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Q2476Q LaserJet 2300dtn

HP LaserJet 2300dtn (Q2476Q)

MFG Part Number: Q2476Q

HP parts list for Q2476Q HP LaserJet 2300dtn

RC1-0918-000CN Belt - Paper feed belt - Small black belt between paper feed roller and small pulleys toward front - 3 used
RC1-0922-000CN Bushing - Roller bushing - Right side transfer roller bushing
RC1-0983-000CN Bushing - Roller bushing - Delivery roller bushing - Supports right side of delivery roller
RC1-0988-000CN Bushing - Pressure roller bushing - Support bushing under each end of fusing pressure roller - 2 used
RC1-0989-000CN Bushing - Bushing
RB2-6294-000CN Button - Power button - Located on left side of printer
RG1-4309-000CN Cable - Delivery sensor cable assembly
RG1-4310-000CN Cable - F/G cable - Chassis to scanner mounting plate ground cable
RG1-4314-000CN Cable - Control panel cable assembly
RG5-5600-000CN Cable - Grounding cable - Engine Controller PCA ground cable
RH2-5580-000CN Cable - Flat interface cable - Flat cable that connects between the Formatter and ECU board
RH6-0226-020CN Control Panel - Control panel assembly - Control panel mounted on upper right front of printer
RB2-6283-000CN Cover - I/O cover - Hinged panel located on right rear of printer that allows access to concealed I/O cable connections
RC1-1013-000CN Cover - Front cover - White plastic cover behind drop down Tray 1/MP Tray paper input tray - Attaches with two top screws
RM1-0328-030CN Cover - Top cover assembly - Face-down output tray and toner cartridge access door
RM1-0329-000CN Cover - Right side cover assembly
RM1-0367-000CN Cover - Rear cover - Back of printer cover - Includes face-down output tray assembly
RC1-1038-000CN Damper - Tray 1/MP Tray damper - Dampens movement on right side of drop down Tray 1 - White plastic gear mounted on a black plastic arm
RC1-0980-000CN Delivery - Guide Delivery Lower
RM1-0334-000CN Drive Assembly - Printer drive assembly - Large gear drive assembly on right side of printer
RC1-1003-000CN Duct - Cooling duct - Provides airflow for Laser/scanner assembly
RB2-6286-000CN Extension - Output bin extension - Pull out extension for rear paper output bin
RB2-6404-000CN Extension - Tray 1/MP Tray extension - Flip-out extension part of tray connected to the pull-out extension of tray assembly
RH7-1591-000CN Fan - Fan - Cooling fan mounted on left side of printer - FM1
RB2-6402-000CN Flag - Paper sensor lever - Actuates PS2301 paper sensor
RB2-6297-000CN Foot - Rubber foot - Square self-adhesive rubber foot
RM1-0357BULK100 Fuse - Fuser LJ 2300
RM1-0354-050CN Fuser Assembly - Fusing assembly - For 110 VAC operation - Bonds toner to paper with heat;The following part(s) are related to part RM1-0354-050CN. May we suggest U6180-60001
RM1-0355-050CN Fuser Assembly - Fusing roller assembly (For 220V - 240V operation) - Bonds toner to paper with heat
RC1-0985-000CN Gear - Delivery roller gear - Gear on left side of delivery roller - 48 teeth
RC1-1039-000CN Gear - 26 tooth gear - Tray 1 pickup roller drive gear
RC1-1040-000CN Gear - 29 tooth gear - Cassette pickup gear
RU5-0155-000CN Gear - Drive gear - Provides power transmission to gear assembly that drives paper feed shaft - 27 tooth
RU5-0156-000CN Gear - Paper feed shaft drive gear - Between paper feed roller and paper feed shaft
RU5-0166-000CN Gear - 12 tooth gear - On left side of feed roller
RU5-0167-000CN Gear - 16 Tooth Gear - Attaches to right end of delivery roller
RU5-0168-000CN Gear - Drive gear - Upper Delivery Roller drive gear - 15 Tooth
RM1-0337-000CN Gear Assembly - Belt drive gear assembly - Gear assembly on the right side of printer that drives paper feed assembly
RC1-0911-000CN Ground - Static charge eleminator
RC1-0916-000CN Ground - Grounding plate
RC1-0917-000CN Ground - Grounding plate - Attaches to right rear corner of Formatter board
RC1-0919-000CN Guard - Leakage prevention sheet - Prevents toner from leaking on media
