RC1-0922-000CN Bushing - Roller bushing - Right side transfer roller bushing
RC1-0983-000CN Bushing - Roller bushing - Delivery roller bushing - Supports right side of delivery roller
RC1-0988-000CN Bushing - Pressure roller bushing - Support bushing under each end of fusing pressure roller - 2 used
RC1-0989-000CN Bushing - Bushing
RB2-6294-000CN Button - Power button - Located on left side of printer
RG1-4309-000CN Cable - Delivery sensor cable assembly
RG1-4310-000CN Cable - F/G cable - Chassis to scanner mounting plate ground cable
RG1-4314-000CN Cable - Control panel cable assembly
RG5-5600-000CN Cable - Grounding cable - Engine Controller PCA ground cable
RH2-5580-000CN Cable - Flat interface cable - Flat cable that connects between the Formatter and ECU board
RH6-0226-020CN Control Panel - Control panel assembly - Control panel mounted on upper right front of printer
RB2-6283-000CN Cover - I/O cover - Hinged panel located on right rear of printer that allows access to concealed I/O cable connections
RC1-1013-000CN Cover - Front cover - White plastic cover behind drop down Tray 1/MP Tray paper input tray - Attaches with two top screws
RM1-0328-030CN Cover - Top cover assembly - Face-down output tray and toner cartridge access door
RM1-0329-000CN Cover - Right side cover assembly
RM1-0367-000CN Cover - Rear cover - Back of printer cover - Includes face-down output tray assembly
RC1-1038-000CN Damper - Tray 1/MP Tray damper - Dampens movement on right side of drop down Tray 1 - White plastic gear mounted on a black plastic arm
RC1-0980-000CN Delivery - Guide Delivery Lower
RM1-0334-000CN Drive Assembly - Printer drive assembly - Large gear drive assembly on right side of printer
RC1-1003-000CN Duct - Cooling duct - Provides airflow for Laser/scanner assembly
RB2-6286-000CN Extension - Output bin extension - Pull out extension for rear paper output bin
RB2-6404-000CN Extension - Tray 1/MP Tray extension - Flip-out extension part of tray connected to the pull-out extension of tray assembly
RH7-1591-000CN Fan - Fan - Cooling fan mounted on left side of printer - FM1
RB2-6402-000CN Flag - Paper sensor lever - Actuates PS2301 paper sensor
RB2-6297-000CN Foot - Rubber foot - Square self-adhesive rubber foot
RM1-0354-050CN Fuser Assembly - Fusing assembly - For 110 VAC operation - Bonds toner to paper with heat;The following part(s) are related to part RM1-0354-050CN. May we suggest U6180-60001
RM1-0355-050CN Fuser Assembly - Fusing roller assembly (For 220V - 240V operation) - Bonds toner to paper with heat
RC1-0985-000CN Gear - Delivery roller gear - Gear on left side of delivery roller - 48 teeth
RC1-1039-000CN Gear - 26 tooth gear - Tray 1 pickup roller drive gear
RC1-1040-000CN Gear - 29 tooth gear - Cassette pickup gear
RU5-0155-000CN Gear - Drive gear - Provides power transmission to gear assembly that drives paper feed shaft - 27 tooth
RU5-0156-000CN Gear - Paper feed shaft drive gear - Between paper feed roller and paper feed shaft
RU5-0166-000CN Gear - 12 tooth gear - On left side of feed roller
RU5-0167-000CN Gear - 16 Tooth Gear - Attaches to right end of delivery roller
RU5-0168-000CN Gear - Drive gear - Upper Delivery Roller drive gear - 15 Tooth
RM1-0337-000CN Gear Assembly - Belt drive gear assembly - Gear assembly on the right side of printer that drives paper feed assembly
RC1-0911-000CN Ground - Static charge eleminator
RC1-0916-000CN Ground - Grounding plate
RC1-0917-000CN Ground - Grounding plate - Attaches to right rear corner of Formatter board
RC1-0919-000CN Guard - Leakage prevention sheet - Prevents toner from leaking on media
RB2-6401-000CN Guide - Rear paper guide - Attaches to base of rear output bin