RB2-6401-000CN Guide - Rear paper guide - Attaches to base of rear output bin
RC1-0974-000CN Guide - Entrance guide - Paper input guide of fusing assembly
RC1-1002-000CN Guide - Cable guide - Attaches to rear of Laser/scanner assembly
RC1-1019-000CN Guide - Cable guide - Black plastic cover that protects flat cable on upper right side of printer
RM1-0324-000CN Guide - Cable guide assembly HP Laserjet printer
RM1-0333-000CN Guide - Guide assembly - Duplexer portion paper guide assembly
RM1-0362-000CN Guide - Upper delivery guide - Has four separate rollers and springs
RM1-0363-000CN Guide - Delivery roller guide - Supports delivery roller
RB2-6405-000CN Hinge - Tray hinge - For the left side of the multi-purpose front input tray (Tray 1)
RB2-6406-000CN Hinge - Tray hinge - For the right side of the multi-purpose front input tray (Tray 1)
RC1-0986-000CN Holder - Gear holder - Plastic piece on left side of delivery roller between the 48 tooth gear and paper clearing knob
RL1-0158-000CN Holder - Sensor lever holder - Automatic Duplexer pickup sensor (PS503)
RL1-0171-000CN Holder - Pad holder - Separation pad holder on front of tray
RC1-0930-000CN Insulator - Insulation sheet - Plastic insulator sheet between power supply PCA and metal frame
RC1-0984-000CN Knob - Paper jam clearing knob
RM1-0313-020CN Laser Scanner - Laser/Scanner Assembly - Mounts on top of print structure
RH7-1588-000CN Motor - DC Motor - Provides power for drive assembly on right side of printer - Motor M1
RB2-9960-000CN Pad - Separation pad assembly - Includes the gray plastic frame with the rubber insert strip - For the cassette on the 250-sheet and 500-sheet input tray assemblies - Mounts in the paper cassette tray assembly Replaced by RF5-4258-020CN
RC1-0954-000CN Pad - Separation pad assembly in front portion of 250 sheet tray
RM1-0345-000CN Pad - Separation Pad assembly - Separation pad and holder
RG1-4307-000CN PC Board - Engine controller PC board only - Does not include metal pan
RM1-0339-000CN PC Board - Engine controller assembly - Engine controller PC board and back plate
RM1-0332-000CN Pickup Assembly - Paper pickup assembly - Paper pickup assembly for Tray 2 paper cassette
RC1-0912-000CN Plate - Center feeding plate - Middle metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0913-000CN Plate - Left feeding plate - Left side metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0914-000CN Plate - Right feeding plate - Right side metal piece in center of printer paper path
RC1-0915-000CN Plate - Front feeding plate - Small front side metal pieces in center of printer paper path - 2 used
RC1-0976-000CN Plate - Pressure plate - Plate that attaches above fusing roller
RC1-1001-000CN Plate - Laser/scanner mounting plate - Plate that attaches to printer chassis the Laser/scanner assembly mounts to
RG1-4306-020CN Power Supply - Power supply PCA - Power supply board only - For 110V-127V operation
RG1-4329-020CN Power Supply - Power supply PCA - Power supply board only - For 220V-240V operation
RM1-0340-020CN Power Supply - Power supply assembly - Includes frame, insulator, sensor holder and PCA - For 100V-127V operation
RM1-0341-020CN Power Supply - Power supply assembly - Includes frame, insulator, sensor holder and PCA - For 220-240VDC operation
RC1-0933-000CN Pulley - Belt pulley - Small pulley opposite paper feed shaft for paper feed belt (three used)
RM1-0342-000CN Receptacle - Power Receptacle - Power input receptacle and cable going to power supply PCA
RA0-1068-000CN Retainer - Continuity cap - Gear retainer for 30 tooth Tray 1 pickup roller shaft
RB2-6288-000CN Roller - Roller guide - Small white plastic roller in rear paper output tray - 2 used
RB2-6400-000CN Roller - Face-Down Delivery roller - Lower rollers - Four used
RC1-0920-000CN Roller - Paper feed roller - White plastic shaft with three rollers that drive the three paper feed belts
RC1-0945-000CN Roller - Pickup roller - MP/Tray 1 pickup roller
RC1-0978-000CN Roller - Delivery roller - Roller for Upper Delivery Guide - 4 Used
RC1-0982-000CN Roller - Delivery roller - Feeds paper out of fusing assembly
RC1-0991-000CN Roller - Pressure roller - Applies pressure to paper as it feeds through the fusing roller
RM1-0343-000CN Roller - Transfer roller assembly - Includes left side bushing
RM1-0346-000CN Roller - Multi-purpose tray pickup roller assembly - Includes pickup roller, roller cam, right and left cams, both round rollers and dowel pin
RM1-0347-000CN Roller - Registration Assembly - Registration shutter and roller with holder frame assembly
RM1-0356-050CN Roller - Fusing roller assembly (For 100V to 120V operation) - Includes heating element and fixing film sleeve
RM1-0357-050CN Roller - Fusing roller assembly (For 220V to 240V operation) - Includes heating element and fixing sleeve ONLY - This is NOT the fusing assembly
RM1-0370-000CN Roller - Face down top output bin delivery roller assembly - Includes roller and holder
RM1-0371-000CN Roller - Face-down output roller - Black roller shaft with four gray soft rollers attached and white plastic mounting tab on one end
XA9-1160-000CN Screw - Screw Tp M3x8
XA9-1292-000CN Screw - Screw M4x14
XB4-7401-407CN Screw - Self tapping truss head M4 X 14 screw
RM1-0335-000CN Sensor - E-label reader assembly - Sensor that reads toner cartridge information
0410-4371 Service Parts - Xtal 39.85 for HP C3094A
9100-5196 Service Parts - XFMR-Pulse for HP C3094A
RG1-4306-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4306-020cn
RG1-4329-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4329-020cn
RG5-4307-000CN Service Parts - Order Rg1-4307-000cn
RH6-0226-000CN Service Parts - Order Rh6-0226-020cn
RH7-1587-000CN Service Parts - Order Rh7-1588-000cn
RM1-0313-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0313-020cn
RM1-0338-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0343-000cn
RM1-0341-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0341-020cn
RM1-0355-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0355-050cn
RM1-0356-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0356-050cn
RM1-0357-000CN Service Parts - Order Rm1-0357-050cn
RU5-0158-000CN Shaft - Paper feed drive shaft - Connects main drive to paper feed drive assembly
RM1-0350-000CN Sheet - 250-sheet paper tray (only) - Can hold letter legal executive A4 A5 ISO B5 JIS B5 or 8.5 x 13-inch size paper
RH7-5279-000CN Solenoid - Solenoid - Automatic duplexer solenoid - SL3
RM1-0324-020CN Solenoid - Cable and guide Assembly - Cables run between Solenoids SL1/SL2 and Engine Controller board - Includes solenoids SL1 and SL2
RM1-0331-000CN Solenoid - Duplexer solenoid - SL3
RC1-0931-000CN Spacer - PC Board spacer - Power supply board spacer on right edge of board
RB2-2978-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides tension for upper delivery rollers mounted on upper delivery guide - 4 used
RB2-6289-000CN Spring - Spring torsion spring torsion
RU5-2107-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides electrical ground connection
RU5-2108-000CN Spring - Compression contact spring - Provides electrical voltage contact
RU5-2109-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Provides tension for right side of transfer roller bushing
RU5-2112-000CN Spring - Tensioning spring - For the paper pickup gear assembly
RU5-2115-000CN Spring - Compression spring - Between fusing roller and pressure plate above fusing roller - 2 used
VT2-0012-005CN Standoff - PC Board support - Plastic standoff for supporting a PC board
RB2-6287-000CN Tray - Rear output tray - Drop down face up rear paper output tray
RM1-0350-040CN Tray - 250-sheet paper tray (only) - Can hold letter, legal, executive, A4, A5, ISO B5, JIS B5, or 8.5 x 13-inch size paper
RM1-0353-000CN Tray - Tray 1 paper input - Adjustable paper width portion of Tray 1 assembly - Mounts above pull-out extension

LaserJet 2300dtn parts list
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