RC1-0974-000CN Guide - Entrance guide - Paper input guide of fusing assembly
RC1-1002-000CN Guide - Cable guide - Attaches to rear of Laser/scanner assembly
RC1-1019-000CN Guide - Cable guide - Black plastic cover that protects flat cable on upper right side of printer
RM1-0324-000CN Guide - Cable guide assembly HP Laserjet printer
RM1-0333-000CN Guide - Guide assembly - Duplexer portion paper guide assembly
RM1-0362-000CN Guide - Upper delivery guide - Has four separate rollers and springs
RM1-0363-000CN Guide - Delivery roller guide - Supports delivery roller
RB2-6405-000CN Hinge - Tray hinge - For the left side of the multi-purpose front input tray (Tray 1)
RB2-6406-000CN Hinge - Tray hinge - For the right side of the multi-purpose front input tray (Tray 1)
RC1-0986-000CN Holder - Gear holder - Plastic piece on left side of delivery roller between the 48 tooth gear and paper clearing knob
RL1-0158-000CN Holder - Sensor lever holder - Automatic Duplexer pickup sensor (PS503)
RL1-0171-000CN Holder - Pad holder - Separation pad holder on front of tray
RC1-0930-000CN Insulator - Insulation sheet - Plastic insulator sheet between power supply PCA and metal frame
RC1-0984-000CN Knob - Paper jam clearing knob
RM1-0313-020CN Laser Scanner - Laser/Scanner Assembly - Mounts on top of print structure
RH7-1588-000CN Motor - DC Motor - Provides power for drive assembly on right side of printer - Motor M1
RB2-9960-000CN Pad - Separation pad assembly - Includes the gray plastic frame with the rubber insert strip - For the cassette on the 250-sheet and 500-sheet input tray assemblies - Mounts in the paper cassette tray assembly Replaced by RF5-4258-020CN
RC1-0954-000CN Pad - Separation pad assembly in front portion of 250 sheet tray
RM1-0345-000CN Pad - Separation Pad assembly - Separation pad and holder
RG1-4307-000CN PC Board - Engine controller PC board only - Does not include metal pan
RM1-0339-000CN PC Board - Engine controller assembly - Engine controller PC board and back plate
RM1-0332-000CN Pickup Assembly - Paper pickup assembly - Paper pickup assembly for Tray 2 paper cassette
RC1-0912-000CN Plate - Center feeding plate - Middle metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0913-000CN Plate - Left feeding plate - Left side metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0914-000CN Plate - Right feeding plate - Right side metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0915-000CN Plate - Front feeding plate - Small front side metal pieces in center of printer paper path - 2 used
RC1-0976-000CN Plate - Pressure plate - Plate that attaches above fusing roller
RC1-1001-000CN Plate - Laser/scanner mounting plate - Plate that attaches to printer chassis the Laser/scanner assembly mounts to
RG1-4306-020CN Power Supply - Power supply PCA - Power supply board only - For 110V-127V operation
RG1-4329-020CN Power Supply - Power supply PCA - Power supply board only - For 220V-240V operation
RM1-0340-020CN Power Supply - Power supply assembly - Includes frame, insulator, sensor holder and PCA - For 100V-127V operation
RM1-0341-020CN Power Supply - Power supply assembly - Includes frame, insulator, sensor holder and PCA - For 220-240VDC operation
RC1-0933-000CN Pulley - Belt pulley - Small pulley opposite paper feed shaft for paper feed belt (three used)
RM1-0342-000CN Receptacle - Power Receptacle - Power input receptacle and cable going to power supply PCA
Q2474V-Repair_LaserJet Repair Service - Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. We will contact you with repair total and your diagnostic fee will be waived if unit is repaired. Service warranty is 30days labor and 90days for parts. Extended warranty option is available.
RA0-1068-000CN Retainer - Continuity cap - Gear retainer for 30 tooth Tray 1 pickup roller shaft
RB2-6288-000CN Roller - Roller guide - Small white plastic roller in rear paper output tray - 2 used
RB2-6400-000CN Roller - Face-Down Delivery roller - Lower rollers - Four used
RC1-0920-000CN Roller - Paper feed roller - White plastic shaft with three rollers that drive the three paper feed belts
RC1-0945-000CN Roller - Pickup roller - MP/Tray 1 pickup roller
RC1-0978-000CN Roller - Delivery roller - Roller for Upper Delivery Guide - 4 Used
RC1-0982-000CN Roller - Delivery roller - Feeds paper out of fusing assembly
RC1-0991-000CN Roller - Pressure roller - Applies pressure to paper as it feeds through the fusing roller
RM1-0343-000CN Roller - Transfer roller assembly - Includes left side bushing
RM1-0346-000CN Roller - Multi-purpose tray pickup roller assembly - Includes pickup roller, roller cam, right and left cams, both round rollers and dowel pin
RM1-0347-000CN Roller - Registration Assembly - Registration shutter and roller with holder frame assembly
RM1-0356-050CN Roller - Fusing roller assembly (For 100V to 120V operation) - Includes heating element and fixing film sleeve
RM1-0357-050CN Roller - Fusing roller assembly (For 220V to 240V operation) - Includes heating element and fixing sleeve ONLY - This is NOT the fusing assembly
RM1-0370-000CN Roller - Face down top output bin delivery roller assembly - Includes roller and holder
RM1-0371-000CN Roller - Face-down output roller - Black roller shaft with four gray soft rollers attached and white plastic mounting tab on one end
XA9-1160-000CN Screw - Screw Tp M3x8
XA9-1292-000CN Screw - Screw M4x14
XB4-7401-407CN Screw - Self tapping truss head M4 X 14 screw
RM1-0335-000CN Sensor - E-label reader assembly - Sensor that reads toner cartridge information
Q2474V-Manual_Laser Service Manual - Printer Service Manual - Includes troubleshooting, error messages, paper jams, parts and parts diagrams.
RG1-4306-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4306-020cn
RG1-4329-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4329-020cn
RG5-4307-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4307-000cn
RH6-0226-000CN Service Parts - Order Rh6-0226-020cn
RH7-1587-000CN Service Parts - Order Rh7-1588-000cn
RM1-0338-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0343-000cn
RM1-0341-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0341-020cn
RU5-0158-000CN Shaft - Paper feed drive shaft - Connects main drive to paper feed drive assembly
RM1-0350-000CN Sheet - 250-sheet paper tray (only) - Can hold letter legal executive A4 A5 ISO B5 JIS B5 or 8.5 x 13-inch size paper
RH7-5279-000CN Solenoid - Solenoid - Automatic duplexer solenoid - SL3
RM1-0324-020CN Solenoid - Cable and guide Assembly - Cables run between Solenoids SL1/SL2 and Engine Controller board - Includes solenoids SL1 and SL2
RM1-0331-000CN Solenoid - Duplexer solenoid - SL3
RC1-0931-000CN Spacer - PC Board spacer - Power supply board spacer on right edge of board
RB2-2978-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides tension for upper delivery rollers mounted on upper delivery guide - 4 used
RB2-6289-000CN Spring - Spring torsion spring torsion
RU5-2107-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides electrical ground connection
RU5-2108-000CN Spring - Compression contact spring - Provides electrical voltage contact
RU5-2109-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides tension for right side of transfer roller bushing
RU5-2112-000CN Spring - Tensioning spring - For the paper pickup gear assembly
RU5-2115-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Between fusing roller and pressure plate above fusing roller - 2 used
VT2-0012-005CN Standoff - PC Board support - Plastic standoff for supporting a PC board
RB2-6287-000CN Tray - Rear output tray - Drop down face up rear paper output tray
RM1-0350-040CN Tray - 250-sheet paper tray (only) - Can hold letter, legal, executive, A4, A5, ISO B5, JIS B5, or 8.5 x 13-inch size paper
RM1-0353-000CN Tray - Tray 1 paper input - Adjustable paper width portion of Tray 1 assembly - Mounts above pull-out extension

LaserJet 2300d parts list
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